If You Can’t Handle me at my Worst…..Ahhh shutup

“…if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

You may have seen this quote by Marilyn Monroe republished on social media profiles as some kind of female empowerment. It’s kind of annoying. You should stay away from any woman who uses this as her mantra.  It’s another way of saying, “I’m allowed to be a bitch and if you don’t like it then you are the problem.”  

It’s the equivalent to a guy trying to get admiration by posting a quote by some rapper that goes something like, “bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks.”  

I think some people may have forgotten that Marilyn Monroe died at 36 years old of a probable suicide from a drug overdose.  Some say her death may have been a murder or an accidental overdose but either way she probably fucked up.
Of course someone like Marilyn Monroe would come up with such a saying because she was divorced 3 times.  Instead of believing there was something wrong with her she just blamed it on every man she was with.  “They didn’t deserve me….Mr……President.”

She probably had an affair with 1 or possibly even 2 of the Kennedy brothers.  She could have ruined a family and America so that makes her a slut too.

The thing about Marilyn Monroe is that she was super famous and super beautiful, and chances are you’re not.  People could find the beauty from her bullshit.  Your bullshit is probably just annoying.

So I don’t know.  Maybe it’s not so practical to take advice from a high maintenance home wrecker who couldn’t make it past 36.

“If you can’t handle my beatings, then you sure as hell don’t deserve my love.”

-Mr Johnson

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More slutty advice


6 comments on “If You Can’t Handle me at my Worst…..Ahhh shutup

  1. Shalena says:

    I understand how you’re looking at it. I feel like society always has a way in twisting things around, though. When Marilyn said that, I don’t know if she meant it the way women of today are trying to use it. The quote actually has a lot of truth to it as far as humanity goes as a whole…not just women. Sometimes, we have our dark days and everyone scatters and leaves us during those times we need them most. That is how I took the quote…but society probably will take that, like they do with everything else and start using it as an excuse to act a fool..So I do get this mentality that you have of it..

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  2. Jami says:

    An interesting perspective. I think you make some pretty good points here. It seems sometimes what people throw around as “female empowerment” is actually just emotional manipulation.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      “Emotional manipulation” is a good term. I think sometimes people preach certain quotes just because it benefits what they want to believe regardless of the validity and the source.

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  3. nakedshade says:

    After reading this, it reminds me of my fren who works as reporter. She was grabbed by the arm of a bodyguard of a minister to pull her aside while she was on an assignment to cover the minister’s event. She felt the grabbing was like a harrassment because she didnt do anything but standing in a designated line with other repoters, did not even get near or even tried to take photos.so she told her frustration to her chief reporter when she gets back to office, the chief just laugh and said may be she was too pretty so the bodyguard wanted to take advantage touching a pretty girl. And another collogue told her tat is she doesnt to be grabbed, don be a reporter. To me, is like saying “if you don wan to be raped, dont wear sexy”. So…some people are juzt idiots


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