People are Worth Less

In the past if you needed some knowledge you would go find an older person to bestow upon you the ways of the world. Today the idea is more like, I don’t need you old guy, I’ll just search the internet. Of course, the internet cannot always grant you all the answers that you need but it takes care of the majority. It’s not just older people who can be phased out of your life but also people who call themselves professionals. Instead of calling a plumber or handyperson to replace my kitchen faucet, I can go to YouTube.  With around 1 million collective views on ‘how to replace a kitchen faucet,’ who needs Mario and Luigi?

At one time, the whole point of technology was to take humans out of the work world so that they could enjoy their lives. Machines would do the work and we would would skip around merrily without a care in the world. It didn’t quite happen that way. Machines and slave-like labour has replaced first world humans but not at our merry blessing.

We don’t have less to do but we get less for what we do. It sounds ideal that we should be spreading the wealth to fellow humans instead of letting technology replace humans but we sometimes forget that people are only out for themselves. That’s been the way of life since the beginning. We only seemingly help people when we benefit. We spoke of this Utopian society of humans not having to work only when it wasn’t the reality. Once it became a possibility, human nature took over and the thought of maximum productivity won.

It’s just another stage of evolution where some lose and some benefit. We want to think that the best era of our lives is the way it should be forever. If you’re considered lazy and self-entitled, you’re likely going to be on the losing end of this generation. The days of doing jack-shit and getting paid $50,000 a year are over. That was just a tiny blip in history.

People are also worth less when it comes to entertainment. 20 years ago the amount of easily accessible media was non-existent. Now people are in competition with the vast amount of content on the internet and inexpensive books delivered to you by Amazon. The question that you ask yourself is, stay home with Netfilx or go out with people? Before it was, stay home or go out with people? 

Associating with people these days can be like getting enough vitamin C. If you’re not forced to then you’ll only go out of your way to stave off scurvy. Humans are a resource and if we’re not needed or in too high of a supply then we’ll die off or be treated like refined sugar without the sweetness.


4 comments on “People are Worth Less

  1. cctyker says:

    “I don’t need you old guy,” says the young guy. “Nor do I need you, young guy,” says this old guy,

    One of the fallacies of young guys is they think they are infallible. Their modern world is better than the old guy’s old world. Progress is hallowed, technology solves all problems, and we all get to live longer. Whoopee!

    This old guy thinks there is a trade off. He thinks face to face communication is more rewarding and meaningful than Facebook page to Facebook page communication. This old guy thinks a person learns a lot more about the other person communicating face to face because body language plays a part and so does voice inflection. A person’s knowledge of human nature is broadened face to face than by any other way.

    Otherwise, I generally agree with your blog entry.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      Some old people will always need a younger person around to lift them up when they’ve fallen and can’t get up. Even Google has its limitations.

      I think a lot of older people have the wrong idea about Facebook. Facebook is more of a platform for people to communicate with people who they would not normally communicate with. No one really has 200 friends. Of course you would communicate with people you normally see in real life on Facebook but it’s just another form of activity. But text messaging is definitely being used to replace talking at least partially. What Facebook is really for is to display to the world that you are living a better life than you actually are. To make people think that you are living a competent life by showing them that you go on vacation and that you have a baby.

      Communicating face to face might be more rewarding but I guess people would rather text message in some cases. Working a physical job might be more beneficial for health but many people would rather sit behind a desk. And face to face communication is only rewarding when you want to talk to that person…haha

      It’s looking like being proficient at text communication is becoming a required skill in this day.

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      • cctyker says:

        Interesting. Obviously, I know little about Facebook. Facebook as a way to communicate with people one would not normally communicate with sounds weird to me. What’s to gain by communicating with people who do not interest you?

        Maybe one of these days I’ll buy one of those texting devices, learn the short hand symbols used, and say Hi to you Mr. Johnson. We both might have a couple of birthdays, though, before that happens.

        Write on, young man.

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        • MrJohnson says:

          It’s not that those people do not interest them. It’s that they don’t interest them enough to do anything more than communicate through Facebook. When I say “communicate” all that means a lot of the time is commenting on another person’s photo.

          Haha…I’m sure you would find something to enjoy from one of those devices. Smartphones are definitely neat but some people have very little use for all the features.


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