Working at McDonald’s

It’s sad that even in the teenage years, there’s this social embarrassment that exists when it comes to jobs. I’m not even sure where it came from but for whatever reason, flipping burgers at a fast food joint was too lowly of a position for some. I was one of these people. I chose to roam around broke rather than consider a job at any of the fast food joints. I had no money, wanted money, wanted a job but refused to even apply. I would have taken a job anywhere else even if it was picking produce or stacking boxes, as if those jobs were any more prestigious.

If you go to any McDonald’s here, you will only see immigrants and teenagers working there. Everyone else who was born here is not willing to work there or any other fast food place. I hope people still don’t think immigrants take jobs away because the jobs are there or were there, it’s just that people born here aren’t willing to do them. It’s just too big of a blow to one’s first world ego. White people would rather collect welfare and Asians would rather live off their parents.

Having even an extra $40 a week would have changed my life back then. Then again I would have probably pulled a Cheap Chinaman and saved $35 of it just for the sake of saving. At the very least I would have discovered sooner that working a shitty job sucks and possibly would have moved on faster in life. Then again hindsight is 20/20.

The only circumstance where I would consider working at McDonald’s is if I was super rich. In that scenario no one would suspect that I’m a loser who lost in life. I would get to relive a lost youth, and wait for the high school girls working there to become of adult age.



5 comments on “Working at McDonald’s

  1. ntfcnicky says:

    This is so true, I worked as a cleaner for the past year (handed in my notice a few weeks ago because I have exams then move away for uni) but I was literally one of the only English cleaners, even my friends laughed that I was cleaning shitty toilets and showers and stuff, then they complained when I could afford to go to gigs and they were begging their parents for cash. It makes no sense.


  2. I was once served by a female cashier in Burger King from another Asian country (Singapore, in fact) who must already be in her 60s. I was like “wow, how cool.” When I’m really old and gray, I would want a job like that. No kidding. But then, by reason of dementia, I might botch up like putting burned mashed potato and gravy on the tray instead of a decent burger and sundae. yikes.

    McDonalds in Canada also have imitation ice cream [from your previous post]? Here, too. Soft and cheap, yet Filipinos love it.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I haven’t seen an older person working at McDonald’s for a very long time now. It’s probably been 20 years!

      It’s probably easier to find imitation ice cream than the real thing. I think most people would like dog crap if you put enough sugar on it.

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      • “I think most people would like dog crap if you put enough sugar on it.” 😀

        Only in a few selected countries can you find senior citizens working with the young. I wish I could still be that productive (when I reach that age).


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