Failed Attempt at Seizing the Day

It’s a holiday today where I live. Victoria Day I think it is.  Long live the Queen. I forgot to unset my regularly scheduled alarm which resulted with me waking up earlier than I wanted to. Other than that, I was feeling somewhat positive today.  The weather was good and I had no desire to just sit at home and drink wine. 2pm rolls around, I style my hair, put on a semi-clean t-shirt and head out.  I start driving without a destination.  Every place that I think might be worth going to will likely be busy.  When it’s a holiday and it’s sunny, people often get this urge to carpe diem.  It’s sickening, I know.  Shit, I end up at the McDonald’s drive-thru that’s 5 minutes away from my home to pick up imitation ice cream.  It was damn good soft serve. The afternoon finds me at the very same place where I was eating my double cheesburger this morning and listening to the same podcast…parked on a side street where a bike/walk route is located. Sometimes this seizing the day shit is more difficult than it should be. Fuck this, I’m going home to seize the rest of the day in my underwear. It’s true what they say…you can’t taste the sweet without tasting the sour. Home sweet home.


9 comments on “Failed Attempt at Seizing the Day

  1. well what podcast are you listening to? inquiring minds want to know…


  2. MrJohnson says:

    I guess you could be right. The Joe Rogan Experience is what I regularly listen to.

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  3. HappyApathy says:

    I have had some of my worst anxiety on days off work like that. The brains get going in the wrong direction.


  4. Seizing the day in underwear sounds good to me!


  5. very nice post and great title.


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