My Foolish Writing Errors

When I read over a post that I wrote whether it be from 2 years ago or the day before, I will often come across some kind of error in grammar, spelling or missing words.  I don’t feel so bad about some of the grammar and spelling errors because most of the time it’s obvious and there’s no confusion.  What bugs me is when I screw a whole sentence up by writing the opposite of what I wanted to say. It just spoils any greatness if there was any.

You can blame this on my lack of ambition in English class, immigrant family, regular alcohol consumption, recreational drug use or my poor proofreading efforts.  You can also blame the editor of this blog who is me at my best.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t show up to work very often and just drops in whenever he feels like it.  If I waited for him to look over my posts before I could publish them, not much would ever get published.

Although I do proofread, somehow shit just sneaks by me.  After writing a post, my brain and eyes are a bit tired.  I’ve found that the best method is to walk away from a post you have just written and then read it over again after some time has passed. It’s hard to care that much though when your reputation isn’t all that important.  It’s a bit of a loser attitude though.  I think ‘loser’ is the most used noun on this blog.  It’s equivalent to the ‘F word’ in the movie Goodfellas.


2 comments on “My Foolish Writing Errors

  1. Way to keep it real man. I know how to feel. I do the same shit all the time. Good to know I’m not the only one on here that does it.


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