True Love

I think most of us are unaware of what loving someone really means.  For most people they want to love someone because it fulfills a purpose or a biological need.  When some people are devoid of love they get a dog hoping it will love them when they need it.  To truly love a dog though means that you want to care for it instead of the other way around.  When your main objective is for someone to love you then it becomes a game of ‘what are they doing for you.’

To love someone is to want the best for them.  You refrain from giving into your selfish ways because you don’t want the other person to be affected by it.  As true as I think this may be, I think it’s not natural for humans to be this way.  We’re a species that is motivated purely by selfish entitlements.  We’re only where we are at because a group of people benefited from their actions.

It’s hard to devote your life to someone if they don’t reciprocate.  Also, there’s always this thought in the back of your mind of ‘what if I get screwed.’   The thought of feeling stupid and setting yourself back is devastating especially if in the end someone got the better of you.

Love is one of those steps that need to be taken before you can evolve into a loving person.  If you never received it then you’re not ready give it.  That’s the deficit that many of us have.  It’s that void of love.  We spend our whole lives looking for someone to love us and if we don’t get it then we can likely become people who are just out there getting taken advantage of.

If you have someone to love you unconditionally then you will less likely to be desperate for love in other places.  You know that there is someone else to go to so you don’t have to commit actions of desperation.  The last position a person wants to be in is in a situation where they have nothing and no one.  It’s the equivalent of death and we do every thing we can to avoid that situation.

There’s nothing more deep than a woman’s love.  For whatever reason they can love unconditionally even when it’s somewhat irrational.  Call it stupidity but I think it’s a necessity for the world we live in.


4 comments on “True Love

  1. Jatinder says:

    I believe the thought of how deep the women’s love is due to females having a choice in the recent western culture. In the Indian culture and many other cultures around the world for many generations and centuries, arranged marriages were and still are the norm. You often wonder if unconditional love exist in this type of marriage. However under these conditions their bond seems more stronger cause in the western world where women do have choice, you will notice divorce rates are higher.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Ya maybe love is about choice. That would definitely be the case for most divorces. There’s less instances of divorce in poorer nations because it’s too difficult to make it alone. Plus they suck at meeting new people.

      A woman’s love starts from a mother, sister or other female family members. To be deprived of that as a child often leads to poor relationships with women and other issues in general.


  2. lightpuma says:

    Wow. This is some incredibly insightful stuff. Thank you so much for sharing.

    There’s a saying that ‘Paradise lies under the feet of your mother’. I think if there’s a single person that can make or break a person’s life, it’s their mother.


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