Being a Successful Anything

‘What do you want to do in life?’ is a question we get asked and ask ourselves.  If you want to be anything that requires a university degree then knowing which steps to take are easy.  Other endeavours are not so obvious.  On WordPress, there’s no shortage of people who say they want to be a writer.  By writer, I think they mean someone who gets their book published and gets paid for it.  Being a successful writer is probably as difficult as being a professional athlete or entertainer. I think what we ignore is the amount of work successful artists put in.  We just assume that they are where they are because of their talent.

Of course they are probably talented but they also obsessed over their craft for many years.  They practiced and worked on their art the same way most people do their regular schmuck jobs.  Can you imagine how good you would be at something if you did it for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for multiple years?

Most people don’t even put close to that amount of work into their big ambitions.  Even half that amount of time could possibly garner you some decent results.  We don’t think much of the people who graduated with a university degree and attained a career afterwards because it’s so common but the amount of work and time they put in was tremendous.

To work hard towards a career that offers very little promise of success like an artist or athlete, you almost have to have a mental illness because you have to be obsessed.  Most of us don’t have what it takes.  We give up when it stops being fun or when we smell comfort, because that’s normal.  To be successful you have to be borderline crazy.  You want to be a successful writer but how often do you write?  Sometimes? When you feel like it? I don’t think Michael Jordan practiced basketball only once in a while. Even the shittiest professional basketball player trained every day to get to where he did. Everyone else was either not good enough or stuck to playing basketball on Sony Playstation which is the equivalent to blogging.

The only thing most people are obsessed with is fitting in and not dying.


4 comments on “Being a Successful Anything

  1. Reblogged this on bears goats and strawberries and commented:
    Have you seen how outdated our universities are? We only ever have gone to university for social and growing up. No one in the history of university has used their degree. They usually go into another field altogether.


  2. “The only thing most people are obsessed with is fitting in and not dying.”


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  3. Wanda says:

    That last line made me laugh out loud!


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