Only You Know

On WordPress you will get an array of opinions and experiences just like you would in real life.  Much of it you will be able to relate to and even consider following.  If you get enough opinions and advice, there’s no doubt that they will conflict.

Unless if you are really irrational, the only advice you can take is your own when it comes to how you should live your life. No one on this planet has lived your life exactly the way you had to live it and no one really knows what you want.  They’ll tell you what they think is right for you because it makes sense to them.

People will give you their advice but you don’t get to know the roots behind that advice.  If someone comes from a different culture, religion, generation, IQ, then their advice might not be applicable to you.  Life changes so quickly that much of the advice also needs some tweaking.

The same goes for my opinions on this blog.  Just because I don’t get the motivation and joy from the many aspects of life that many other people do, doesn’t mean I think anyone should think like me.  I’m what you call a poorly designed human being so much of what I feel about people and life does not apply to many others.  Sure, I have some very rational reasons for my outlook but it’s only rational depending on one’s experiences.

Of course, you might have that smart and experienced person in your life who you are inspired by which might make their advice more applicable to you.  Most people don’t have that person though.  A lot of us only have ignorant individuals who think they know what’s best for us.

If you go fishing for advice you will get what you want to hear and what you don’t want to hear from people who probably don’t care about you so you still have to make your own decision in the end. Make the decisions that you want because you will really hate yourself if you let someone else make them for you and it doesn’t work out.  There’s good advice out there when it pertains to a specific field.  You might want to take the accounting advice given by your accountant but no one specializes in your life but you. Sometimes you will make the wrong decision out of chance and other times maybe you didn’t study yourself hard enough before the test.


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