People are Worth Less

In the past if you needed some knowledge you would go find an older person to bestow upon you the ways of the world. Today the idea is more like, I don’t need you old guy, I’ll just search the internet. Of course, the internet cannot always grant you all the answers that you need but it takes care of the majority. It’s not just older people who can be phased out of your life but also people who call themselves professionals. Instead of calling a plumber or handyperson to replace my kitchen faucet, I can go to YouTube.  With around 1 million collective views on ‘how to replace a kitchen faucet,’ who needs Mario and Luigi?

At one time, the whole point of technology was to take humans out of the work world so that they could enjoy their lives. Machines would do the work and we would would skip around merrily without a care in the world. It didn’t quite happen that way. Machines and slave-like labour has replaced first world humans but not at our merry blessing.

We don’t have less to do but we get less for what we do. It sounds ideal that we should be spreading the wealth to fellow humans instead of letting technology replace humans but we sometimes forget that people are only out for themselves. That’s been the way of life since the beginning. We only seemingly help people when we benefit. We spoke of this Utopian society of humans not having to work only when it wasn’t the reality. Once it became a possibility, human nature took over and the thought of maximum productivity won.

It’s just another stage of evolution where some lose and some benefit. We want to think that the best era of our lives is the way it should be forever. If you’re considered lazy and self-entitled, you’re likely going to be on the losing end of this generation. The days of doing jack-shit and getting paid $50,000 a year are over. That was just a tiny blip in history.

People are also worth less when it comes to entertainment. 20 years ago the amount of easily accessible media was non-existent. Now people are in competition with the vast amount of content on the internet and inexpensive books delivered to you by Amazon. The question that you ask yourself is, stay home with Netfilx or go out with people? Before it was, stay home or go out with people? 

Associating with people these days can be like getting enough vitamin C. If you’re not forced to then you’ll only go out of your way to stave off scurvy. Humans are a resource and if we’re not needed or in too high of a supply then we’ll die off or be treated like refined sugar without the sweetness.

To Drink or Not to Drink

Drinking alcohol is an activity we can engage in when there is no seemingly meaningful competitor. There’s probably a few dozen other things that you could do instead but after a certain age in life they don’t carry the stimulation factor they once did. The unknown can bring a feeling of uneasiness but it can also bring excitement. The thought that a new found experience may unlock the portal closer to happiness is intriguing. Enough years of doing the same things though makes you reluctant to spend any energy doing them over again. Even never tried before experiences that are similar, already have the same outcome in your head. You convince yourself that there is most likely nothing there.

Drinking and eating are easy, the same experiences are boring, and any next level experiences take more effort than you ever needed in the past but have a bleaker outcome of success. This is how evolution works…we get bored and continually seek out new stimulation. It’s always about how we can make it better. Life doesn’t reward those who stay stagnant no matter how easy it is. Life grants you sadness when you move backwards, boredom when you move nowhere and momentary happiness when you move forward.

Ending on a Good Note

With so many friendships and other relationships that go sour, it gives me reason to believe that the death of a loved one may have been a permanent preserver for the good bond. With enough time, anything has a chance of deterioration. We want to believe our bonds with others can and will last forever but that may have been programming from a more primitive time when forever wasn’t as long and when our relationships were our key to survival.

That person in your life who past away or moved to another country no longer has the ability to break your heart, hate you or deceive you. They will be held in high regard forever and will never age another day in your head. Your good times and fond memories will forever be in pristine condition rather than possibly being tainted by ill feelings.  Instead of going through the process of love, hate and slowly forgiving, if someone leaves you at their best, there is only love.

Working at McDonald’s

It’s sad that even in the teenage years, there’s this social embarrassment that exists when it comes to jobs. I’m not even sure where it came from but for whatever reason, flipping burgers at a fast food joint was too lowly of a position for some. I was one of these people. I chose to roam around broke rather than consider a job at any of the fast food joints. I had no money, wanted money, wanted a job but refused to even apply. I would have taken a job anywhere else even if it was picking produce or stacking boxes, as if those jobs were any more prestigious.

If you go to any McDonald’s here, you will only see immigrants and teenagers working there. Everyone else who was born here is not willing to work there or any other fast food place. I hope people still don’t think immigrants take jobs away because the jobs are there or were there, it’s just that people born here aren’t willing to do them. It’s just too big of a blow to one’s first world ego. White people would rather collect welfare and Asians would rather live off their parents.

Having even an extra $40 a week would have changed my life back then. Then again I would have probably pulled a Cheap Chinaman and saved $35 of it just for the sake of saving. At the very least I would have discovered sooner that working a shitty job sucks and possibly would have moved on faster in life. Then again hindsight is 20/20.

The only circumstance where I would consider working at McDonald’s is if I was super rich. In that scenario no one would suspect that I’m a loser who lost in life. I would get to relive a lost youth, and wait for the high school girls working there to become of adult age.


Failed Attempt at Seizing the Day

It’s a holiday today where I live. Victoria Day I think it is.  Long live the Queen. I forgot to unset my regularly scheduled alarm which resulted with me waking up earlier than I wanted to. Other than that, I was feeling somewhat positive today.  The weather was good and I had no desire to just sit at home and drink wine. 2pm rolls around, I style my hair, put on a semi-clean t-shirt and head out.  I start driving without a destination.  Every place that I think might be worth going to will likely be busy.  When it’s a holiday and it’s sunny, people often get this urge to carpe diem.  It’s sickening, I know.  Shit, I end up at the McDonald’s drive-thru that’s 5 minutes away from my home to pick up imitation ice cream.  It was damn good soft serve. The afternoon finds me at the very same place where I was eating my double cheesburger this morning and listening to the same podcast…parked on a side street where a bike/walk route is located. Sometimes this seizing the day shit is more difficult than it should be. Fuck this, I’m going home to seize the rest of the day in my underwear. It’s true what they say…you can’t taste the sweet without tasting the sour. Home sweet home.

Blogging Guilt

For most of us our minds are like a prison of thoughts.  Some of the inmates are in there for life.  Some get day-passes, sometimes regrettably, and others will never see the outside world.  I like to think of my mind as a minimum security prison where the thoughts can easily break out but they really aren’t all that dangerous.  Often, when the prisoners break out they carry a bit of guilt with them.

If you get a following of more than 2 readers, you can be sure that you will be apprehensive with writing about certain topics. Even with no following you might be fearful of offending some passer-by of your blog.  You may think that I write freely but I hold a lot back and when I don’t there’s guilt that comes along with it.

When ever I write anything to do with race, obesity, suicide and other taboo issues, I think about who might get offended and tame it down a bit.  Sometimes people will find you offensive when you have a not so positive opinion or joke towards a certain group.  To me, if the famous stand up comedians can say what they say through public media then there should be no shame to do the same on blogs.  Still, I feel guilt because I may have lured a reader to my online dwelling through writings that are not always consistent with this blog.  They may have came because they thought I was always going to be humorous most of the time but I end up throwing multiple posts of melancholy and vice versa.

There’s no real theme to this blog as per the title, Everything and Nothing.  The personality of it is the same as your personality.  Sometimes you’re happy, sad, depressed, confused or whatever.  I’d be disgusted with myself if it just reflected one mood because then I would feel like a fraud.  I’m terrified of being labeled as disingenuous.  I would rather be rejected.

Although we don’t know each other in real life, your lovely gravatar pictures, comments and your blog posts are enough to make a connection.  It sucks that at least one of you is fat, happy, married, divorced, poor, white, gay, old, religious, vegan, Muslim, hairy or something else.  I can stick to writing only about myself but even then I feel guilt for provoking sympathetic comments. The only safe theme here seems to be of one of positivity and cheerfulness. Even in that situation you could be making depressed people feel bad.

One of the cliched statements I have learned since blogging is, write for yourself and write what you know.  Okay then, I know how to be silly, disgusting, humorous and depressing.  When you pay me I will write for you but until then I will just have to live with the guilt.

My Foolish Writing Errors

When I read over a post that I wrote whether it be from 2 years ago or the day before, I will often come across some kind of error in grammar, spelling or missing words.  I don’t feel so bad about some of the grammar and spelling errors because most of the time it’s obvious and there’s no confusion.  What bugs me is when I screw a whole sentence up by writing the opposite of what I wanted to say. It just spoils any greatness if there was any.

You can blame this on my lack of ambition in English class, immigrant family, regular alcohol consumption, recreational drug use or my poor proofreading efforts.  You can also blame the editor of this blog who is me at my best.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t show up to work very often and just drops in whenever he feels like it.  If I waited for him to look over my posts before I could publish them, not much would ever get published.

Although I do proofread, somehow shit just sneaks by me.  After writing a post, my brain and eyes are a bit tired.  I’ve found that the best method is to walk away from a post you have just written and then read it over again after some time has passed. It’s hard to care that much though when your reputation isn’t all that important.  It’s a bit of a loser attitude though.  I think ‘loser’ is the most used noun on this blog.  It’s equivalent to the ‘F word’ in the movie Goodfellas.