Pretending to Care About the Less Fortunate

People will generally tell you that they want world peace and for every human being on this planet to not live in deplorable conditions.  It seems like the right thing to say because saying the opposite would make you sound like an asshole.  As always, our words hardly ever match our actions. The amount of money that most of us donate to any type of charity or to bums on the street is laughable in comparison to the money we spend on ourselves.  We only want the less fortunate to prosper if it doesn’t affect our preferred lifestyle.

For a while now there’s been much discussion about the lack of decent paying jobs because of outsourcing and immigration. Think of it this way…if jobs have been taken away to give to the poor in another country then it’s one step closer to ending poverty.  I mean real poverty not, “I’m so poor, I haven’t gone on vacation in 2 years.”  But people don’t care because they want their scheduled unionized coffee break and $60,000 a year salary for doing what an immigrant can do in 2 months.

Canada has sent $5-million worth of aid to Nepal which I guess is supposed to be a worthy amount.  I don’t know.  $5-million only equals to 500,000 people donating $10 each.  Maybe it is a lot of money but it probably pales in comparison to the amount of money the country spends on coffee everyday.

Each of us like to think we are good people when we donate $100 a year to any charitable organization but all that really is for most people is a way to buy a ‘good person certificate.’  If most people donate nothing then your $100 puts you on top of them.  Many people would say they are too broke to donate anything but that’s because they donate all their money to themselves and their fat asses.  Think of all the shit that you spent your money on.  To you, all of that was more important than giving the money to someone else less fortunate.

Often times you will hear about celebrities donating large amounts of money to charitable organizations.  That’s their way of one-upping their buddies.  Anyone in their circle can buy a mansion or a Bentley so the only way they can appear better than the person beside them is to look like a nicer person.  Angelia Jolie trumped all of them by adopting a third world Asian kid.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to come off as self-righteous.  I haven’t donated crap all in my lifetime.  I’ve given a dollar to bums here and there, $3 to Wikipedia and the loose change I get from buying sausage & egg mcmuffins to the Ronald McDonald charity.  I’m a piece of shit like you.  I obviously don’t care much about poor strangers.  Even if I donate $100 for aid in Nepal, I’m still a cheap son of a bitch.

I don’t think people who don’t donate to charities are bad people.  But let’s not play pretend.  We obviously don’t give a shit about anyone but ourselves.  For all of those people who spend most of their time doing humanitarian work in or outside of their country…you give a shit.  For those of you who donate a sizable amount of your income to charity…you give a shit.  For everyone else…you don’t give a shit.

2 comments on “Pretending to Care About the Less Fortunate

  1. cctyker says:

    I don’t donate for two reasons. One, if I donate person to person, they think I’m rich and try to con me to give them more. Two, if I donate to an organization in hopes the money will be used to support the less fortunate, and/or also to teach them the value of self-reliance, and a skill to use to earn money; I feel my donation is worthwhile; but alas, I check the income of the “manager” of the charity and learn $70,000 is his/her yearly income — no thanks, you get none of my money. Highly paid do-gooders is a contradiction. Toodle-do.


    • MrJohnson says:

      It can be discouraging when you find out about how much of your donation is actually used for the good cause. ‘Not for profit’ is a misleading line. On the upside, a good number of the big organizations only use about 10% of donations towards administration costs. Also, your donations to approved charities are tax deductible, and when there are big disasters the government will usually match donations.

      There’s always some way to give back without worrying about getting scammed. Most people can donate a few hours a week of their time. I guess we could rationalize a potential scam in any charitable situation, even donating to the food bank or donating Christmas toys. It is difficult to not think about what you could be getting with what you are giving away most of the time to a complete stranger.


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