Living with Your Parents Forever

Me: Why is it so shameful to live with your parents forever?

Him: It’s socially unacceptable

Me: Other than that?

Him: (Perplexed look to the sky) Nothing really.  There’s no real legitimate reason

That was my conversation with a 26 year old white boy at work.  On the internet, you can find the answers or at least different perspectives for almost any question you have, even something as odd as, “how to pee while driving” but nothing or not much on “living with your parents forever.”

You can find articles and webpages dedicated to the shame of having to move back in with your parents, when to move out of your parents home and temporarily moving back in with your parents.  Perhaps living with your parents forever is equally as shameful as tutorials on “how to be an adult man running around a primary school with his pants down” that even the internet won’t host such an idea.

I guess the situation that needs to occur for an adult to live with their parents forever is not very common.  The adult child needs to be or at least probably needs to be not considering a serious intimate relationship for their whole life and his father has to be dead at an early age or out of the picture.  As a male, there’s little hope of living with your parents forever if the father is still around.  The father is likely to outright ridicule you or will do so passive aggressively. Having your father rule over you forever feels more childish than wearing diapers.  You can root it to some kind of alpha male bullshit.  The father is always going to want to be the man of the house until he has to give up his reign when he can no longer stand himself up off the toilet.  That’s when you get him to sign over the power of attorney and send him to a geezers home.

Socially unacceptable for a male, more or less means that most women won’t accept you, so not living at home with your parents can be summed up to being afraid that no women will want anything to do with you.  That’s when you either have to accept your fate or do the equivalent of makeup for a woman which is lie.

This is my house and my parents live with me

My mother has cancer so I have to take care of her

This is just temporary while my mansion is being renovated

Hey, I’ll tell her the truth when I see her real face.

If your father is out of the picture and your mother has no one, it would seem like the right move to take over as the man of the household.  The way our society thinks they should live is kind of silly.  Most people struggle with money yet everyone tries their hardest to have their own space when it’s not necessary.  It’s ridiculous that there are people who live in a house with 3 or 4 empty rooms. The fact that this kind of lifestyle was very attainable at one time shows you how easy life was.  This is my office, and this one is our games room, here is the guest room and this is the room for junk.  All mine!

The other issue is that you might be causing your parents some inconvenience.  I guess some people still want to live life when they are in their 50’s and 60’s without having their kids around.  My question is, why even have kids if you want them out so badly?  If you kick them out then they’re going to stand over you and laugh when you are old and can’t wipe your own ass.

Society seems to be regressing because of how far a dollar can go these days.  If it continues people are going to have to stay close and help each other out.  New parents will have to live at home or at least have their parents babysit.

Of course there are other reasons why you wouldn’t want to live with your parents forever but socially unacceptable is the oddest of them all.  It’s like you’re in high school life and afraid everyone is going to make fun of you.  If your parents did a poor job of raising you then their punishment should be having to take care of you forever.


21 comments on “Living with Your Parents Forever

  1. BerLinda says:

    “I’ll tell her the truth when I see her real face.” – chortle 🙂
    I guess it depends on where you live – in Italy, it’s perfectly acceptable! In Ireland, not so much 😉


  2. kari'd away says:

    This is a totally cultural phenomenon. In the Philippines, children live with their parents their whole lives, and often spouses move in with them. It becomes a huge communal family house: grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, et cetera. And there are many other countries that live this way as well.

    The U.S. (where I live) is a very individualistic and capitalist society that deems living with parents unhealthy, unwanted… Because children are supposed to have their OWN lives, their own houses, their own money. But it’s a totally cultural point of view. That’s my take on it!


    • MrJohnson says:

      Yeah, I figured it was totally cultural. It’s mostly an advanced developed country phenomenon. Any poor or semi-poor country can’t adopt the same lifestyle. They see it as silly.

      I live in Canada (little America) and it’s the same here but more so if you’re a white person. Individualism might as well be a religion because people adhere to it so strictly and they sort of worship themselves as the god.

      Older Chinese people here are always telling me to move in with my mother(I’m Canadian-born Chinese) because to them that’s the way it should be. I’m just like whatever. I wouldn’t feel much shame moving back but I’d rather live on my own.


  3. marclevytoo says:

    As an authentic white person I can attest to the fact that I have always been trying to get away from where I came from.


    • MrJohnson says:

      What’s the alternative? Live at home and work hard like an immigrant?


      • Joe says:

        There are some serious racism issues prevalent in you that are subtly coming through. You obviously have implicit racism – first with your strange comments and bringing ‘immigrants’ out of no where – hunny, if you aren’t aboriginal, you are an immigrant. canada or u.s. isn’t your original country either, making you an immigrant just as all others who MIGRATE to a place other than their place of origin.

        Secondly, your comment to the philipino person was disgusting.Living with parents has NOTHING to do with being in a ‘semi poor’ country, it has a lot to do with cultural VALUES. While american parents will kick CHILDREN out at age 18 because they are somehow ‘legal’ adults, whether or not they will die without money, many parents in Asia keep their children UNTIL they are financially independent or choose to leave. There are actual ‘families’ in countries not predominantly white, actually morals and values and ties. People aren’t divorcing every second because their whims pass and children and parents don’t hate each other like crap, just WAITING to leave each other for good because they’re ‘sick’ of each other. Has nothing to do with ‘impoverishment’, which your british ancestors were before they looted rich countries.

        Very shocking comments made by this creep article-writer.


        • MrJohnson says:

          1) Look up the definition of ‘immigrant.’ The statement that ‘all Canadians and Americans are immigrants’ only applies when the subject of whether or not immigrants belong in Canada/ America.

          2) That Filipino person is probably a white American. She never said anything about being Filipino.

          3) It has a lot to do with poverty. How are you going to move out on your own if you have no money? People live at home forever because they have no choice. In general the big difference between white people and non-white people is the amount of comfort, security and opportunity they had exposure to. Sure, moving out at a young age is part of the culture now but it wasn’t always. That culture is now reversing. Adult children in Canada and America are now living at home longer because of…………….no money!

          4) A high divorce rate is also a product of money. Getting divorced when the family is already barely getting by is not a great option or sometimes not an option at all. Again, you stick with something when you have no choice.

          5) My British ancestors? If you had comprehended the parts that didn’t support only what you wanted to believe then you would have known that I am of Chinese descent.

          6) You might not have much of a sense of humour or at least a different one from mine.

          7) Thank you for calling me a writer.

          8) And don’t call me hunny!


  4. Jimi Fuchsia says:

    I still live with my parents but i wouldn’t want to forever because my parents are pretty strict and I’m very different to them. My parents wouldn’t want me to live with them forever anyway but if I did they’d hang it over me and I’d be a slave under their control.
    I don’t see anything wrong with living with your parents though, its just not for me :-/


  5. Interesting musings. When I was in a deep crisis, the only thing that kept me going and get a handle on things was the horror scenario of moving back in with my parents and being smothered 🙂 However, if you’d meet them on the street they’d be perfectly chummy chums. Whatever works for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • MrJohnson says:

      Most North Americans feel the same way you do. They always say, “I love my parents but….” It’s what keeps a lot of people at the job that they hate. Not giving yourself the option to move back home though can be a really good motivator to achieve more. I guess it can also land you in


  6. vtaluna says:

    Here’s the funny part: It is ok to have elderly parents move in with their kids. But not vice versa. In fact, if you, as an adult, have parents move in, you’re seen as a great child. Frankly, this is weird. I mean, financially it benefits both parties. If I had the room, my 89 year old mom would be living here. And extended family living together or close by, is very common in a lot of cultures, except in the the US.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Yeah, I think moving back with your parents for a lot of people is an option only slightly more popular than suicide. The individualism and independence obsession started in a time when a dollar went further and jobs were plentiful. Some people would rather live on the streets than go back with their parents. There’s so many old people out there who are all alone because their kids are all living in another city.


  7. vtaluna says:

    Well I know in some families there’s that huge generation gap, political differences, etc. Hell some families barely speak. Just sad. Instead we shut our elderly up in homes and visit once a week, if that. Gotta be a better way..


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