Dreams of Reality

I was out with people.  It was a newer apartment, there were women and friends and I was having a good time.  Of course it was a dream because I was having a good time.  What I remember most about the dream though was that I cared about wanting people to like me.  The existence of my usual cynical and dreary thoughts did not exist.  I viewed people as happiness vaults that I could potentially unlock if I was funny or nice enough, and that was my main objective.

They say when a guy is having a lucid dream he will either want to fly or have sex.  A while ago I amazingly realized I was dreaming and this was happening while I was running in the dream.  As I was running I thought about what I should do and the 2 things that came to mind were flying or sex.  I thought about sex but I couldn’t decide who to have sex with so I figured that I would just fly since I was already running anyway.  God really doesn’t want me to reproduce.

It seems sad if happiness only exists in dreams because only in dreams are you someone that is not you.  Most of the time they are too unrealistic to be given much thought.  I wasn’t flying or catching tigers by their tails.  I was sitting around having boring conversations while watching small bits of drama unfold.  Perhaps such scenarios in my present life are as realistic as Superman dreams for others.  What made this dream so realistic was that the women weren’t even that good looking.

I woke up this morning from that dream of normal life and thought, “whoa, that was crazy.”  

9 comments on “Dreams of Reality

  1. kalyrical says:

    I guess at least you didn’t have nightmares? And hey if you ever master lucid dreaming, there’s probably so much more in store


  2. Wanda says:

    I think that you are you in your dreams, even if they’re weird or different. I dream epic dreams. Like, action, movie quality, jumping from moving vehicles with George Clooney as my side-kick partner kind of dreams. And I am always me. Maybe your dream is just your subconscious trying to give you simple clues to potential happiness? If you believe in that sort of thing…:)

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    • MrJohnson says:

      I don’t know what my dreams are indicating but I am a believer we have the ability to dream for a reason. If dreams are like most other involuntary human occurrences then it must have some benefit towards survival. Some dreams may have an important message for your overall life and others might be directly related to recent events or thoughts such as getting punched in the face that day. Other dreams can be a sort of an epiphany such as the ones where you are urinating because you are going to wet your bed soon. So I guess I sort of do believe in that sort of thing.

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