Asian Privilege

In recent years there’s been a lot of talk around the internet about ‘white privilege.’  It’s funny how a lot of topics that are popular online don’t get much exposure in real life.  I guess the internet allows people to feel safe to talk about whatever they want.  The online world is almost like the dream world of real life and slowly becoming real life.  If most of your life is lived online then it’s pretty much real life.

There’s a lot of disadvantages to being an Asian living in a white country.  You’re probably shorter, smaller and not that many white women are attracted to you.  This makes you inferior to white people but I guess all races are generally inferior to white people.  But if you were black you could at least be feared by the white man because you might be bigger and also have the possibility of having his wife lust after you.  I don’t think any white guy ever fears coming home early from work to see his wife naked in bed with some hairless Asian dude.

Unlike aboriginals and black people in North America, Asians didn’t get their humanity and culture crushed.  Sure, there’s equal rights now and opportunity for everyone but only if you can get to that level to take advantage of it.  Anyone can get into a good university but you still need the money and environment for that to even be a possibility.  When you want a group of people to become something from nothing, it’s asking quite a lot.

The vast majority of Asians immigrated to North America and took their momentum of being uncomfortable with them.  Asians never had that mentality that the white man was going to keep them down.  They came here thinking as long as there was a job, everything could be okay.  ‘Fun’ wasn’t in an Asian’s vocabulary.  It was work, work, work and save, save, save.

I guess on paper it worked.  Asians are considered the ‘model minority’ and right now is the equivalent to the Post War Economic Boom for them.  The dream for most of the world is to become that stereotypical middle class white person and have security, comfort and some luxuries.

It’s hard for an Asian to see a homeless or poor white person and not think that they fucked up.  When you come to a white country with no English and no money and see poor white people, to an Asian there’s no excuse.  Of course, no one sees evolution past themselves.  One often evolves when they have experienced something long enough.  It gets boring and they seek out the next adventure in life.  You can call it evolution or laziness but nothing ever stays the same for very long.

In general, only white people have experienced money and comfort.  The rest of us are just getting used to it.  There hasn’t been a majority of Asians here that have experienced comfort from birth to death.  My generation didn’t feel a semblance of comfort until our teen years.  The generation after me will probably be the first.  So soon you will see Asian strippers dancing to the equivalent of Warrant’s, Cherry Pie and guys like me living in a trailer fucking my second cousin.

7 comments on “Asian Privilege

  1. Most often I don’t understand my fellow countrymen who long to be back home when they are already settled in wealthier countries. I guess it’s not about the material comfort they’re after; it’s the sense of belongingness they keep pining for.

    I am of the belief you may have further advantages as an Asian who has lived all his life in a white country compared to Asians who try to fit in at a much later period in their lives; Am I right in thinking that? But yes, I agree it may take money and the right environment for certain Asians to be accepted more easily.

    “I guess all races are generally inferior to white people.” Very true. Well I have been wanting to write about the topic, not to discredit any race but to express my view on why I have gained some understanding on the reality of it all.

    Just finished lunch when I read this so I had a hearty laugh. Informative yet delightful and funny.
    Happy weekend, MrJohnson.


    • MrJohnson says:

      There’s definitely the belongingness factor. As they say, ‘home is home.’ I think that’s what they say anyway. Sometimes wealthy countries are only better when you are not poor.

      I definitely have an advantage from living here all my life compared to ones that arrive later in their life. When you immigrate to a new country there’s so much more isolation and barriers you have to contend with. I guess it can also be exciting though.

      Informative yet delightful and funny is what I strive to do so thanks and you’re welcome!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Jesus, … I mean Buddha, what a bigot : (


  3. marclevytoo says:

    Wait until the next generation only wants to have fun, fun, fun.


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