Joining ISIS

Once in a while you will hear of a story about how some white person from a wealthy nation decided to drop the western way of life and join an Islamic terrorist group.  This kind of person sounds like a crazy person to most people.  We often define ‘crazy’ as something that we could never imagine ourselves doing.  We also use ‘crazy’ negatively to feel a position of righteousness.  The news people will list off the reasons on why someone from an industrialized developed country would be attracted to such a life.  It’s humbling to realize that what you once thought was extremely crazy is now understandable.  Shit, that’s how I feel.

– Losing your way
– No desire to live the typical western way of life
– No one to care for
– Lack of purpose
– Loss of identity

Something like that anyway.  I like what ISIS and their other branches have to offer but I just can’t get behind what they believe.  As much as I am searching for a purpose and want 63 or however many virgins, I think I’m too rational to be that extreme.  I wouldn’t have even thought of the idea of joining ISIS if the motorcycle gangs offered membership to non-whites.  I guess the Islamic extremists are more evolved than those hog riding hairy chested whiteboys.  Whatever.  I’m too much of a runt and pussy to ride with them anyway.  I’m sure a prerequisite is to be able to drink a 6 pack in 2 hours which I can’t do.  Plus it’s very doubtful that there are any virgins available.

I like the brotherhood and code that was depicted in the show Sons of Anarchy.  Everything and everyone took a backseat to the club.  Without the loyalty and code, everyone is just out for themselves no matter what they would have you believe.  I’d start an Asian motorcycle club but it would be so laughable.  No one is going to respect a bunch of guys whose feet dangle in the air when trying to mount their motorcycle.



12 comments on “Joining ISIS

  1. Jami says:

    We have to first have the guts to try and understand what compels people. Sometimes I think about the fact that a person goes through life being hurt in so many little ways, ways that no one else notices, but they build up over time to create what we see. We need to pay better attention to how we treat each other. Oh yeah and if you start a gang of short legged bikers, I’ll join you. My feet would dangle..I’m only 5’2″.


  2. ISIS is way way beyond my comprehension still. Don’t you think it’s much too nutty for anyone to start condoning execution of innocent people just to have that sense of belonging? We may be lonely, but it’s simply majestic we’re not that irrational.

    Sixty three virgins — Jeeesus,.. How exhausting would that be…

    Count me in on your scooter gang. I stand 5’1. 😀

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    • MrJohnson says:

      It’s definitely nutty. A sense of belonging is just one of the reasons for going to the dark side. I’m sure they are really angry about something, among other things. It must be very common for humans to be irrational. So many people believe they are going to go to heaven. Even if it’s true it’s still irrational.

      The deal was 60 something virgins over a decade ago. I think it should be closer to 80 now because of inflation.

      This scooter gang is growing quite nicely.

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  3. Wanda says:

    Hmmmm, I’m thinking we can find a way better club for you than ISIS. 😉


  4. I can am a bit of a crazy myself, by your definition, and proud of it, because I see things that are both within the mainstream and outside of it. What’s crazy is having a small, pea-brained mind that can only see what you’ve been programmed/conditioned to see!

    – crazy and proud.


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