The Happiness Expectation

Much of what disappoints us is due to the expectations that we have installed into our brains.  If you live in a rich enough country, quite often it’s never enough.  In many places in the world, surviving is the only goal.  In developed nations the ever elusive state of eternal happiness is the end game.  If you can’t have it then you will at least fake it. Take your pill in the morning and smile in front of everybody.  When your smile can’t be seen in real time then you leave pictures on the internet for everyone to be fooled into thinking that everything is just the way it appears.  You’re petting a koala bear in Australia, smiling in front of the Eiffel Tower and just about to devour a perfectly arranged plate of food from Chez Somewhere.

Throughout history people have suffered compared to us for our current species to be where we are today.  We look back and feel sorry for those people who were taken to their physical and mental limits just to live another day.  Maybe one day they will read about us and pity us for our futile methods of trying to achieve happiness.   They’ll laugh that we popped pills, got married, had kids, worked boring jobs and tweeted inspirational quotes.

Perhaps this blissful happiness for the majority of us can really exist.  It’s only recently that we have not feared for our survival.  Progress is slow for mankind and we may be the beta version of happiness.  Our current efforts to reach happiness is like the first wheel made out of wood attempting to accomplish what a Z-rated rubber tire mounted on an aluminum wheel can do.



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