Drone Couriers

Today it was announced the online company, Amazon, is testing their delivery drones in the province I live in.  They are doing it here instead of in America because of all the U.S. Federal Aviation rules.  Some say that it will never work and others are saying it’s just a ploy for publicity.

Why can’t it work?  I hear and read things like, people will shoot them down or people will steal them or they will crash into things.  People can shoot anything or anyone.  Maybe drones will be more fun to shoot but attach a prison sentence or a huge fine and people won’t do anything.

If you think you’re going to be able to steal a drone and get away with it then your mind is stuck in the 60’s.  It’s not like it’s a secret that video cameras and GPS can be attached to anything.  They have self-driving cars that are pretty safe already so the technology is there for drones to be just as safe.

I’m still baffled by how eBay was successful but that just goes to show you.  The idea that you pay money to someone that you don’t know who lives 1000 miles away from you, hoping that they will mail you an item just as described sounded preposterous and it still does.  To me, it still makes as much sense as how we automatically wake up every morning.  I don’t know how it works but I just know it does.

Whenever an idea is introduced that is so different from what we’re used to, we always say it’s not going to work.  Sometimes it’s us being pessimistic or short sighted and other times it’s us not wanting our existence to be so radically different than what it presently is.  By now, we should realize that anything is possible.

These drone couriers won’t be happening for quite a long time if at all but the possibility is already half way there.


You Hate Your Job

Most of you probably went to work today.  I hate the life of working a typical job.  I also hate it when people say they love their jobs.  Liars.  Saying you love your job is like smokers saying they like the taste of cigarettes.  I don’t think any smoker ever wishes their steak to taste like tar.

You love your job because it allows you to get up in the morning when you don’t want to, join the rush hour commute with a bunch of other sorry saps, to get to a place that holds you prisoner for at least 8 hours.  Weeeeeeeee!

The fact that you’re doing anything for 8 hours is already a dead give away that you hate your job because no one does anything for 8 hours a day and enjoys it.  Name me one thing in your whole life that you have done for 8 hours straight in one day.  One thing.  Even if you can, you for damn sure didn’t do it for 5 days a week for 40 years.
Take your favourite thing to do in life and you would hate the fuck out of it if you had to do it for 8 hours a day… movies, reading, eating, singing, farting, singing with your farts…whatever.   You think your job is more enjoyable than bowling?  No way!  You might only like your job compared to the rest of the jobs that are available to you.  You probably don’t like your job more than pizza but if you had to eat pizza every day for lunch and dinner, you would hate pizza in about a week, and you probably love pizza.

So how do you get out of it?  You can’t.  Not for long anyway.  The new thing people are doing is stress leave.  Saying you’re messed in the head to get time off work is less painful than getting your dog to bite you in the balls.  I’m ahhh…depressed…umm..I got anxiety..umm…I hear voices.  Give me some time off.  They might make you go see some kind of shrink but then you will get some time off.  Sooner or later though you got to go back.  Unless if you take it a step further.  My plan would be to walk into the shrink’s office and pull down my pants to convince them that I’m really messed up.  So…do you think I’m ready to go back to work?

Joining ISIS

Once in a while you will hear of a story about how some white person from a wealthy nation decided to drop the western way of life and join an Islamic terrorist group.  This kind of person sounds like a crazy person to most people.  We often define ‘crazy’ as something that we could never imagine ourselves doing.  We also use ‘crazy’ negatively to feel a position of righteousness.  The news people will list off the reasons on why someone from an industrialized developed country would be attracted to such a life.  It’s humbling to realize that what you once thought was extremely crazy is now understandable.  Shit, that’s how I feel.

– Losing your way
– No desire to live the typical western way of life
– No one to care for
– Lack of purpose
– Loss of identity

Something like that anyway.  I like what ISIS and their other branches have to offer but I just can’t get behind what they believe.  As much as I am searching for a purpose and want 63 or however many virgins, I think I’m too rational to be that extreme.  I wouldn’t have even thought of the idea of joining ISIS if the motorcycle gangs offered membership to non-whites.  I guess the Islamic extremists are more evolved than those hog riding hairy chested whiteboys.  Whatever.  I’m too much of a runt and pussy to ride with them anyway.  I’m sure a prerequisite is to be able to drink a 6 pack in 2 hours which I can’t do.  Plus it’s very doubtful that there are any virgins available.

I like the brotherhood and code that was depicted in the show Sons of Anarchy.  Everything and everyone took a backseat to the club.  Without the loyalty and code, everyone is just out for themselves no matter what they would have you believe.  I’d start an Asian motorcycle club but it would be so laughable.  No one is going to respect a bunch of guys whose feet dangle in the air when trying to mount their motorcycle.


Why People Treat You Like Crap

We go through life living by beliefs that make no sense aside from the idea that it is acceptable or worshiped by the people we associate with.  People can be predictable like machines.  If we know their limitations, we have an idea of what we can demand and get away with.

If your boss tells you to work longer and harder than you think is fair, chances are you are going to do it anyway.  Your boss knows there are limits they cannot cross but they also know how far they can probably push it.  People treat people like this in every type of situation.

Most of us are regularly associated with some group or at least someone.  If you have known each other long enough, you have an idea of how much that person values you and what other options they have besides you.  People will also get an idea of what you believe and will use that against you in certain circumstances.

You will often hear people tell you about how they don’t want to do something but they have to because it is for their brother, friends or mother.  That is not really a reason but most times that is all that has to be said for people to understand.   See, your brother, friend or mother know this too.  They predict and expect that you will act a certain way because of your beliefs and your available options.

Often the idea is, if people think that you will not leave whatever it is that you are part of then they will take advantage of that.  Sometimes they don’t even care if you leave so they will take advantage of that.  Either way, they don’t really care about you.  Even if you do leave, their dogmatic beliefs will often have them think that you will eventually come crawling back.

People hope to get away with doing as little as possible when it comes to maintaining any kind of relationship.  Tell your boss you are going to quit, and they will offer you more.  Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend you are going to leave them, and they will promise they will change.  Just like natural resources, you will be more valuable if your scarcity is a true possibility.  We shit on drinking water because we think it will always be there.  Once it is in short supply it becomes liquid gold.

You do not have to give any part of your life to anyone just because you are connected by some label that holds cultural significance.  Sharing DNA or a past isn’t enough reason for anyone to own you.  You do not have to be a slave to anyone unless you choose to be.

The best people in life are the ones that can get away with treating you unfairly but do the opposite.

No One Wants Your Kid

If you think about it, why would any stranger want your kid?  It is not like stealing a car that can get you to places, assist in a crime, and then you can just ditch it on the side of the road.  Kids don’t do anything except eat, shit and make noise.  They are like heavy dumbbells that can walk and talk.  People like to steal things that have some kind of worth like gold, money, pineapples, clothes.

Police statistics show 25 children of the 46,718 reported missing in 2011 listed as “abducted by stranger.”

However, the definition of stranger for these numbers includes anyone who is not a parent. In other words it could be a relative, a friend of the family, a babysitter or someone unknown to the family or victim.

RCMP’s National Missing Children Services, studied the 90 stranger abduction missing child reports that had been entered into the national police database in 2000 and 2001. They found just two of those children had been abducted by someone other than a relative or a close family friend.

(Canadian Statistics)

That is how delusional our society is with how we view children.  We think of them as precious little diamonds that everyone would want because they shimmer and sparkle.  But the real truth is that no one wants your kid.  You barely want your kid sometimes and most likely they were conceived by accident in the first place which made that orgasm very very expensive.

If you want to keep your kid safe, the better game plan is to keep them away from you because a child is way more likely to suffer abuse or murder from their parents than being abducted or killed by a stranger.   Almost anything is more likely to happen than your kid being abducted by a stranger.  Little Mikey will probably make it home after school unless of course he gets hit by a car.

Living Life

The mindset of many is to live life by grabbing it by the balls.  Live to the fullest and tell an amazing story full of tales to be envied.  Instead of grabbing life by the balls, most of the time I have pinched it by the pubic hairs.  On one end of the spectrum is enjoyment and on the other is security.  The more you gravitate to one end the more the other end eludes you.

We all have our rationalizations when it comes to our philosophies on how to live life.  As rational as they might be, it doesn’t always feel right especially in hindsight.  I used to think oddly of people who blew their entire paycheque several days before their next one.  To me, it was silly to constantly put yourself in that kind of position but after some reanalyzing I realize the idea was to chase everything life had to offer when it was offering it.

I guess you can say I have regrets in that department of life but I also know there was no way anyone was going to dramatically change my way of living at that time.  It would have taken a very inspiring and intelligent person to do so.  Looking back, I wasn’t really trying to live life but instead I was putting most of my energy into surviving it.  Although I succeeded for the most part, it made for a duller existence.

With two opposite ends of a spectrum, our ultimate goal is to have a perfect balance but there is no such thing because nothing is perfect.  We are lucky to dance around the middle but most of us slide too much towards one end. Enjoyment is an idea that one explores when the feeling of security has been met.  On this side of the world that is the general feeling for most.

Perhaps the grass just seems greener on the other side.  I do believe though that I could have easily made my side much greener by taking a page out of the book that most people lived by.  With all decisions though, we never have any idea that we made the correct one until it all plays out.

My recent philosophy for life is to do what you want to do and if it doesn’t work out then you can always kill yourself.  This philosophy is probably more aligned with our natural way of living except something or someone would do the killing for us.  We didn’t always have the resources available to make it so difficult to die.  Life was much shorter and we knew it.  Now we go about our lives formulating some miserable 40 year plan that will ensure us a comfortable wrinkly existence.


Bombarded by Entertainment

In my teens and in my 20’s, I would be more than happy to be occupied by TV shows and movies for an entire day. They say to cherish time especially in your youth but most of the time my goal was to kill it.  ‘Back in my day,’ there wasn’t endless amounts of entertainment available from the internet.  You would have to purchase entertainment or if you were lucky enough, borrow it from someone.  Weekend, daytime and late night television sucked.  Three hours with nothing to adequately entertain you at home was painful.   As a teenager, if I was bored and daring enough I would turn on the the TV at 1 am to look for scrambled soft porn.

Today is the opposite of those times.  There’s too much content that much of it gets overlooked even if it’s decent material.  Producers of content for have to satisfy what, who and how long in this market that is now owned by the consumer.  I’m not going to watch anything that is 10 minutes long on youtube unless if it really interests me.  I would have killed for an endless variety of 10 minute mediocre videos in 1995.

Teenagers today are watching free endless amounts of videos of 2 guys putting their penises in some poor girl.  No wonder why every kid wants a set of nice headphones for Christmas.  I don’t know what kind of porn they are going to need in 10 years to be turned on.  I’m sure it will be extremely cruel and disgusting.  I was overjoyed at 15 years old to be watching Baywatch lifeguards running across the beach.  I only got to watch the scene once so I had to be in the moment.  There’s so much entertainment content accessible at any time that it’s just not that high on the priority list no more.  The excitement and anticipation is gone.

When I’m scrolling around a website for local news, the headline has to be pretty sickening for me to click on it.  Someone getting murdered by gunshot just doesn’t cut it no more.  It needs to be 3 people killed with cucumbers stuck up their butts for me to read on.  Scarcity will always dictate the value of anything.

Our culture tells us to feel bad for spending hours each day in front of the many types of screens available to us.  It’s kind of silly because in order to keep the economy going they want us to spend money on things we don’t need but criticize us for doing so and indulging in it.  The idea is that a lack of self-control is a main ingredient for our failures.  It might be true but you cannot fault a drug addict for never getting clean when it’s raining pills and cocaine everywhere they go.

Laying in bed right now eating potato chips, drinking wine and streaming internet content.  It’s a cocktail of satisfaction, guilt and an unrewarding feeling but I will likely be asking the bartender to keep them coming.  Oh look, it seems to be raining outside.  Hold the guilt for the next round please.