Quarter-Heartedly Religious

Truly believing in organized religion versus not at all is like one person seeing the colour blue while the other sees green.  Maybe if you squint your eyes or see it in a different light you can see how it might be possible the other person sees what they see but if all conditions are normal then you pretty much think that other person is crazy.

For almost anything in life to make sense it has to be attached to some reason for survival.  Believing in God can give someone so many reasons to live.

– You will be accepted by a group of other people
– It gives you a purpose to feel alive
– It paves a path for you in life

Another big reason to believe in God is that it can take away the fears that some people might have about life.  You can be a shitty Christian and still be accepted into heaven as long as you believe.  If you’re a quarter-hearted Christian, I can’t see how you truly believe in Jesus or God.  If you really believed then you would follow the bible 99% of the time.  The ones that say they believe but don’t do jackshit as a Christian are just hedging their bets in case there really is a hell at the end of this life.  They live like heathens doing what they feel like while they are on this earth but convince themselves that they believe in God so that they can get in through the backdoor of heaven.  Trick is on them though because God knows what they are thinking.

I used to have a friend who lived in my mom’s basement.  He was one of these quarter-hearted Christians.  The fact that he was my friend meant he couldn’t have been a good Christian or even a mediocre one.  He hated it when I bugged him about sleeping in on Sundays instead of going to church.  I kept doing it anyway because he never went.  He’s probably hoping that tattoo of a cross on his right arm is going to get him into heaven.

It’s almost impossible to know how others feel when you have never had the same feeling.  I suspect that there are many out there who are scared of what will happen to them after death.  Thus far, only religion has any mainstream answers for what will happen to us.  I also think there is an enormous fear for feeling lost and religion will always have a place for you if you believe.

For the most part, people who follow an organized religion were exposed to it at an early age.  Once you’re programmed a certain way, it’s often difficult to reformat yourself especially if the life you built revolves around those early beliefs.  Ego and denial will be at maximum strength.  Are you going to tell people that you wasted the first half of your life or entire life even?  Maybe but some feel too committed to start over.  I would feel like a loser if I went 50 years going to church, following some book that was probably written by a shyster and then one day convinced myself that I no longer believed in God.

Life is pretty stupid if you think about it.  If you’ve found something that works for you then go with it.  Who cares if it makes no rational sense.  Nothing much in life does.  Why do men like big boobs?  Better pillows for their offspring? Life is a long torturous journey and any way to make it easier is like water in a desert even if it’s only a mirage.


4 comments on “Quarter-Heartedly Religious

  1. Yes, the growing need of citizens of the blogosphere to engage in futile debates about religion wear me out. I flinch at the insults being hurled in commentaries due to intolerance of one another’s beliefs. Our forefathers could only be wise in their advice against participating in lengthy discussions about faith or lack of it. It seems the online world has become a breeding ground for misinterpretations and hostility. People even imagine slights and feel they must say something nasty just to strike back. I still believe in communication and being civilized so it’s gotten easier for me to ignore unpleasant remarks or turn my back on invitations to spar. 🙂

    I also believe in a person expressing his or her (spiritual) convictions once and that’s it. I’ve seen both theists and atheists repeat themselves everywhere — sounding like a broken record — which is uncool.

    I agree. Freedom to believe or not believe remains crucial to our existence, and as long as believers and non-believers don’t do harm to their fellowmen, tolerance for one another’s personal doctrine is a good thing.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Yes, the online atmosphere is much different from real life. People appear much more passionate about topics when playing their online character. Believing in religion might be kind of out there but being a big sports fanatic is not much different. To be so excited or heartbroken that ‘your team’ won or lost is a little irrational. I mean, no one on that team is your friend and you don’t get anything out of it win or lose. I was one of those people before and I still can’t make sense of it..haha. I can tell you why it doesn’t matter now but I can’t really tell you why it mattered before. I guess I really wanted to believe I was part of something. Half of the players on Vancouver’s hockey team aren’t even Canadian.

      Today I was thinking about how it would be like if I was religious and happy. If being religious made you really happy, you would try to convince as many people as possible to believe. Especially if you were a non-believer before.

      Debating the validity of religious topics is like you said, futile.


      • Very true, MrJohnson. Sometimes I also look at people who feel so fortified by their faiths with envy. By their sense of belonging to a community and their sense of security for their convictions. I tried before but my heart and mind kept resisting, and, in my opinion, to find true satisfaction and happiness through religion, one must ingest its tenets in its entirety.

        Have a good weekend!


        • MrJohnson says:

          I am envious too of happy religious people. I kind of tried to be a Jehovah Witness a few years ago…haha. My trying amounted to me talking to them but I never accepted any of their invites to their big gatherings.

          You have a good weekend as well.

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