Showing Off on WordPress


Hated by vegans and Muslims


One thing that you will never see on WordPress is people displaying pictures of their luxury automobiles and other expensive items.  There has to be some of you out there who own nice BMWs and $2000 Louis Vuitton bags but to show them off or to even mention you own such items could have you thought of as pretentious or even a dickhead.

It’s okay to show endless pictures of food though even if it’s from a somewhat expensive restaurant.   A person living in poverty or a homeless person would consider it showing off.

Bloggers will tell you all day long about their disabilities, financial hardships and childhood molestation stories but will never give you any indication of how rich they are or how big their house is.  The only thing people try to brag about here is their depression and grammar.

You can show off your goods all day long when you’re out with people or on Facebook but not on this platform.  Blogging is supposed to be for showing what you have going on inside instead of out.  Creativity and humour through pictures are okay but for purely showing off is to be frowned upon.

I suppose pictures of food can be used to tell a story.  Some might say food pictures are art…the culinary arts.  I can’t help but think though that often the pictures of food are just to let people know, hey, look what I got to eat.  I guess a level of pretentiousness is acceptable on WordPress.  I think the line is drawn somewhere around food and iphones.

So hey, look what I got to eat.  A full slab of ribs with the classic sides.  I didn’t know what I was getting into.  The mountain of ribs had me intimidated.  Normally, finishing an overfilled plate of food would make me feel like a loser but in this case I would feel like a winner.  But I still ended up feeling like a loser because I couldn’t finish it.  It’s going to be a half slab for me next time.


Grammar and Other English Writing Errors

So what, I used ‘to’ instead of ‘too.’  You still got it right?  What do you think this is, the Huffington Post where I’m on the payroll and have editors who go through my writing?  It’s a blog post from someone who is not getting paid nor whose livelihood is on the line.

Good for you if your written English is better than most but some of us aren’t at that level and may never be.  To be highly critical of grammar and other proper English rules is just your ego at play.  You’re better at something than most so it makes you feel good to be able to pick out flaws in other people’s writing.  It doesn’t mean you are a better writer or any more entertaining.

Some people are under the notion that if you’re born in an English speaking country that your English should be without errors.  The reality is that some people have immigrant parents, sucked at school or never wrote or read much.

No one ever criticizes anyone’s spoken English so why would you criticize or frown upon someone’s written English errors?  If you proclaim yourself to be in the league with writing heroes then you should probably be very proficient, but if you’re on WordPress with the rest of us, you’re not that special.  At best you’re like a manager at McDonald’s instead of a ketchup sprayer.

It’s not like most blog posts are so crucial to humanity or to a large enough number of readers that you need to be that concise and grammatically correct.

I proofread all my posts but sometimes after writing a post my brain and eyes are worn and I’ll miss something or a few things.  Do you expect me to go to great lengths to ensure a simple blog post is error free?  When I hit ‘publish’ it’s not like my reputation is on the line.  This is all free content and like they say, you get what you pay for.

The best move is to walk away from your freshly written post and come back to it half an hour later with fresh eyes.  I could do that but I’m too anxious to publish.  It’s just not that big a deal.  I cringe when I read over a post with silly mistakes but oh well.

I often see heated written debates that include someone’s written English being criticized.  Once you go there you are showing what a shitty person you are because someone’s grammar is not even relevant to the argument.

I understand though how ‘incorrect’ written English ruins the flow of the reading process.  Correct written English is the best way to go because all walks of English levels will understand.  And if your writing is close to a piece of art then errors just take away from the magnificence.  But as magnificent as it may be, you’re still just a blogger that is writing for free.


A Bit About Drug Use

Once in a while I will throw some drugs in my mouth.  I like uppers because I’m usually feeling not up.  Before I reach the state of overwhelming bliss there this feeling of slight happiness.  I believe this is how regular happy people feel.  Nothing bothers you, no one is irritating and you’re feeling positive without any real explanation.

On the flip side, the come down is generally not so good.  I have found ways to alleviate it but there’s always going to be a bit of an encounter.  Once the drugs start to wear off there’s this crash.  You’re not totally defeated but you don’t want to do anything and nothing seems that it will bring any joy.  I can’t say for sure but I think that’s what true depression feels like.  If this is true, I can see why suicide can sometimes seem better than carrying on.  This is when I crawl into bed and hope to fall asleep as quickly as possible so I don’t have to fight the darkness.

When I read testimonials from famous people who are open about their substance abuse, it tells me that the human body can endure a lot of damage before it dies.  Rockstars are living proof that you can abuse substances every day for many years and still come out of it a functional person.  Yes, some of them walking this earth have had their heartbeat disappear, pancreas blown up or other close brushes with death but their relationship with substances is much more extreme than your typical recreational drug user.  So I can’t see how the seasonal drug encounter is very harmful.

When I was in my early 20’s, I’d feel like a loser if I did drugs in a short span of time from each other.  2 weekends in a row would be thought of as crazy.  I was brainwashed by all those years of ‘just say no,’ commercials, the egg in the frying pan and whatever else the Ronald Reagan administration was promoting.  Reagan was a fucking homo.

In my 30’s, I’ve been doing more drugs and drinking than ever.  Partly is because life is getting kind of old.  Did this done that.  The isolation is another reason.  Another reason is that I just don’t believe it’s that bad for you.  Drugs and alcohol have become a friend.  All things considered, I have a lot of will power.

You can say my life is a perfect balance or you can say that I’m a walking contradiction.  Today for breakfast, I ate 2 hard boiled eggs, homemade vegetable soup, a banana and then went to the gym.  After that I went to a buffet, came home took a nap.  Now I’m drinking wine and I may or may not be under the influence of MDMA.



Thrift Store Shopping

When you’re at an adult age, you don’t really get ridiculed in your face about being ugly, fat, big nosed, stupid.  But as a kid, other kids will wage a relentless assault no matter what your circumstances.  No one was rich where I grew up but that didn’t stop kids from making fun of kids that were poorer than them.  They’d make fun of your parents if they were on welfare, if you didn’t wear Nike’s or if your jacket looked like something your mom put together with 2 rags and old underwear.

Most people that I know have remained too shameful to walk into a secondhand store.  What if someone sees me? What if I buy something and have to lie about where I bought it?  People don’t want others to think they are too poor to buy new.  Others would never be suspected of being poor are scared that people will make fun of them.  Sounds pathetic for an adult to feel that way but there you go.

It’s totally a psychological issue because what’s the difference between a used shirt that your friend gave you and one from a stranger?  Culturally, it’s okay to receive used goods from known people.  It’s the idea that out of all places you chose to shop at, you chose a secondhand store, and that’s where the shame is.

My reason for shopping at secondhand stores is that I can possibly find something that I can’t find new, for cheap.  Once in a while you come across real gems like pants that you like that are hemmed just for you or a jacket where the sleeves fit perfectly.  No stains, no holes then it’s a go.


I picked up this shirt for $4.99.  I had no idea that it was some kind of metal band until I searched the internet later. Let’s just say most people aren’t into their music.




Beer mugs for $3.99.  Overpriced if you ask me but I’m a sucker for things I think are neat.  I can picture myself with one of these drinking ale all day and having a gay old time.


Secondhand stores are great for leather jackets because the style has not changed much over the years.  I have 3 leather jackets from thrift stores, this one being my favorite.  Damn, maybe I should have taken pictures of the other 2.  Hmmm..I’ll do that right now.  Be right back.  On second thought, forget it.  I just took them out and they don’t look as good as this one.  I got this one for $9.99!  I spent more on lunch today.  Why would anyone want to give these jackets away?  My guess is that the people who used to own them are now dead.  I’m carrying on their legacy.  I think this guy was British or had gone to Britain because I pulled out a train ticket from there.

Sometimes people compliment me on my secondhand clothing and then when I tell them I bought it at a secondhand store they laugh at me.  I don’t mind because that is one thing I’m not insecure about.  I don’t see the logic in being ashamed about it.  My goal is to be as secure in all areas of my life.  I wish it was this easy.




Good News For Eggs


This is probably unwelcomed news for some vegans.  The latest health news from the U.S. Government is that cholesterol will no longer be “considered a nutrient of concern for over-consumption.”  I was quite ecstatic when I heard this because it’s a step forward towards better food nutrition information.  For decades, saturated fat and cholesterol were thought of as demons in the health world based on bad science, and then hung around because of momentum.

Why would you believe anything the U.S. Government says?  This time is different.  They never wanted to admit that a diet high in dietary cholesterol was bad for you because it would make them look kind of silly after promoting the opposite for 50 years.

The theory on why eating too many eggs is bad for you came from the idea that eating dietary cholesterol translated in higher bodily cholesterol which is not the case.  On top of that, people with high levels of cholesterol are not at higher risk for heart disease than people with low cholesterol.

For a couple years I ate 16 eggs a week which alone would have put me over the daily recommended limit of cholesterol intake.  Just for kicks I signed up to have my cholesterol measured by a registered dietitian that my company recruited for a day.

“Your cholesterol levels are good.”

“I eat 16 eggs a week.”


“Ya, I don’t believe in that whole cholesterol thing.

I can’t say the myth was based on bad science because there wasn’t really any science done.  The research cherry picked data to demonize saturated fat and cholesterol.  Eggs contain high levels of cholesterol, therefore if you eat eggs you will get high cholesterol.   That was the science.  They never took a bunch of people to shove eggs down their throat to see if there would be any fluctuation in cholesterol levels.

I’m not going to go into it too much.  There’s plenty of information about Ancel Keys and his flawed study.  The Food Pyramid guidelines are ridiculous.  They recommend eating more of the bread and cereals group than the fruits and vegetables.

So go for it.  Have 3 eggs with your breakfast instead of 2.  There’s nothing wrong with having 3 yellow eyes staring at you with a crispy pork smile.

And why is it that every time you see a picture of bacon and eggs it’s always 2 eggs?

Pretending to be Sick, Clean Water and Sausages

To shit on something is the same as saying that it is almost worthless.  This is what we think of towards perfectly clean drinking water.  This water is only good enough to hold our excrement until we flush it to its graveyard.  Sometimes we flush water just to remind us which direction it turns when it goes down.  Okay, that means in Australia it goes the other way.  Over a gallon of water flushed just to satisfy my curiosity.  I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad.  That’s just life.

This morning I had thoughts of doing a water fast for a day.  That seemed kind of rough so I decided to do a water and fruit fast instead.  I ran out of fruit so I decided to do a water, fruit and vegetable soup fast.  Then I said, the hell with it, and grilled some sausages.  When you’re fasting, it’s like being sick in that you just lay around, don’t eat and feel miserable.


Organic sausages, sauerkraut, aged cheddar cheese


Although a deviated meal from my morning plans, all things considered, it’s still much healthier than it could be.  Raw sauerkraut is supposedly a good probiotic.  Low carb living and hence why I am still hungry.  Yes I had wine with it.

I went to an Italian restaurant earlier this week.  This first thing any server asks you is if you want anything to drink besides water.  I did but if I order something to drink at the beginning, it will be finished too soon and I will have to order another one or suffer.  So I order a glass of wine when my meal arrives.  Man, a standard glass of wine is pathetic.  It’s such a small amount that I have to take baby sips here and there to make it last.  The price of a glass of wine is ridiculous too but I give into the western way of thinking that tells you to enjoy yourself.

It was a good imitation sick day today.  I took a nap, ate pineapple, read a little bit, watched a movie, grilled sausages and created this fine blog post for all of you good people.  To end my day, I might just go flush the toilet for fun like an asshole.

Quarter-Heartedly Religious

Truly believing in organized religion versus not at all is like one person seeing the colour blue while the other sees green.  Maybe if you squint your eyes or see it in a different light you can see how it might be possible the other person sees what they see but if all conditions are normal then you pretty much think that other person is crazy.

For almost anything in life to make sense it has to be attached to some reason for survival.  Believing in God can give someone so many reasons to live.

– You will be accepted by a group of other people
– It gives you a purpose to feel alive
– It paves a path for you in life

Another big reason to believe in God is that it can take away the fears that some people might have about life.  You can be a shitty Christian and still be accepted into heaven as long as you believe.  If you’re a quarter-hearted Christian, I can’t see how you truly believe in Jesus or God.  If you really believed then you would follow the bible 99% of the time.  The ones that say they believe but don’t do jackshit as a Christian are just hedging their bets in case there really is a hell at the end of this life.  They live like heathens doing what they feel like while they are on this earth but convince themselves that they believe in God so that they can get in through the backdoor of heaven.  Trick is on them though because God knows what they are thinking.

I used to have a friend who lived in my mom’s basement.  He was one of these quarter-hearted Christians.  The fact that he was my friend meant he couldn’t have been a good Christian or even a mediocre one.  He hated it when I bugged him about sleeping in on Sundays instead of going to church.  I kept doing it anyway because he never went.  He’s probably hoping that tattoo of a cross on his right arm is going to get him into heaven.

It’s almost impossible to know how others feel when you have never had the same feeling.  I suspect that there are many out there who are scared of what will happen to them after death.  Thus far, only religion has any mainstream answers for what will happen to us.  I also think there is an enormous fear for feeling lost and religion will always have a place for you if you believe.

For the most part, people who follow an organized religion were exposed to it at an early age.  Once you’re programmed a certain way, it’s often difficult to reformat yourself especially if the life you built revolves around those early beliefs.  Ego and denial will be at maximum strength.  Are you going to tell people that you wasted the first half of your life or entire life even?  Maybe but some feel too committed to start over.  I would feel like a loser if I went 50 years going to church, following some book that was probably written by a shyster and then one day convinced myself that I no longer believed in God.

Life is pretty stupid if you think about it.  If you’ve found something that works for you then go with it.  Who cares if it makes no rational sense.  Nothing much in life does.  Why do men like big boobs?  Better pillows for their offspring? Life is a long torturous journey and any way to make it easier is like water in a desert even if it’s only a mirage.