Vancouver, Sausages, Nose Hairs

With the weather we have been having here in Vancouver, it tells you why it’s so expensive to live here.  It’s Canada but it hasn’t snowed here this winter nor have the temperatures dipped below the freezing mark.  It’s basically the Los Angeles of Canada.  It’s a pathetic Los Angeles but it’s a fair comparison.  It’s also Hollywood North up here.  They’ve filmed many many Hollywood blockbusters and currently they are filming Flash and Bates Motel.

Blue sky and 15 degrees Celsius in January

Blue sky and 15 degrees Celsius in January


It’s still hard to justify 1 million dollar houses in areas that are not considered even close to affluent.  Hell, I grew up here how affluent could it be…haha

I think I’m an amateur alcoholic.  I mean, I don’t need to drink and it doesn’t affect me living my life but when I’m at home, sitting around, the only thing I can think of doing is drinking wine.  If I have something to watch on Blu-ray I still like the wine by my side.  It’s been a really good friend.  I could drink water but that’s such a boring friend.  Tasteless, colourless and it never gives you a reaction.  It’s like wine for a monk.

I hope I never get to the point like some people where the main reason they go to work is so that they can stay away from the bottle.  When I have a day off the drinking starts a little early.  3pm and I’m already out of things to do.  Well, there are some positive things to do like exercise but you know.

Today, I put some sausages on the grill.  This is how much of a contradiction I am.  I was at the local supermarket and saw some sausages and it sparked a craving.  I looked at the ingredients and was appalled by the mysterious ingredients not to mention MSG.  So I drove 10 minutes to this sausage place but it was packed.  I guess they sell good sausages but it’s way out of my realm already to be buying sausages from a proper sausage place.  So I drive 15 minutes to this place that sells healthier foods.  I found some that had only natural ingredients.  It’s contradicting because I drown myself with wine but will go out of my way to get healthier food.   Anyway, I grilled them on the BBQ and they were DELICIOUS!  I bought some aged white cheddar cheese too.  Sausages, cheese, wine…I should move to Europe especially somewhere in France where it’s 4 week mandatory vacation with a 35 hour work week.  Canada is too ambitious for me.

When I see a ‘homeless’ guy holding a sign that says ‘travelling..need money’ I scratch my head.  Where are you going?  6 months later I see him with same sign.   I only give my money to one bum in this area because he is old and I know he’s homeless.  At least he looks for bottles and asks you for bottles before he asks for change.  But who knows, he might be an asshole and that’s why he’s on the street.  You just never know.

The most embarrassing thing that happens to me is when I get caught with nose hairs sticking out of my nose.  It’s hard to catch sometimes because it’s not something you look for every day.  I hate it!  You think about all the people who could have seen you with the little wires coming out of your nose.   I’m going to keep a nose trimmer in my car.  30 years from now I will be complaining about ear hairs..if I’m lucky.

I’m going to have dinner with 2 old men tomorrow.  They are two white guys in their 60’s.  It’s funny how I enjoy their company more than people around my age.  Part of it is the whiteness.  I have a white person’s sense of humour.  I think they call it a Western sense of humour.  Believe me, a Western sense of humour is pretty exclusive.  I’ve joked around with non-Western people and they often take it the wrong way.  They take everything so literally.  You just can’t do it with some people.  Some people haven’t totally evolved from starvation and seriousness.  Ahh, communist countries.

What else?  I don’t know.  I listened to that podcast Serial last week.  I liked it.  It’s about these young adults involved in a murder case.   An ex-girlfriend gets murdered and the ex-boyfriend gets pinned for it from the testimony of his acquaintance.  The ex-boyfriend says the story of the acquaintance is all made up which would mean one of them is a huge liar.

I think I’m done with this post.




12 comments on “Vancouver, Sausages, Nose Hairs

  1. No rain in Vancouver? A MIRACLE! Thanks for sharing pal!


  2. cctyker says:

    Are you facing east or west when the photo was taken?

    Ya, I know, who gives a rat, just curious.

    15C, that’s 9/5 times 15 + 32 in Fahrenheit = 59 F. Amazing. I use Celsius here in Fahrenheit land, keeps people giving me that quizzical look.

    Learned Celsius in Germany in the early 1960s when the military wanted me to be the front man in any shoot out with the Russians. Spent a little time at the Berlin Wall looking through the holes in the Wall at grey suited gun-tot’n men looking at me across about a 100 yards of open space with tank barricades and rolled barbed wire in it. The irony was who from our side would ever want to go to East Berlin? The rolled barbed wire was for the East Berlin deserters. They wanted to be on our side.

    Toodle do


    • MrJohnson says:

      I’m facing north.

      It is quite amazing The Pineapple Express was in effect apparently. American should just switch to Celsius and the metric system. No one else in this world uses inches, gallons and yards.

      You were a soldier in the military? Following your father’s footsteps. I guess you have some stories to tell.


  3. culturemonk says:

    hey dude, i’m not sure what email your using, but i sent one to your old email address….we want to have you on as a guest on our live streaming show. let me know


  4. Jatinder says:

    I pluck my hose hairs with my fingers!


  5. Wanda says:

    LOL! Talk about a random post! Random, but enjoyable. 🙂


  6. You Can Only Be You says:

    “I think I am done with this post.” You are too funny. Love a good morning laugh from your posts. Looking forward to more. Enjoy your weekend!


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