Being a ‘Negative’ Blogger

There’s a large amount of people who despise negativity.  They see it as a parasite and do their best to stay away from it.  Makes sense, of course.  I believe the same attitude is generally shared on WordPress.  People are likely to switch off if you’re regularly posting somewhat negative content.

I think most people would define ‘negative’ on WordPress as any material that is not humorous, informative or inspiring.  If you write about real life, and if it’s a sad story then it will be looked upon as negative regardless if it’s honest and true.

Many would consider me to be a negative blogger.  Fine, I’ll accept that.  To me, pushing out positive material is not always very amusing.

You can do it.  Life is for the living.  Don’t give up on your dreams.  Blah Blah Blah (insert photo of me standing on top of a hill with my arms in the air).

You can find that kind of shit anywhere.  It’s boring.  I don’t believe that I am truly negative most of the time.  You can say that I’m cynical but it doesn’t mean I’m pushing false ideas.  To be positive or negative is the same as having hope or lacking it.  If you are being negative it means you are lacking hope but also lacking good reason to believe what you believe.  When you are cynical it means you don’t always see things in the most positive light but you also have some decent evidence to believe what you do.

Cynicism often only exists because the opposite is so ridiculous.  When there is an idea or belief that is so positively far fetched, taking it down to a more realistic level transforms it into cynicism which can then be mistaken as negativity.

Many bloggers write with a positive tone because they are too scared to ever come off negative.  To me, hardly any writing that is aiming for that completely positive tone is ever that interesting.  If you’ve listened to enough stand-up comedy, you will notice the great majority of the material is cynical or if you want, negative.  It’s never beaming with positivity because being positive is not really all that entertaining.  The heart of stand-up comedic material is to say what everyone else is thinking but never talk about, in a way they’ve never thought about it before.  A lot of people keep those cynical/negative thoughts to themselves and are just dying for someone else to say them.

People don’t like honest blog posts because sometimes it makes them feel bad about themselves.  They read something that might apply to them that is not very flattering and it makes them feel bad.  But don’t they say honesty is the best policy?




15 comments on “Being a ‘Negative’ Blogger

  1. cctyker says:

    Honestly, you have to have a policy before you can be honest about it. That’s how I avoid social criticism – be a politician, avoid policy at all costs, especially honest ones.
    (Ya, I know, this makes little sense; just playing with the word, HONESTLY.)
    Enjoy most of your posts.


  2. Hey, not a single post from you escapes my perusing eyes. Both your serious and light entries I did like. You know the pleasure I had had when I strolled down your archives. I remember how one commenter hit the nail when she said you are able to deliberate on things we won’t dare write about. Very true. Most often, you’ve covered the subject so well that either there’s nothing more we could add or you’ve touched on something that needs further rumination from us.
    With the lighter ones, I presumed it’s okay to make a mistake or sound silly. 🙂

    I’ve had enough of inspirational posts — too many of them on Freshly Pressed they make me gag.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      Very good to hear you don’t take me so seriously on the lighter ones. I like composing the lighter ones because I don’t have to worry about covering all the angles. There’s a lot less thinking involved.

      I only like inspirational posts if there’s a good story behind it. Like the ones where the person was 500 pounds and the journey of losing 300 of it. Something like that anyway.


  3. BerLinda says:

    Non-stop happy clappy posts make me want to vom. It’s just not real life. My negative blog on Latvia was a huge success – people probably liked it because they don’t live there and it made them feel better about their own lives 😉


  4. Absolutely perfect! 😃


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