The Reason For Homelessness

It’s natural for people to look down on people who are less fortunate than them because it makes them feel better about themselves.  A common belief that people have about the homeless is that they are lazy or didn’t save their money.  A more enlightened belief is that they went down a bad road that involved drugs or suffer from a mental illness that prevents them from being part of normal society.  I believe the root of homelessness is not having a home to go to for whatever reason.

When you live in a city with the highest homeless population in the country and one of the highest Asian populations in the Western world, you will notice the absence of homeless Asians.  Yes, there are more white people here than Asians so statistically speaking there should be more homeless white people.  You won’t see a homeless Asian person though.  I’m not exaggerating, I’ve never seen even one.  There must be a reason though, right?  It can’t be due to genetics or colour of skin.

Growing up I knew enough Asians who got hooked on heroin and got through it to see why they never ended up homeless.  Their saving grace was that they always had a home that would accept them and not have any feelings of shame to go to that home.  If there is someone who is willing to let you in and you are willing to let them let you in then you will never be homeless.

Obviously mentally ill Asians exist as well.  I have 2 of them in my family and I know a few more.  They’re not homeless because they had family to fall back on.

There’s this culture of independence that is of high importance to most white people.  Either their parents want them out as soon as possible or the kids feel excitement, shame or pressure to move out.  My guess is that these feelings stem from the prosperity that developed Western nations had at one time.  It never happens in undeveloped nations because people are too broke to face the world alone.

To cut yourself off and try to make it out there alone is essentially rolling the dice.  You can make it out there alone but you stand a better chance when you are united, and hopefully united with someone who won’t ditch you because they’re not feeling it anymore.

There are many white people who hate on Asians who live at home with their parents.  The root of their discontent is because they are broke.  They make condescending remarks about how you are able to afford this and that because you live with your parents.

I realize that some people just hate their parents.  There’s not much I can say to that but that sucks.  I borderline know how that feels.

The beliefs of a culture can carry an enormous amount of strength.  I don’t look down at anyone who feels pressure or obligation to move out on their own.  It’s unfortunate though that one can feel that they cannot go back home to their parents when the alternative is to be put in the worst circumstances.   It can build character sometimes but other times it can leave you homeless.


5 comments on “The Reason For Homelessness

  1. beautylavender says:

    I defiantly feel there was pressure to move out and grow up as soon as possible. I moved out of my parents when I was 20yrs old. When my mother was 20 she was already married, had her first kid and a nice house. Now at 24 I am riddled with debt, I cant find a proper full time job and my rented house is pretty dismal.

    I would see moving back home as being a failure, and I think my parents would too (or is that in my head). In other ways I think I would be a hassle for them. Earlier last year when I was unemployed, I had to get more into debt until I got another job. Moving back to my parents house was not an option.. It is all fear in my head but I feel I would rather sleep on a friends floor than move back to my parents house and have them disappointed in me.


    • MrJohnson says:

      A nice house at 20? Now that’s living the dream. Moving out at a young age can almost be tradition. Your parents see you off at a young age and in return you ignore them for most of your adult life and the cycle continues. That’s starting to change now because it’s getting extremely difficult to move out at a young age and be able to succeed out there. I think parents are realizing this and encouraging their kids to live at home a little longer(the ones that care anyway).

      A friend’s floor ain’t too glamorous either. Although if your main goal is to not have to march back to your parents then I guess the friend’s floor is better. But maybe your parents wouldn’t be disappointed if you had to move back in.


  2. cctyker says:

    I live in Michigan and go to Chicago to the Art Museum once in a while. I walk back to my vehicle and sometimes am approached by “beggars” for money. As I walk along so does the beggar, who is normally male. (Anyone know of a female beggar?) I always ask why they beg? I get the usual sob story most of the time – can’t find a job, no talents, have a physical malady, mentally unstable, etc. Whatever they think will motivate me to give them money.

    But the reason I like the most is that it is profitable. They tell me they make more money begging than if they worked. And their income is tax free! One of these days I’ll ask one of them to teach me how to beg.
    Toodle do.


    • MrJohnson says:

      It’s true that there can be some decent money in panhandling. It’s definitely easier than working most jobs too. Maybe their torn up, dirty clothing is just their work uniform and at the end of the day they have a home to go to.


    • Mr.Johnson's Cousin says:

      There are definitely female beggars in Vancouver though still much less than men.


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