Sunday Buffet and Feeling Like a Loser

I woke up starving probably because of my cheap meal last night.  I kind of wanted to cheap out again by cooking at home but I felt the need to eat with people.  I don’t mean sit at the same table and make conversation but just to be able to people watch and listen to the chatter all around me.  This place close enough to my place has a buffet every Sunday.  Nothing makes you feel like a bigger loser than stuffing yourself at a buffet.



!st Round: Ham, half an egg, lasagna, 1 stick of beef souvlaki, breaded pork cutlet, mushrooms, some kind shepherd’s pie

Of course if you’re going to pay for a buffet, you’re going to go for more than 1 plate, hence the feeling like a loser.

2nd Round: 1 pancake, bacon, scrambled eggs, greek salad

2nd Round: 1 pancake, bacon, scrambled eggs, greek salad

If you feel like a loser already then you might as well make yourself feel better by getting your money’s worth.

3rd Round: bacon, some kind of shepard's pie, greek salad, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, mushrooms

3rd Round: bacon, some kind of shepherd’s pie, greek salad, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, mushrooms


I’m stuffed now to the point of explosion.  My body has submitted to the punishment handed down by the army of fat and carbohydrates.  The food is nothing to brag about.  Most of it was barely warm.  Sadly, I would go back.  I can’t leave yet though because there’s still dessert.

1 small piece of carrot cake

1 small piece of carrot cake

Forgot to take the before picture.  Okay, that’s it for food.  Primordially speaking, you are supposed to feel like a real winner after feasting until fullness.  The idea is that you waited patiently for your prey, stalked it, chased it down and conquered it with your trusty wooden spear.  You eat the the whole damn bore and you celebrate.  Times have changed.  I drove my car to the restaurant, gently strolled to the buffet line, selectively picked what I wanted and semi-guiltfully shoveled every piece of food in my mouth.  There was no celebration.  Instead, I walked out of there with my shoulders slumped forward and my head down wondering where I went wrong in life.

To redeem myself I walked 10 kilometers after.  I was at the big box book store and was looking at this book(comic book) I just ordered off of Amazon.  I bought it for almost 50% cheaper than what this place had it for.  I’m not sure how these places are still around.  There were a lot of people in there though but many of them just sit there and read books but never buy them.  My guess is that some people don’t want to wait 2-5 days for shipping, they get a discount for being a member of that book store or for whatever reason don’t have a credit card to be able to make online purchases.

That’s my day so far.  Tomorrow is back to work so in a few hours I will contemplate suicide just like every other Sunday night.  Have a nice rest of the day and don’t kill yourself.




13 comments on “Sunday Buffet and Feeling Like a Loser

  1. Asariels Muse says:

    I have had a restful day. I hope you are feeling better after your adventure in consumerism?


  2. MrJohnson, how dare you feasted on real food while I could only eat grass-like edibles and berries here — for health reasons.

    Seriously now, that was a fine meal — and you deserve every bit of indulgence especially after completing a busy workweek. Your astute selection of all those yummy foods should make you feel like a winner, not a loser. Just don’t forget the redemption afterwards. he he.

    Ah, the weekends is our reason for living — in addition to blogging, of course. Contemplation of suicide definitely unnecessary. 🙂

    I also go and eat out when I want people around me, even if I don’t get to really interact with them.
    Thank you for sharing to us what seems to me a fun weekend for you. Love this post and the delectable photos.


    • MrJohnson says:

      The reason why people are unhealthy is because they always tell themselves they “deserve every bit of indulgence.” 🙂

      You’re right, the weekends are our reason for living. I find it kind of sad. It’s a vicious cycle at times. I haven’t accepted it…not forever anyway…not even for the not so distant future.

      Glad you like the weekend posts. I enjoy the lighthearted posts as much as the other ones. It gives my blog a semblance of positivity 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mmmm bacon… You legend, you.


  4. kalyrical says:

    If you’re fully stuffing yourself at a buffet, you’re not losing. That’s defs a win


  5. Seriously, your food posts drive me bananas! Literally crazy! I can’t take it. I hate that I can’t eat like that! Argh!….

    But wow I miss being able to stuff my face at a buffet. If I didn’t that now, I’d explode…literally.


  6. I’m glad your suicidal thoughts didn’t win. And, sounds like you shouldn’t feel like a loser for stuffing your face at a buffet because you ate light the night before, right?!


    • MrJohnson says:

      Ya, I would at least quit my job before suicide. That would be the more rational step. There’s always ways to rationalize eating an unhealthy meal, and I guess yours makes some sense…haha. If heaven exists, there must be buffets everywhere. Oh wait, that’s Las Vegas.

      Liked by 1 person

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