Self-Motivation is Not For Everyone

So many of us end up spending most of our time working at some place that we don’t want to be at but hoping there is something better out there for us.  Some of us stopped hoping.  Either way, we wonder to ourselves how come we didn’t become something to brag about.

To be successful at anything you have to be really self-motivated.  You have to really want it, not just want it if it worked out smoothly.  Some call it passion and some might call it fear.  Most people don’t operate on passion.  They don’t chase after a certain goal as much as they are running away from something.  Often, the only passion is to not become the classical sense of a loser.

Many of us just run off of the motivation to survive.  It’s frowned upon in this day and age.  If you don’t try to become more than some blue collar level schmuck, you’re viewed in a negative manner.  If you’re not even at that level of motivation then you might as well never come out of your mother’s home.

Surviving used to be quite difficult.  If they had shiny trophies in caveman days, just making it to age 40 would get you the largest one.  It’s part of our DNA for most of us to be happy to just survive.  I don’t think hating yourself for never over-achieving, never accomplishing goals or just wanting to get by should be practiced.  We’re always told we can do anything we want and that it’s our fault if we end up as a mediocre part of society but being really motivated way past survival might not just be possible for many of us.  I don’t think people understand how motivated you have to be in order to achieve success in any part of life.  You have to be in the mindset that there is no option to fail and that good enough isn’t good enough.

Having lots of motivation, passion, drive, whatever you want to call it might be the same as being tall, smart, ugly…you either have it or you don’t.  Physical attributes are black and white but we always tell ourselves that we can light the candle of motivation and that it’s all in our power.  Perhaps we all possess massive amounts of motivation for some area of life but maybe that area of life isn’t useful for anything in today’s world.

People who are really self-motivated are disgusted by people who only want to get by.  They can’t believe you even want to live.  No one only wants to just get by but some just don’t have the motivation to do much better no matter how many times they listen to Anthony Robbins.  The idea of getting by just doesn’t scare them enough.  With so many people wanting to be more than what they are or have now, wouldn’t you think most of us would be in much more better places in life if it really was all up to us?

I’m really not trying to talk you or myself into becoming a loser.  It’s just a thought that seems to have some validity. If this post discourages your motivation in life then you’re not that motivated.



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