Vancouver, Sausages, Nose Hairs

With the weather we have been having here in Vancouver, it tells you why it’s so expensive to live here.  It’s Canada but it hasn’t snowed here this winter nor have the temperatures dipped below the freezing mark.  It’s basically the Los Angeles of Canada.  It’s a pathetic Los Angeles but it’s a fair comparison.  It’s also Hollywood North up here.  They’ve filmed many many Hollywood blockbusters and currently they are filming Flash and Bates Motel.

Blue sky and 15 degrees Celsius in January

Blue sky and 15 degrees Celsius in January


It’s still hard to justify 1 million dollar houses in areas that are not considered even close to affluent.  Hell, I grew up here how affluent could it be…haha

I think I’m an amateur alcoholic.  I mean, I don’t need to drink and it doesn’t affect me living my life but when I’m at home, sitting around, the only thing I can think of doing is drinking wine.  If I have something to watch on Blu-ray I still like the wine by my side.  It’s been a really good friend.  I could drink water but that’s such a boring friend.  Tasteless, colourless and it never gives you a reaction.  It’s like wine for a monk.

I hope I never get to the point like some people where the main reason they go to work is so that they can stay away from the bottle.  When I have a day off the drinking starts a little early.  3pm and I’m already out of things to do.  Well, there are some positive things to do like exercise but you know.

Today, I put some sausages on the grill.  This is how much of a contradiction I am.  I was at the local supermarket and saw some sausages and it sparked a craving.  I looked at the ingredients and was appalled by the mysterious ingredients not to mention MSG.  So I drove 10 minutes to this sausage place but it was packed.  I guess they sell good sausages but it’s way out of my realm already to be buying sausages from a proper sausage place.  So I drive 15 minutes to this place that sells healthier foods.  I found some that had only natural ingredients.  It’s contradicting because I drown myself with wine but will go out of my way to get healthier food.   Anyway, I grilled them on the BBQ and they were DELICIOUS!  I bought some aged white cheddar cheese too.  Sausages, cheese, wine…I should move to Europe especially somewhere in France where it’s 4 week mandatory vacation with a 35 hour work week.  Canada is too ambitious for me.

When I see a ‘homeless’ guy holding a sign that says ‘travelling..need money’ I scratch my head.  Where are you going?  6 months later I see him with same sign.   I only give my money to one bum in this area because he is old and I know he’s homeless.  At least he looks for bottles and asks you for bottles before he asks for change.  But who knows, he might be an asshole and that’s why he’s on the street.  You just never know.

The most embarrassing thing that happens to me is when I get caught with nose hairs sticking out of my nose.  It’s hard to catch sometimes because it’s not something you look for every day.  I hate it!  You think about all the people who could have seen you with the little wires coming out of your nose.   I’m going to keep a nose trimmer in my car.  30 years from now I will be complaining about ear hairs..if I’m lucky.

I’m going to have dinner with 2 old men tomorrow.  They are two white guys in their 60’s.  It’s funny how I enjoy their company more than people around my age.  Part of it is the whiteness.  I have a white person’s sense of humour.  I think they call it a Western sense of humour.  Believe me, a Western sense of humour is pretty exclusive.  I’ve joked around with non-Western people and they often take it the wrong way.  They take everything so literally.  You just can’t do it with some people.  Some people haven’t totally evolved from starvation and seriousness.  Ahh, communist countries.

What else?  I don’t know.  I listened to that podcast Serial last week.  I liked it.  It’s about these young adults involved in a murder case.   An ex-girlfriend gets murdered and the ex-boyfriend gets pinned for it from the testimony of his acquaintance.  The ex-boyfriend says the story of the acquaintance is all made up which would mean one of them is a huge liar.

I think I’m done with this post.



The Company of Friends

They say you only need 1 or 2 real friends in life and that if you have way more than that, most of those people are probably not very good friends.  The reason for this is because there’s not enough resources to go around to satisfy everyone.

When you are associated with a large group of friends it becomes tribal and also similar to the environment of a workplace that employs a large number of people.  The company only has so many positions available and some of them are deemed somewhat undesirable and replaceable.  The ones who hold more valuable positions receive more compensation and the ones who hold less valuable positions receive less.  If the company starts to suffer financially they will get rid of the ones who are of less use.  When the dollars were rolling in they could keep the less useful ones around but once things aren’t so great it’s a different story.  All of a sudden you’re only a contractor instead of a permanent employee.

In a workplace with a large number of people the name of the game is to please who can benefit you while also trying to give the appearance to everyone else that you are a good person.  It’s the same in a large group of friends.  Each person generally wants the most they can get from the group while also wanting everyone to like them as well.

To be a person with many friends, you have to have the resources to satisfy these friends.  The reason why we only want 1 or 2 close friends is because that’s all that most people can afford.  You likely don’t have enough time, talents, money or influence to keep so many friends.  If you’re super rich with connections then everybody wants to be your friend.

If you’re a person lacking sufficient resources, it’s impossible to please a large number of people and have them to be considered close as well.   You’re like a business that is small and can only take on so much work.  Any extra work you can’t handle has to be rejected.

The dynamics of a workplace, large family and a large group of friends are the same.  Without a strict philosophy or code, the structure and changes will flow in the same direction as human nature.
“A man that is a friend to everyone is an enemy to himself”

– Mike Tyson

Lost Soul

I am almost sure of my convictions but the strength of my conflictions are overpowering.  They say a real man is always sure of himself and is not swayed by the opinions of others.  To be a real man it seems you have to be simple, closed minded or even delusional.

The choices we have in life can be as plentiful as the offerings of a restaurant menu but if you’re lucky the specials are all that you ever want.  Not because they are special but because they are the easier choice.  Give me the set 3 course dinner because it seems to be the best deal.  It’s not the cheapest nor the most expensive but I think I will be able to settle for a compromise between safety and adventure.  No like the set dinner?  Well then, you’ll have to choose from the other 99 options and take a chance.

Don’t make life so hard, they say.  Just do this and it will all work out.  I wish I could get on board and feel a sense of security and direction.  There’s nothing that I want more.  To be lost alone is a much more daunting position to be in than to be lost with others.

A functioning compass was never a tool in my arsenal.  A little knock would send it pointing north when it was really south.  Once you think you are close to home, you still find yourself in the middle of a dark forest.

It’s dark out there but broken compass or not, you still have to keep going.  Hopefully you find your way home.



Working Off the Weight

Whenever you hear people talk about wanting to lose weight the first thing they mention is something to the tune of, “I have to start going to the gym.”  The truth is though, trying to lose significant weight through physical activity will be disappointing.  I’m no scientist but what you put in your mouth will account for about 80% of your weight loss goals.

Healthy weight loss is much like a healthy life…it can be sabotaged by believing in the wrong information.  People like to think they can eat anything they want as long as they exercise.  Unfortunately, to lose the weight you are going to have to suffer.  By suffer, I mean resisting that temptation that you would normally give into during the entire day.  The more that you have let yourself go the more you will have to suffer.  That’s generally the reason why people fail at their weight loss attempts…they don’t want to suffer and instead just tell themselves that they tried but it’s not possible for them.

The picture below indicates the amount of activity a 154 pound woman would need to do to work off a 360 calorie blueberry muffin.  Although not exactly accurate of course, it gives you an idea how ineffective physical activity is at burning energy.

Taken from TIME Magazine...Your Body

Taken from TIME Magazine…Your Body

According to this information, you can either lift weights for 115 minutes or you can just not put that muffin inside of you and get the same caloric result.  Of course, if you do physical activity for many hours it can have a huge impact on weight loss but do you want to do many hours of physical activity every day?  If you are looking to lose weight, I would suggest to concentrate on your diet first and not worry about trying to burn extra calories with physical activity.  It’s hard enough to change your diet to one that is less fun.  Adding physical activity to your day when you don’t want to may just break you.  Of course, if it’s no added mental stress to supplement with physical activity then go for it.

Being a ‘Negative’ Blogger

There’s a large amount of people who despise negativity.  They see it as a parasite and do their best to stay away from it.  Makes sense, of course.  I believe the same attitude is generally shared on WordPress.  People are likely to switch off if you’re regularly posting somewhat negative content.

I think most people would define ‘negative’ on WordPress as any material that is not humorous, informative or inspiring.  If you write about real life, and if it’s a sad story then it will be looked upon as negative regardless if it’s honest and true.

Many would consider me to be a negative blogger.  Fine, I’ll accept that.  To me, pushing out positive material is not always very amusing.

You can do it.  Life is for the living.  Don’t give up on your dreams.  Blah Blah Blah (insert photo of me standing on top of a hill with my arms in the air).

You can find that kind of shit anywhere.  It’s boring.  I don’t believe that I am truly negative most of the time.  You can say that I’m cynical but it doesn’t mean I’m pushing false ideas.  To be positive or negative is the same as having hope or lacking it.  If you are being negative it means you are lacking hope but also lacking good reason to believe what you believe.  When you are cynical it means you don’t always see things in the most positive light but you also have some decent evidence to believe what you do.

Cynicism often only exists because the opposite is so ridiculous.  When there is an idea or belief that is so positively far fetched, taking it down to a more realistic level transforms it into cynicism which can then be mistaken as negativity.

Many bloggers write with a positive tone because they are too scared to ever come off negative.  To me, hardly any writing that is aiming for that completely positive tone is ever that interesting.  If you’ve listened to enough stand-up comedy, you will notice the great majority of the material is cynical or if you want, negative.  It’s never beaming with positivity because being positive is not really all that entertaining.  The heart of stand-up comedic material is to say what everyone else is thinking but never talk about, in a way they’ve never thought about it before.  A lot of people keep those cynical/negative thoughts to themselves and are just dying for someone else to say them.

People don’t like honest blog posts because sometimes it makes them feel bad about themselves.  They read something that might apply to them that is not very flattering and it makes them feel bad.  But don’t they say honesty is the best policy?



The Reason For Homelessness

It’s natural for people to look down on people who are less fortunate than them because it makes them feel better about themselves.  A common belief that people have about the homeless is that they are lazy or didn’t save their money.  A more enlightened belief is that they went down a bad road that involved drugs or suffer from a mental illness that prevents them from being part of normal society.  I believe the root of homelessness is not having a home to go to for whatever reason.

When you live in a city with the highest homeless population in the country and one of the highest Asian populations in the Western world, you will notice the absence of homeless Asians.  Yes, there are more white people here than Asians so statistically speaking there should be more homeless white people.  You won’t see a homeless Asian person though.  I’m not exaggerating, I’ve never seen even one.  There must be a reason though, right?  It can’t be due to genetics or colour of skin.

Growing up I knew enough Asians who got hooked on heroin and got through it to see why they never ended up homeless.  Their saving grace was that they always had a home that would accept them and not have any feelings of shame to go to that home.  If there is someone who is willing to let you in and you are willing to let them let you in then you will never be homeless.

Obviously mentally ill Asians exist as well.  I have 2 of them in my family and I know a few more.  They’re not homeless because they had family to fall back on.

There’s this culture of independence that is of high importance to most white people.  Either their parents want them out as soon as possible or the kids feel excitement, shame or pressure to move out.  My guess is that these feelings stem from the prosperity that developed Western nations had at one time.  It never happens in undeveloped nations because people are too broke to face the world alone.

To cut yourself off and try to make it out there alone is essentially rolling the dice.  You can make it out there alone but you stand a better chance when you are united, and hopefully united with someone who won’t ditch you because they’re not feeling it anymore.

There are many white people who hate on Asians who live at home with their parents.  The root of their discontent is because they are broke.  They make condescending remarks about how you are able to afford this and that because you live with your parents.

I realize that some people just hate their parents.  There’s not much I can say to that but that sucks.  I borderline know how that feels.

The beliefs of a culture can carry an enormous amount of strength.  I don’t look down at anyone who feels pressure or obligation to move out on their own.  It’s unfortunate though that one can feel that they cannot go back home to their parents when the alternative is to be put in the worst circumstances.   It can build character sometimes but other times it can leave you homeless.

Sunday Buffet and Feeling Like a Loser

I woke up starving probably because of my cheap meal last night.  I kind of wanted to cheap out again by cooking at home but I felt the need to eat with people.  I don’t mean sit at the same table and make conversation but just to be able to people watch and listen to the chatter all around me.  This place close enough to my place has a buffet every Sunday.  Nothing makes you feel like a bigger loser than stuffing yourself at a buffet.



!st Round: Ham, half an egg, lasagna, 1 stick of beef souvlaki, breaded pork cutlet, mushrooms, some kind shepherd’s pie

Of course if you’re going to pay for a buffet, you’re going to go for more than 1 plate, hence the feeling like a loser.

2nd Round: 1 pancake, bacon, scrambled eggs, greek salad

2nd Round: 1 pancake, bacon, scrambled eggs, greek salad

If you feel like a loser already then you might as well make yourself feel better by getting your money’s worth.

3rd Round: bacon, some kind of shepard's pie, greek salad, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, mushrooms

3rd Round: bacon, some kind of shepherd’s pie, greek salad, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, mushrooms


I’m stuffed now to the point of explosion.  My body has submitted to the punishment handed down by the army of fat and carbohydrates.  The food is nothing to brag about.  Most of it was barely warm.  Sadly, I would go back.  I can’t leave yet though because there’s still dessert.

1 small piece of carrot cake

1 small piece of carrot cake

Forgot to take the before picture.  Okay, that’s it for food.  Primordially speaking, you are supposed to feel like a real winner after feasting until fullness.  The idea is that you waited patiently for your prey, stalked it, chased it down and conquered it with your trusty wooden spear.  You eat the the whole damn bore and you celebrate.  Times have changed.  I drove my car to the restaurant, gently strolled to the buffet line, selectively picked what I wanted and semi-guiltfully shoveled every piece of food in my mouth.  There was no celebration.  Instead, I walked out of there with my shoulders slumped forward and my head down wondering where I went wrong in life.

To redeem myself I walked 10 kilometers after.  I was at the big box book store and was looking at this book(comic book) I just ordered off of Amazon.  I bought it for almost 50% cheaper than what this place had it for.  I’m not sure how these places are still around.  There were a lot of people in there though but many of them just sit there and read books but never buy them.  My guess is that some people don’t want to wait 2-5 days for shipping, they get a discount for being a member of that book store or for whatever reason don’t have a credit card to be able to make online purchases.

That’s my day so far.  Tomorrow is back to work so in a few hours I will contemplate suicide just like every other Sunday night.  Have a nice rest of the day and don’t kill yourself.




If nothing gets you out of bed, starvation will.  I could put something healthy inside of me but my starvation level was asking for something high caloric.  Hamburger it is.  I’m not proud of myself or ashamed.  To be honest, paying the $7 for this single burger is what bothers me the most.  I’m not going to lie, it was a good burger.  Since I am semi-health conscious, I did not order fries or a soda.



If this burger could talk it would spit mushrooms

If my day could end now, I would be satisfied.  Unfortunately, the day has more stamina for life than I do but I still have to carry on.  While most people my age are tending to their offspring on a Saturday, I too have responsibilities.  I had to take my friends to the recycling depot.  Once you suck the life out of them, you trade them in for whatever you can get.  In this case, I got back $3.60.


My favourite homeless guy wasn’t outside today so I pocketed the money.  Well, not really because I walked out with a new friend for $11.99 (regular $13.99).  The clerk ID’d me for my liquor purchase.  

“Looking really good for your age.”

“Well, thank you.”

I get ID’d probably 30% of the time.  It always feels good when people think you might be 16 years younger than you actually are.


Alright, my maturity level might be under age

After a session of being highly productive, I came back home to watch Arrow.  It’s a good show but not a great show.  A good show is entertaining but a great show sucks you in, makes you feel like you’re part of the story and gets you attached to at least one of the characters.  Arrow is full of people with great bone structure, good bodies, billionaires and trendy fashion.  I couldn’t care less if any of them died from choking on a doughnut.

After a few episodes of Arrow, I started getting hungry again.  I laid around thinking about what to eat and searched the internet for possible restaurants to go to.  After an hour of contemplation, the lack of excitement for anything outside led me to pull a Cheap Chinaman.



Ewww, looks kind of gross. Noodles, 3 eggs, chunks of SPAM and broccoli in buttered water. Buttered water?


This meal would be cheaper if  each egg didn’t cost 60 cents.  Organic, cage free, SPCA Certified eggs don’t come by cheap.  Rice noodles, so it’s gluten free.  No MSG, come to my restaurant, good deal.


Grand total cost is about $3. I’m ready for another economic recession.


The night is still fairly young.  I will probably drink it away and watch some more Arrow.  Hopefully I don’t drink so much that I pass out without flossing because that would be a real tragic end to the night.  I’m a 35 year old who looks like he’s in his 20’s who lives like a 6o year old.  My 80 year old grandma probably lived it up more than I did today.  She goes down to America quite often for shopping and buffet.  I doubt she had SPAM though.

It’s not a big deal really.  The only difference between what I did today and what a lot of people my age usually do comes down to being able to align with a belief.  There wasn’t any bigger purpose to anything I did today because I’m not delusional enough to rationalize one.  Smelling your kid’s butt to see if they shit themselves, going to Costco and pretending to not hate your in-laws at dinner isn’t so great either.  They too probably didn’t have any SPAM for dinner.  Losers.



The Fall of the Average Schmuck

A lot of older people don’t see the disenchantment that the younger generation have with working.  Back in their day, they could work some average schmuck job and buy a house, raise a family and even own a car.  To be able to do that on one income these days is the exception.  To be able to do it with 2 average incomes can be considered lucky.

Where I live (Vancouver, Canada), home ownership will never happen for a lot of the younger people unless if they get help from their parents.  An apartment might be possible for some but a house is out of the question.  I live in a 1 million dollar house except I only live in a small section of it that I rent out.  5 years ago this house was $800,000.  5 years before that a similar house was $600,000.  Housing doubled but wages not so much.

You can live further away from the city but then you would have to pay much more in gasoline prices to travel to work.  You could take public transit, maybe, but then you will be spending 3 hours a day just to commute.

To now have that dream life of a house, 2.5 kids, white picket fence or even just part of that life, would likely involve you and your partner to get an education past high school.  Sounds fair enough, except some people just don’t like school or the programs they offer. If this was still a brutal world, the people with average schmuck motivation would die off.

Working an average schmuck job has probably always been mundane but at least in the past, the money you made could justify that misery.  My job pays me enough to buy entertainment, low cost stimulation like alcohol and eating out, with some savings at the end of the month.  I could buy a small apartment but that would also mean giving my boss full ownership of me and not having much money left after the mortgage and bills.  That sucks.  The other option is to find a partner in life and split the cost and space.  That could be okay or it could also suck.

One day soon or even now, being with a significant other will be for survival like in the past, rather than for fulfillment and love.

To evaluate the security of your employment, you have to ask yourself if a machine or a person living in a 3rd world country can possibly one day do your job.

Maybe I should continue working my job, live at my mother’s and buy a nice sports car.  It could be the start of a revolution.

Being Nice and Random Thoughts

People generally like to be nice.  The only problem is the niceness only comes out if a person feels that they are not losing or gaining much. The nicest people are the ones who are satisfied with where they are and what they have in life.  You might be thinking that you aren’t close to satisfaction with your life but you are a nice person.  Perhaps you would be an even nicer person if you were more satisfied.  Or maybe you’re not actually nice.  So I think in order for more people to be nicer they have to have what they want or want less.

I have the day off, it’s 1:52 PM,  sky is blue, sun is shining, and I will likely be hitting the red wine soon.  When it’s unseasonably warm in mid-January, you’re supposed to feel bad for not capitalizing on it.  I did feel bad and then I thought, does it really matter?

I think everyone wants to work, have a partner in life, watch TV, but I don’t think anyone wants to be devoting all their possible availability to them.  It’s true that no one devotes all their time to their job, partner, family, but often they do devote every minute that those entities can possibly take from them whether by law or availability.  The only reason full time employment is no more than 35-40 hours a week is because that’s the law.  Unless of course you are on salary which then means they will have you just before you burnout.  That’s the whole point of putting someone on a salary rather than an hourly wage.

Every one of us is a resource and just like any resource, people try to consume as much of it as they can.  In order to make your life better, the idea is to get someone else to take your misery and to give you pleasure.  If they can suck the life out of you often times they will.

More than anything, people want balance but many times our options are either all or nothing.  Committed monogamous relationship or loneliness.  Full time work or not enough money.

I bought a new hooded sweatshirt today.  It was on sale of course because only retarded people pay regular price.  Regular $60 on sale for $30 but when I went up to pay it came up to $23.  There’s nothing special about the shirt.  The fabric is kind of better than average but the sale price is what I’m all about.  Or maybe I’m secretly shamefully into logos.  Maybe the cool kids will let me hang out with them now.




The pig sign says “eat fish”…The fish sign says, well I think you can guess




Here is some equality


Well, have a nice day/night.