The Next Stage of Human Existence

Not wanting children or a mortgage, expedites the mid-life crisis.  Instead of being in your late 40’s saying “now what,” you’re in your 30’s saying it.   You question your existence and the point of life.  When life is all new to you, there is hope in every direction but when the novelty wears off and you step back to reexamine your experiences and the experiences of others, much of what is supposed to be purposeful seems pointless.

Human evolution often occurs after a stretch of redundancy.  When something isn’t working or becomes lack luster long enough, we move on.  The current level of safety and security that we experience today is what humans have been dreaming of since the beginning.  We’ve moved on from safety and security to search for fun, convenience, status and over-indulgence.  We get by life quite easily but what’s the point?

We’ve gone from contributing to a tribe to focusing all of our resources to a select few at most.  Humans are a selfish bunch and the advancement of technology has allowed us to separate and seek out the independence that our selfishness has always desired.

So what is the whole purpose?  To continue an existence predicated by an animalistic mentality that desires maximum self-indulgence and convenience?  I think we have seen that game play out and if you subtract the ego from it, there is not much to be desired.

The main purpose has always been to reach a higher level of happiness.  In order to evolve to the next level , one must climb the mountain in front of them and know that there is nothing special at that peak.  Many in the world have not ever fully tasted #1 and #2 of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  For those who have, the tendency has been to engage in gluttony and to excessively marinate in the comforts.  I don’t think this recipe has satisfied many of its customers.

I want to think that the next stage of our evolution is to become a more selfless and compassionate species than we are now.   Otherwise it will just be a continuation of feeding our egos with fruitless accomplishments and monkey rationalizations.


5 comments on “The Next Stage of Human Existence

  1. cctyker says:

    As far as I am concerned the next stage of human development is like that of rats. Rats multiply rapidly, run out of resources to live on, and die off in mass.

    What few humans left after the die off will subsist for at least a thousand years until resources accumulate, or humans will adapt to using resources entirely different than what we need now. We might not even be able to call ourselves Homo Sapiens anymore.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      I agree with you that it is a very possible scenario. Maybe not exactly like you said but some kind of doom and gloom.

      Perhaps my ideas are the next stage of human existence if it were to head in a positive direction.


    • MrJohnson says:

      You start that blog yet old man?


      • cctyker says:

        -Ya, I know I should.
        -Ya, one of these days, real soon now.
        -Thanks for asking.
        -I write journal entries almost daily. All I’d have to do is pick stuff out of those journal entries.
        -I’ve even written six novels, four about women, and two about men. I give my sister and my wife the manuscripts, tell them to forget about reading them if the story doesn’t interest them. They both read them through, and tell me they like them.
        -So I’ve generated a pile of paper about 1600-1700 pages tall. Not everyone can do that.
        -Toodle do.


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