Getting Laid is More Important Than Food

The one thing you learn about watching animal documentaries is that for males of all species, getting laid is more important than food.  For many species, males will fight for the right to breed even if it possibly means death.  Other extremes males will go to is kill the young that do not carry his blood to entice the female to mate again.

I just killed your kids, so let’s have sex, okay? 

This takes place with African cats, dolphins and bears just to name a few.   There are species of birds and insects that put on a show to try to impress the female.  They do dances, show their vibrant colours and build nests until the female is satisfied.  Humans are not so much different than the animal kingdom.  It’s really the only reason why guys try to make more money, buy nice cars and spend money on useless shit.

You would think finding food would be the top priority but from my research I think getting laid is more important.  Most mammals will not risk injury for a meal.  They have a mental process when they see prey.

1) How hungry am I?

2) Can that thing hurt me?

3) How easy is it going to be to kill that thing?

4) How much energy do I have left?

When it comes to mating, there are no questions.  The 5 seconds of pleasure or the absolute need to reproduce trumps everything else.  It truly is only 5 seconds of pleasure.  All these animals just get in, dump their load and get out.  Sex was never supposed to last long.  It was designed to be fast because you never know what can happen in an instant.  A lion can’t be humping for an hour when there are hyenas everywhere and an antelope can definitely not be humping for an hour with lions around.

Another thing you learn about predatory animals is that they go for the easy kill.  They hardly ever go after a full size adult.  Killing calves isn’t even as low as they will go.  If they get the chance they will steal a kill from a smaller animal.  Lions steal from leopards and they steal from cheetahs.  It’s really an unfair game and you can’t help but feel bad for an animal that gets robbed of their hard earned game.  It’s just like humans taking the easy way out.  Why get a prostitute when you can get a rubber woman?  Why get a rubber woman when you can just masturbate?

One comment on “Getting Laid is More Important Than Food

  1. Jatinder says:

    In Ron Jeremy’s Case why get your D sucked when you can suck it yourself.


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