Drinking and Writing

I wonder how many of you out there write blog posts under the influence of alcohol.  It’s not uncommon for me to do so and sometimes, like yesterday, I drank, drugged and wrote.  Yep, I put substances inside of me and got behind the laptop. I find it quite enjoyable to write under such influences but sometimes feel a bit of regret.  Just a bit.

Maybe one day our computers will have breathalyzers attached to them.  If you breathe over the legal writing limit, it won’t turn on or at least block you from certain sites.  It will politely tell you that you are too intoxicated to be unleashing your drunken garbage on the internet.

There must be millions of internet users at one time drunk or on drugs or both.  Where else is some inebriated person going to gravitate to when they are at home?  The internet of course, where someone out there might be listening and if they aren’t then you make them listen by saying something stupid to get a reaction.

It would be nice to one day see a time stamped blood alcohol level beside your WordPress gravatar.  That way, you know if a person is being retarded because they are drunk or if they are simply just retarded.



13 comments on “Drinking and Writing

  1. I hear doobage is a creativity assist but I reserve my drinking for phone calls to the parents.


  2. Lol, i couldn’t agree more! Although yours are always pretty entertaining rdgradless . 🙂 merry christmas btw! 🙂


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