Lacking Character

Our world has evolved to be a bunch of people who lack character.  We walk around giving the impression that we are more than a species who let the wind dictate our loyalties but in reality we have no code.

A person who lacks character is someone who will do what an animal would do…give into their instincts.  It’s much easier to do this in the world we live in today because of our disconnectedness.  You can fuck someone over and possibly never see them again regardless if you were friends all your life.  No one has to face up to their actions.

To me, lacking character is the same as being a see something you want or something that will make your life easier and then you try to rationalize to yourself that you deserve it no matter whose feelings you hurt.

The only code today that I see is the code of not making yourself feel bad.  Technology has helped this.  As long as you send a text message whether it be to one recipient or 20, it means that you’re thoughtful.

The unfortunate truth that I have experienced in life is that everyone is just waiting to capitalize on their situation.  Everyone and anything is just a vehicle to get to where they want to be.  Once they get to their destination, you can see them waving goodbye.  While they are on the same ride they will do what is necessary but once you drop them off then the allegiance is over.

Sure, there will be obligatory gestures of good faith but they are few and far between and worthless.  The truth is, you are on your own if no one needs you.


4 comments on “Lacking Character

  1. There’s a lot of truth to what you have written. People by nature are users. But there remain some who feel “genuine” love for their fellowmen because they simply feel that way (it’s a category I certainly don’t belong in). What surprises me is why you deem them worthless.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I don’t think I implied that that these people are worthless. People who feel a genuine love and act along side their beliefs are the opposite of a person who lacks character. I find obligatory ‘nice’ gestures pretentious because they are often an obligation towards a guilty conscience.

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      • My bad :-). I guess what I actually meant was the obligatory gestures (which you think are worthless) might have been misunderstood.

        I would want the attention, though, even if it’s a bit mandatory.


        • MrJohnson says:

          Maybe you read my mind because I do sort of think those people are worthless. Well, maybe not completely but definitely not worth the value they pretend they are worth. Most people only do what they need to do to relieve their guilty conscience and it doesn’t usually take much.

          I guess I don’t want that kind of attention anymore but possibly because I’m rotten. I get pissed off when certain people wish me a ‘happy birthday’….haha


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