Alcohol is at least just as bad as drugs

It’s amazing that what a culture accepts becomes right or wrong regardless of logic or truth.  Alcohol sold at the liquor store is 5 to 40% poison. Poison.  Poison.  But it’s okay because it’s legal.  Drugs however, are bad because they are illegal.  I feel a little bit like a retard that I have to even say this.  Drugs are only bad though if they are illegal even though there are plenty of prescription drugs that do the equivalent of illegal drugs.  How many legal forms of heroin are out there?  It’s crazy.

You can see your friends on Sunday and tell them how wasted you got at the club or bar the night before like it’s something to brag about.  “Holy shit, I got so wasted. I was falling everywhere and puked my guts out.”  Actually, if that’s what happened then you probably wouldn’t be saying much the next day.  See, a good way to decipher the dangers of a substance is how shitty you feel the next day.

Eating fried chicken and getting diarrhea the next day.  Drinking 15 shots of whiskey and being borderline dead the next day and possibly the next after that.  There are plenty of illegal drugs that leave you less damaged the next day than a night of alcohol.

People are fucking retarded though.  There’s this popular notion that if you make drugs like heroin legal that there will be less desire for it which is stupid.  Alcohol is legal.  Almost everyone has tried alcohol.  Not everyone has tried heroin.  Hardly anyone has tried heroin.  The reason why everyone has not tried heroin is because it’s not as easy to come by and there is a huge social stigma with it.  No one will accept you if you do heroin but no one gives a shit if you drink alcohol on a regular basis.

Could you get heroin right now?  Probably not.  You have to either know someone who sells it or does it but I can get all the liquor in the world at 9am on a Saturday.

There’s no difference between a drug dealer and the liquor store clerk.  They both know they are potentially poisoning someone.  At least the drug dealer is not hiding behind some social guise of acceptance.  The liquor store clerk is just as immoral.  The amount of shit that happens because of alcohol is huge.  Violence, drinking and driving and unwanted pregnancies.  The only reason why alcohol is legal is because prohibition failed and it’s better to join them if you can’t beat them.


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