How to Get Into Debt

There are many kinds of money traps out there for you to fall into and they make it pretty convenient for you to do so.  The strategy they use is to prey on the human condition.  People have an imagination that allows them to ride dragons and punch through steel walls which makes it really easy to imagine that you can successfully pay for something when you might not be able to.  We might possess negative thinking but when it comes to something we want that is easy to get into, we’re glass half full.

Ya, I’ll just put it on my credit card and if I skip dinner every day for the next month, I’ll be able to pay it off.  I can do it.

The mentality you need to screw up your finances is the same mentality you need to be successful.  You don’t discourage yourself by thinking about how much work is needed to get to the end goal.  The most vital step is to start now and take it step by step.

Really?  I can get this car by making payments?  Hmmm..I can do that.  But I might not be able to afford gas but I’m sure it will all be okay.  I’ll just fill up $5 at a time.

Let’s have this kid.  I’ll get extra shifts and everything will be okay. 

No one feels any sympathy for someone who blew all their money on a new car and ended up living in poverty because of it.  But if you have a kid and you’re both eating Chef Boyardee every day for dinner, you will get enough sympathy to possibly make it on the evening news.

If I blew my money and sensibility on a new automobile and another person is starving because they can’t afford to support themselves and a kid…what’s the difference?  We both made bad choices and we were in our power not to make them.

But that’s the thing.   A new automobile is seen as a luxury and having a child is seen as almost a necessity or rite of passage.  What if I love my car and it’s my only reason to live?  Why shouldn’t I get donations and sympathy?  I clean it, feed it fuel and bring it to the mechanic for check ups.  When it spits up fluids, I clean it with a clean cloth.  It’s my baby and I’m a single owner.

I’m only messing around.  Sort of.  What are you doing having kids though if you all have to live in poverty?  It’s not selfless or selfish, it’s just downright mean.  Being broke and having kids is like agreeing to be in debt except the interest payments end only when the kids die.


5 comments on “How to Get Into Debt

  1. Ick. Children. “That attitude is how you end up in poverty.”


    • MrJohnson says:

      I guess that does happen quite often. On the flip side, children can be the motivation to want to do better. Or you can just not have children and not have to worry about motivation.


  2. Neither do I understand that mode of reasoning when it comes to having children. It’s as if it’s a must thing to do in life regardless of one’s financial competence. Maybe it has more to do with people not wanting to miss out on the experience, but still, so many have kept on bungling up on the most important job in the world — parenting.

    I am totally appalled by couples here (well, it’s usually the poor ones) who didn’t have second thoughts about having more than two children considering what it would take and how much it would cost to bring them up.

    I knew I wasn’t the “mother” type and I had a good sense being a parent is no easy task — so I only had one child. I wish there were more for my son’s sake, but I know now I made the right decision.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Having as many kids as you want is like a right apparently. Kids are an expense like anything else. I think having kids is just a way to feel a sense of purpose. Hardly anyone every plans on having only 1 child. Every person I know who is an only child, like myself, was a pure accident.


  3. I have already read a substantial amount of the posts you’ve got here to know a little about your life story. A secondary reason I got hooked was because I could relate to your thoughts — your being an only child of a mother who has been a “single mom” all her life.

    I’ve never been fond of children, although I get occasional pleasure in looking or playing with them. So motherhood had never been a life plan for me. It was also an accident in my case. I got married, though, chiefly for that reason, but things didn’t last and I ended up being a single mom throughout my son’s 22 years of existence. You said it — it’s more than an expense financially — it would take everything you have in life: energy, time, dedication, money, not to mention your very heart. Plus the heartbreaks in raising a child are truly immense, and what comes after, most often, is unbelievably disheartening. I don’t, however, regret anything.

    I very much agree with you that there are quite a few who should not become parents at all, especially if they don’t have the means to become a good one. Honestly, I can say I’ve done my very best, but I’m not so sure if I had been an ideal or a truly great parent.

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