Who Needs People?


Look at all these friends


Amazon.ca has its grip on me right now.  I’m going to let you in on how much of a cheap person I am.  There’s a method to my madness.  Every Blu-ray purchase needs to go through a series of requirements.

1) How much?
2) Can I get it off Craigslist for cheaper?
3) Does 1 hour of work get me at least quadruple the amount of time in entertainment?
4) Stellar reviews?
5) Is it possible I can get it for cheaper?

If the answer to all these questions brings no uncertainty then it’s a go.  Many times I will get my shipment 2 days after ordering even if I select the free service that promises a delivery time between 5-8 days.

Amazon has already begun selling food and I think it’s just a matter of time before they start offering alcohol.  Who wouldn’t want alcohol delivered to their home?  As long as there is an adult signing for the delivered alcohol, I don’t see why there would be any issues.  If we progress even further, there will one day be hookers/escorts available for online delivery.  We’re a species that has constantly been progressing towards greater convenience.

If you’re single, the picture beneath may make you think ‘loser’ but if you’re married you might just see a sanctuary. Well, I hope you all have a goodnight.  I have a party to attend.




Let the party begin!!


Daily Prompt: Companion


11 comments on “Who Needs People?

  1. cctyker says:

    What’s with the chair? I see a head rest but no back. Or are you extremely tall and you don’t need back support any lower?

    You got more friends than I do. I quit alcohol 15 years ago when I was 60.

    I would add broccoli salad in its place. Doesn’t that sound great? Raw broccoli has a nice crunch to it. Beautiful sound. Much better than the slurp of tingly alcohol. Besides, raw broccoli goes well with Spam.

    All the same, enjoy your friends.

    Toodle do (Peace out)


    • MrJohnson says:

      Haha..there’s a back to the chair..it’s just the angle that has fooled you. I don’t quit anything until it becomes a problem. I’m invincible. I’ve been eating broccoli quite often as well, not because I like it but because it makes me feel better about myself. Broccoli is about as appealing as soft cardboard. My Samsung stereo system gives me a beautiful sound. Everything goes well with Spam!!


  2. sooooo how to get invite to party?


  3. I say you are living well, Mr. Johnson.

    My favorite friends these days: books, the blogworld, milk tea.


    • MrJohnson says:

      It’s not a bad life but you know, the mind likes to wander and wonder how it could be better.

      Milk tea is great especially with a bit of condensed milk. I am starting to get into books too. Maybe one day I will read one of those smart books by Plato or some other philosopher.


      • Ha ha ha! I’ ain’t into any smart books. Don’t know what to do with all the self-help books I accumulated in my 20s. But I recently had a penchant for the classics. I never read them when I was young. Plato… Mr. Johnson, I’m impressed. 🙂

        Condensed milk has a lot of sugar. I just read your post on the harm it can do to one’s health. hmm… 😉


      • MrJohnson says:

        I’m too ashamed to name some of the self-help books I attempted to read. I don’t know if I will ever get to Plato or those other depressed philosophers. All I have been reading are autobiographies by mainly rockstars and former pro athletes.

        Ya, condensed milk is sweet as hell. It’s good in oatmeal too. It’s good in everything, I guess…haha


  4. HappyApathy says:

    What would be awesome would be paychecks. No job, just paychecks. Or just direct deposit (again, no work, just pay me for being me). I was born, pay me for being born.


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