Wanting to be White and Blu-ray Binging

I bought the first 4 seasons of Sons of Anarchy off some really fat dude from Craigslist.  I finished all 4 seasons in 10 days without even trying.  Keep in mind I work full time too.  As much of a commandment of loserism this may be, I felt quite content with getting sucked in by the HD video, 5.1 surround sound minus 2 (no rear speakers) and alcohol by my chair-side.

I’m too cheap to buy a TV series in Blu-ray because many of them are in the $30-$50 range per season.  That could work out to $5 an episode.  No way Jose Eduardo Sanchez.  My game plan is to buy them at a discounted price, watch them and then resell them on Craigslist.  If I can pull it off then I can possibly get my money back or at least be able to watch a season for only a few dollars.  Before reselling them I can lend them to someone else to watch too.



There was a time for a long time that I used to really like being Asian.  Lately, I’ve been wishing I was white.  Even though a couple of these guys are not very good looking, one is kind of fat…I think I would enjoy going through life looking like any of these guys than myself.  I could ride a Harley Davidson, walk around with a healthy beard and drink beer all day.  I look like a guy who hasn’t finished puberty yet.  I’m 5’6″(170cm) and have no hair on my chest.  When I try to grow facial hair it makes me look like a pervert.  There are other reasons why I would want to be white but I’ll save that for another time.

The option of pirating TV shows from the internet is there but my internet sucks and Blu-ray quality would take forever to download.  I have Netflix but again, my internet sucks and there isn’t many HD selections for Canada.  So why not just get better internet installed?  Because I’m too cheap to pay $60 to $80 a month.  Plus I have commitment issues.

Binge watching TV shows gets really addicting.  After a while the theme song plays in your head all day and you feel like the people in the show have become part of your life.  When it all ends, you feel a withdrawal.  I’m pretty hooked on the 1080p video quality.  If I spend the rest of my life just watching videos, my memories when I’m in my golden years will not be starring myself but the people acting in all the shows I’ve watched.  I sound like a big time nerd.


3 comments on “Wanting to be White and Blu-ray Binging

  1. What if I were born white and leading a more upscale life? That’s actually been playing on my mind for quite some time. To boot, I’m tired of having to deal with detestable roaches that are ever-present in my country.
    Anyway, this post reminds me of my brazen, recent disclosure (only) to you of my thoughts about ethnic issues. I knew you’d somehow understand why I feel or think that way.

    What I take pleasure in being an Asian is our ability to be more expressive with our, uh, “feelings” – whether it be in writing, movies, and other forms of art. Case in point, have you tried comparing Asian dramas to the Western ones?

    Your commitment issues have been saving you a lot of money, Mr. Johnson. 🙂


    • MrJohnson says:

      When you say roaches are you referring to the insect or people? haha.
      I never thought of Asians being more expressive with their feelings…not in real life anyway. The Asian dramas are definitely more sappier but it seems that most Asians are shy and don’t verbally express how they feel.

      I guess reluctance to commitment does save me money, in the short term anyway. I hate financial commitments because it pretty much forces you to have to work.


      • Ah yes, Chinese are quieter and shier than Filipinos. We’re noisier and shameless :-). But really, dramatic movies from India, the Philippines, South Korea, to mention only a few, are most probably viewed over the top by the Westerners because all emotions are mainly out n the open. Frankly, I prefer it that way.

        I had been thinking of the ones that crawl and only come out at night. But yes, we have other kinds of roaches here: the most prominent — corrupt politicians.


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