‘That’s So Gay’….Yay or Nay?


I guess that kid is supposed to be gay. Or else he is not gay and feeling guilty for using the above phrase.


This picture was taken by me while I was at an elementary school doing a delivery.  I had no idea this movement was getting this kind of advertising.  I laughed when I saw it.  Some may label me as an asshole for finding it amusing but that’s okay.  Apparently using ‘gay’ as a derogatory term needs more attention than any other words that are considered offensive.  How come there are no posters to deter the use of the terms ‘motherfucker’ or ‘cocksucker’?  Are the feelings of gays more important than the feelings of mothers, the people who have sex with them or people who like to give oral sex to men?

It seems that any group that makes up less than 10% of the population want to make a stink about something.  Gay people want this, fat people don’t want to pay for 2 seats on an airplane when their ass takes up 2 seats, feminists want everything, etc.

I realize that I probably sound like an old white racist guy who won’t give up the word ‘nigger.’  I’m sure this just don’t say gay movement will likely see better success once people from my generation die off.  I’m not sure what the goal is though.  Is it to deter people from using ‘gay’ in a derogatory sense in public or is it to deter people from even saying it behind closed doors with their like minded buddies?  If it’s the latter then it will never happen.  Who really yelled out ‘that’s so gay’ in public before anyway?

From the message of the poster, it sounds like they don’t want people saying it when a gay person is around to hear it.  Okay.  That’s just common knowledge unless if you are an asshole.  I guess the idea might be that you don’t know if someone is gay or not.

Sometimes something is so gay and it’s not really meant in a negative way.  If someone bought me a tight pink shirt, I think it would be accurate to say that it’s so gay.  It might even be a compliment because gay guys tend to dress better than straight guys.

When my boss is making life miserable at work, soon I won’t be able to say, ‘I’m getting fucked up the ass by my boss’

We’re offended because there is nothing wrong with getting fucked up the ass.

I don’t know about you but I’m not giving up on saying ‘it’s so gay’ anytime soon.  I will use discretion when I use it, as I always have.



4 comments on “‘That’s So Gay’….Yay or Nay?

  1. theamazingmj says:

    Honestly, I don’t think that’s where the issue is coming from. It’s not that people lack sensitivity, but it is a lack of respect for the group of people who is represented by that word. When “that sucks” is synonymous with “that’s gay,” it equates to gay people sucking. Sure, there are other words that are derogatory. However, “motherfucker” does not represent an entire group of people. When you say, “That’s so gay,” you are saying that you do not respect homosexuality as a choice, but instead equate it to an issue that is “not fun.”


    • MrJohnson says:

      I realize the real message the campaign is projecting is that the phrase ‘it’s so gay’ is a disrespect to gay people. That’s why when it’s used it’s considered derogatory and insenstive. When people say ‘it’s so gay’ it’s not because they think gay people suck or are wrong. Anyone who thinks that is just trying to rationalize a higher degree of offensiveness. I can’t say for sure why people say ‘it’s so gay’ but my guess would be because it has a better sounding effect than ‘it’s so wrong’ or ‘it’s so not right.’


  2. HappyApathy says:

    I just remembered this bit from Louis CK where he touches on this a bit. Well…he charges head on into it actually, and it’s funny like a mofo:


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