Not Feeling Like a Loser is the Purpose of Life

Whether people realize it or not, the whole point of life is to not feel like a loser.  To be more specific the goal is to not be near the end of your life and to think that your life was sub-par because you were incompetent.  The definition of a loser is subjective but to feel like one you have to feel ashamed of your life.  Often, one will feel like a loser if they think the majority of society thinks they are a loser.

Your life at this very moment is probably not that bad.  Your life at almost any moment is usually not that bad but then you start thinking about where you are in life and where you want to be or thought you would be, and that puts a damper on things.  You feel that there is this mountain to climb and fruits to pick on the way up but you’re not sure if you are going to finish the course or if you even want to.  Not completing this trek will make you feel like a loser.

Everything we do in life is fueled by the belief that it is going to make us happier or at least feel better about ourselves.  This road to happiness is really just our way of trying to get as far as we can from feeling like a loser.  It’s quite possible that you are not doing the things that you are doing for the purpose of happiness.  You might think you are but not really.  You are doing them because you think it won’t make you feel like a loser, and you think that will bring you the everlasting happiness you are looking for.  Happiness is an emotion that doesn’t last like any other emotion such as anger and sadness.  To feel any emotion for a prolonged period means there is something wrong with you.  Not feeling like a loser on the other hand is just an answer to an equation that satisfies you.  If you think working your job + having kids will make you less of a loser then the answer is correct to you but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will make you happy.

Not wanting to feel like a loser is part of the human condition to perpetuate the species and increase the chances of survival for yourself and your loved ones.  What usually makes people feel like a loser?  Being broke and alone, right?  What often happens when you are broke and alone?  No one is fucking you and you fear for your survival.  And just because you’re not broke or alone, it doesn’t mean you’re happy but you feel less of a loser.

One of the biggest fears that people have is having the feeling that you wasted your life.  The feeling that you could have lived a less loserish life if you just did something a little bit different or maybe a lot different.  You want to look back on your life when you are old and be able to give yourself the nod of approval.  Most of the time, you can only approve if you think everyone else would approve.  Life wants you to do and think like everyone else.

All of this is primitive thinking.  So what if you die as a so called bonafied loser?  It really doesn’t matter except maybe to you but your life alone is just a drop of water in the ocean.  Even if you are a so called winner, once you die no one is going to give a shit about you.  Do you know the guy who invented the internal combustion engine?  Of course you don’t because he’s dead now and no one cares, not even people who work on combustion engines for a living.  Do you think you will do anything as great as he did?  Do you think your 2 kids, house and 10 exotic vacations can even compare?

So I don’t know if there is any sense in worrying about finishing a loser.  Logically there really isn’t any reason but like I’ve said before, humans don’t operate on logic.  If you don’t end up being a ‘winner’ then you really just have to ease up on the ego and hopefully have a sense of humour about things.


“I just love that there are people like that ..that are living these wild lives.  It’s so different than anything we have locked in our head as acceptable.  It’s hard to let go of the idea but it’s really right there in front of your doesn’t matter what you do, you just do what you want to should do what you want to do.  We’re all going die anyway.  We live and we die…and you just got to accept that but it’s so hard to do.”

– Joe Rogan



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13 comments on “Not Feeling Like a Loser is the Purpose of Life

  1. This made me smile. I love the irreverence in your tone. The accuracy or not of your statements doesn’t matter because they make us look at ourselves from a different perspective.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Irreverence. That’s a good word to describe my whole blog..haha. If I knew about this word earlier, I might have used it as the title of this blog. Ya, I’m not willing to defend to death the accuracy of my statements because everyone sees life differently.


  2. Miss Emz Blog says:

    I like this. Especially the point where you say humans don’t work on logic, but you write in reference to an equation. Clever 🙂


    • MrJohnson says:

      I didn’t even realize I did that..haha. Maybe cleverness is just so easy for me that it happens without my knowledge 🙂

      But ya, humans make up equations all the time and often they are illogical equations.


      • Miss Emz Blog says:

        I feel that could be very possible in your case 🙂

        When would a human find out this equation is not working for them (is illogical)? A trial and error kind of thing?


        • MrJohnson says:

          Quite often never or not until the end if their belief is strong enough or if they are stubborn enough. Just because it’s illogical though, doesn’t mean it can’t work out for the best. Sounds illogical doesn’t it? haha.

          For someone to realize a certain equation is not working for them would take some honesty on their part. Some times we think we believe in something so badly that we are reluctant to admit defeat even after many times of trial and error. To find truth we have to put our feelings aside.


  3. Miss Emz Blog says:

    Reblogged this on MISS EMZ and commented:
    I like this. Realize, people.


  4. cctyker says:

    We choose to do things by the values we hold at the time of the decision.

    Our values change over time. At one quarter of a century old, we seek sexual satisfaction, money, and maybe power (or at least influence over someone.).

    At the half century mark, we seek stability in life, and self-acceptance as we look back and we believe we still have time to correct errors and capitalize on our successes.

    At three quarters of a century old, we seek peace and sometimes thankfulness that we managed to live that long. In effect the world has gone on and we no longer can keep up. Sometimes, we try to teach the younger ones something we have learned, but we are thought of as out of the reality of life. So we let happen what happens, thinking we tried.

    I don’t know what values a century old person has. I’ve not got there yet, but plan to.

    Maybe I’m nit-picking, but I’ve thought of the ups and downs of my life not as being a loser or a winner. To me life is not a game. Who the hell is keeping score anyway? I do not think there are only so many slots in life and the fight among us is to gain a slot and be called a winner, and those who did not earn a slot are losers.

    There are more slots than humans; if you desire to, find the one you fit in, and if you don’t desire to, your choice. But are you a loser then? I don’t think so.

    In India with its cast system, the individual has limits placed on his destiny already by the social system he/she was born into. Would call those on the bottom levels of the cast system losers? Same with the Muslims, especially women.

    To me we are not members of a football squad seeking a win. We are thinking animals making the best of our life, even as an Indian at the bottom of the cast system, or a Muslim woman, or an American Indian living now at some reservation which sits on land his people once roamed.

    We choose to do things by the values we hold at the time of the decision.


    • MrJohnson says:

      The values you have described during various stages of one’s life are mostly accurate for a developed society. Those values are often what people gauge themselves with to determine how good or bad (loser) they feel about themselves. Often, people do not succeed in attaining those values very well which makes them feel like a loser.

      I think a century old person values Depend’s Underwear and a good quality prune juice.

      I think that peace you speak of in your three quarter century mark is equivalent to seeking the feeling of not feeling like a loser.

      But who cares, right? Apparently most people from what I gather but maybe I’m wrong because I can’t say for sure how everyone else feels. I don’t know how I will feel near the end. Right now though, I don’t feel like a loser but I sometimes feel like I am losing. It’s a shitty mindset, I know..haha. It’s nature’s fault for implanting an ego into us.

      I wouldn’t call those on the bottom of a caste system losers because they didn’t have a choice. Their position in life wasn’t at all based on their skills and competencies. It’s similar to someone with a disability. Perhaps I may have a disability but it isn’t a recognized disability yet.

      Maybe our attitude towards this subject differs because of our generation, and values and options that were available to us. I’m not saying you are incorrect in what you have written because it does make sense and I believe that many people see it your way as well.

      Also, it could be an age/experience thing. I may come to feel one day that the feeling of winning and losing at life doesn’t really exist, as you said.


  5. This is an awfully long route to brownies and vodka.


  6. As every society gets increasingly immersed in shallowness and materialism, being a winner has become more parallel with fame or one’s monetary status.

    I live in a country where success hardly has a chance to be redefined. I consider somebody successful when they’ve managed to lead the life the way they wish (which doesn’t necessarily involve lots of moolah). But that doesn’t fly in the Philippines. In comparison to my elder sister who once worked in broadcasting and is now leading a sybaritic lifestyle, I’ve never been able to measure up and will forever be viewed as the loser sibling. 🙂


    • MrJohnson says:

      I agree that someone is successful when they lead the life they want to live. I think the biggest issue with people is that they are unaware of how to live a life that they truly want so instead they opt for the typical route.

      If I had a sibling, I’m not sure if I would try harder or not. I’m sure I would hate the feeling of always having someone to be compared to though.


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