Feminists Do Not Really Exist

I know feminists do exist but they exist like white supremacists in that there really aren’t that many.  The reason why feminists appear to be more abundant than they really are is because of the internet.  The internet is a place for people to pretend they are someone else and also for the strange creatures of humanity to show themselves.  I can’t say I’ve ever met a feminist but maybe I don’t know enough white lesbian hipsters.  White supremacists apparently exist but I’ve never met one of them either.  Perhaps for many, being a feminist is just their online personality.

If you’re on WordPress enough, you will get the impression that feminists are everywhere because they have blogs, they fiercely comment on other blogs and feminist type articles are always featured on Freshly Pressed.  It’s so mainstream that you’re convinced that they exist in large numbers.  What you see on the internet is a brainwash though.  The only time you ever come across weird messed up stories is on the internet.  I come across gay people all the time in real life but I’ve never met a feminist and gay people make up only a small percentage of people.  If I have met feminists, they are not the internet type that have extreme views.

Many of the feminists you bump into online are too extreme to be taken seriously.  They don’t want equal rights for women, they want invincibility.  They make it sound like males go through life without any serious hardships.  In my whole life I have never known a female that got their ass kicked like I have seen many guys get their ass kicked.  I know guys that have been stomped on, shot, stabbed, murdered, sliced, pummeled with blunt objects, you name it.  I’m sure cat calls are just as painful though.  Can you be any more petty?

Unfairness is just a part of life.  There will always be those with power who will pick on those with less.  It hardly ever has anything to do with gender or even race. There’s inequality towards every group and always will be.

Feminism is a much more respected movement than white supremacy but for the most part it should be taken as seriously as white supremacy. Extreme feminism(typical of what you see on WordPress) is the equivalent to racist rants and 15 years olds giving life advice…they are silly.  It’s silly because it doesn’t make much sense most of the time.  They are just irrational arguments based on beliefs that solely benefit the female gender.   I think a better label for them is ‘online feminist’ because I’m almost certain they don’t really exist in real life.



11 comments on “Feminists Do Not Really Exist

  1. “I come across gay people all the time in real life but I’ve never met a feminist ” that made me smile. I have a similar perception of catcalling. As in, I hear people write and talk about it 100 times more than I’ve ever heard it actually happen.

    However if men face a disproportionate amount of physical abuse (which I’m not even sure if that is true, as women are more likely to be the victims of domestic abuse), women face a disproportionate amount of sexual abuse.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I wouldn’t disagree that the amount of physical abuse is similar. But I guess my point is that it happens to everyone but ‘feminists’ seem to want to believe that females suffer from way more abuse and inequality than other groups, and want to solely blame it on a misogynistic culture rather than the human condition.


  2. Jatinder says:

    Woman have it easy, They usually dont bring home the bacon which means they should clean up our mess and give us BJ when we want =)


    • MrJohnson says:

      For some reason I can’t see many women agreeing with you. Although, I’d be happy with cleaning up and giving oral sex to my wife if it meant I didn’t have to work.


      • Jatinder says:

        Actually most East Indians and Asians don’t mind this (referring to the ones not born in North America). They prefer to stay home with the family, to do house chores and to keep their husbands happy (18+). They understand their duties and weaknesses as a gender of the female race. I believe it is the western culture that is trying to change this, however, subconsciously the male gender will ALWAYS be the dominant sex as physically and mentally they have the edge over the opposite sex.


        • MrJohnson says:

          That’s because those women who weren’t born in a developed country can only get shit jobs if anything and can’t afford to pay anyone else to take care of their kids. For sure males are more dominant physically. Whether males are more dominant mentally is another question. Maybe in some ways but I think not in other ways as well.


    • Amanda says:

      Hey Jatinder, you sound like a true Indian misogynist. *I* am head of my household, and pay all of my bills, am a proud bisexual feminist, and do whatever I want when I want! Guys like you are exactly why I strived as a young woman not to get married, get tied down with some guy and have kids (I am NOT a baby machine, or an unpaid slave who lives with some asshole like you who wants to use me for oral sex at your whim and fancy), etc. Until us women are earning exactly what a male earns per hour, until men stop raping, murdering, assaulting, catcalling us, treating us like second class citizens, degrading us, drugging our drinks, sexually harassing us at work, stop contributing to the sex business ( which means watching violent, degrading porn, and buying prostitutes, which you are paying money to RAPE them), until you stop hurting animals, molesting kids, ruining the environment, etc, I believe every woman should be a feminist! You think women have it easy?! What planet are YOU from? I have been sexually harassed since I was twelve years old, up until now, and have had a ridiculous amount of bad experiences with men in my life. And I am not talking about sex, either. Look at what happens in India, for example. You monster men throw acid on women for LAUGHING, you genitally mutilate little babies, girls, and women, which is purely barbaric, as this act of sheer hatred towards women give them many, many physical problems from cutting over time, you honor murder your daughters, wives, etc..shall I go on? Women who are not feminists are living in a pink cloud. They do not want to believe that men do what they do to us. In my opinion, (and I know I am right), this world will never, ever be a place where women are treated as equals by men. Ladies and girls, wake up and fight for your equality! Guys aren’t going to give up the power they already have in this patriarchy…Ever.


      • Jatinder says:

        Amanda, let me first apologize as I did not intend to offend you personally, especially sorry about the sexual harassment you experienced when you were 12years old. In no way do I condone any sexual assaults, violence, any crimes, of men on women. There was no support of any of those actions on women in my previous messages to the original blogger.

        What my message was about is that women in general are not as competitive physically. If they were, why is there gender inequality in sports. The male environment tends to be too competitive for a women to compete. The same ideology goes for mental capacity. Most of the top earners in the world are men. Women just don’t have the brain power, the IQ that is required. Men in general are averagely more stronger, more smarter than the general women.

        However, the women has advantages over the men in other aspects, Amanda. Females are emotionally stronger. They clean, cook,do sexual activities, and do chores that require no mental capacity better than the male gender. They apply make up better than males, they give better massages and they sure as hell smell better than the average male. Do any of those make up for the shortfalls of being a female in your opinion? If not at the very least it shortens the gap of gender superiority in some senses. One other advantage the female has over the male is that they are more experienced with giving birth than the male. I for one had no idea what to do when my wife give birth to my twins other than say “Hang in there Jaspreet”.

        I believe you are looking at the extreme cases of male violence over females. If you don’t look at those you will see in general the Male role is the better role to have as you are penis envy also (choosing to have sexual relations with a female). It is ok, I understand that you want to be like a man and have that feeling of how a man treats another female. You want to be the like the gender that has those advantages over the female.


  3. Jatinder says:

    BTW Amanda should you be looking to switch back straight, I’d be happy to be the male to re-introduce you back the receiving end in bed! Much Love, Jatinder aka “The Punisher”


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