A Winner’s Attitude

In order to win you have to make the decisions that will allow you to win.  Most people make decisions that prevent them from completely losing.  Just because you don’t lose doesn’t mean you win.

It’s pretty easy to make winning decisions if your goal is to win and nothing else.  Most people have a difficult time making decisions because they want to succeed but they are also afraid to fail.

I never had the winning attitude.  I think I regret it but it’s difficult to regret something that you weren’t aware of.  If I had the winning attitude though, it’s almost for certain I would have chosen the criminal path because that’s where the winning was for a long time.  So I don’t know.

‘Winning’ is different for everyone.  No matter what though, if you want to win you have to be playing to win not playing not to lose.

Being too afraid to lose will make you a loser.  If you’re afraid to lose then you might as well pack up your bags and leave because you’re going to be disappointed.  Your fear of losing is just going to drag you down.

I don’t know how I’m going to incorporate this attitude as I’m not really participating in anything.  This winning attitude is also going to have to battle my negative attitude for 1st place.



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