That’s So Straight

Straight guys are always worried about looking ‘gay’ so I’m pretty sure gay guys must worry about looking straight.  A lot of the time you can tell pretty easily if a guy is gay by the way he dresses, speaks or moves.  There must be gay guys that put something on to wear and sometimes think to themselves that they look too straight. They don’t want to be accused by their gay buddies of being ashamed of looking gay.

If gay men actually say, ‘that’s so straight’ to each other as an insult, I would die laughing.

– ‘that’s the straightest thing I have ever heard’

– ‘what are you? straight?’

– ‘that shirt looks so straight on you’

It could be a peace agreement.  Straight people can say ‘that’s so gay’ and gay people can say ‘that’s so straight.’  Deal? Deal.  Good.


4 comments on “That’s So Straight

  1. E.I Wong says:

    And if you gay bash them, then they can hate crime you right back! Yay for mutually assured destruction!


  2. Jatinder says:

    Look at that Hetero! That is soooo straight. I can’t believe they enjoy sex with the opposite gender. Those Heteros!


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