Being Offensive on Blogs vs Other Entertainment

If a blogger uses somewhat offensive language or content, their decency comes into question regardless if it was meant to be humorous or not offensive.  Many words that are thought of as being offensive are used in the movies that we watch and other types of entertainment but when used in those formats we hold no grudges towards the creators or performers.  Sometimes an entire movie revolves around so called offensive stereotypes.  Why is all this okay in movies, novels, stand-up comedy and in your circle of friends but not on blog posts?





10 comments on “Being Offensive on Blogs vs Other Entertainment

  1. BerLinda says:

    I rarely use offensive language, but this time, I was driven to it 😉 Sue me 😉


  2. I think humans are just turning soft.


  3. lightpuma says:

    It’s just about taste and style. If you’re saying something as a racist freak then obviously it sounds different than light-hearted humor. Whether or not I mind something depends a lot on context and style, not what form of media its in.

    I remember in one of your past posts you said something like holy “Shiite” Muslim. I laughed aloud a moment, and then I was like, “Wait, is that offensive?” (I’m not Shiite but I am Muslim). And then I was like ah well too late I already laughed at it.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Even with light-hearted humour people will take offense. When it’s a movie then ‘it’s just a movie’ but on a blog it’s ‘you shouldn’t use that word.’ It’s like we’re trying evolve into a society where there’s no joking around unless if it’s ‘tasteful.’

      Yes I remember using that term ‘holy Shiite Muslim’…haha. I guess that’s an example of what people expect you not to write even if it’s a joke but it would be all good in movies like ‘The Hangover’ or ‘American Pie.’ “Too late I already laughed at it”..hahaha


  4. cctyker says:

    Each audience has its norms. What the hell, when you can’t think of the word or phrase that expresses what you want to say, swear. That will cover about anything and allows the reader to insert his own meanings to what you want to say.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Using curse words is pretty acceptable. Politically incorrect terms and joking about race and culture is where people get offended. But if it’s Saturday Night Live then okay. Or maybe it’s not okay but there’s no comment section for disgruntled viewers.


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