A Partner is to Make Life Easier

Today I was thinking how a man and a woman sometimes stay together long term not so much out of love but just to make life easier.  By easier, I mean paying bills, sharing household duties, etc.  For example, if you are one person and have a $300,000 apartment to pay for then it’s all on you.  If there are two of you then you can split that payment in half which would make a huge difference.  If you were to put your money together then you could buy a $600,000 home and for the most part and be no better or worse financially.  It would make something that was impossible now possible.

But what if you are a man and do not want to be in a committed relationship with a woman and have to live with her too?  Or what if you are really bad with meeting women?  Why is it that a straight guy never partners up with another straight guy in the same manner?  We all want to make life easier, don’t we?  I suppose it is considered too ‘gay.’  Also, if you were a straight guy and committed to this type of relationship with another straight guy, you are almost admitting that you have given up on women.  Maybe not completely but you have definitely lost a lot of hope.

In our culture, there’s something about being older than 40 years of age and being in a heterosexual man and man relationship that is more embarrassing than living with your parents.  At least with your parents you can say that they need you around because they are getting old.  I think it’s something about coming home and seeing another guy everyday knowing that you both think each other is a loser and you committed a mortgage to it.

It would take some pretty big stones to walk around telling everyone with confidence that you bought an apartment with another guy who is not your lover.  You know everyone you tell is going to think it’s weird and you can’t help but think that everyone thinks that you are a closet homosexual.  “Ya sure buddy, he’s just your ‘friend’…uh-huh.”  Most people would rather live alone in poverty and loneliness.

Being in such a relationship is pretty much saying that you are each others boyfriend except you don’t have sex or cuddle.  Buying a home together is indicating that it is going to be a very long term relationship and that is not easy to accept in today’s society.  I wonder how many straight guys who would be in a partnership like this would end up falling in love with each other after years of supporting each other?  It could so happen.

I just remembered they had an episode of King of Queens about this same topic.  I don’t feel so original now.  Doesn’t matter, I think this is a subject that needs more awareness.  Cancer and all those other diseases have had their time.



28 comments on “A Partner is to Make Life Easier

  1. TheCatssMeoww says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with two men sharing a home together. They don’t have to be gay for it to work. They could just be best friends. I know so many guys like this.

    Good post. I really liked what it was about. Even if it was on King of Queens.


  2. lightpuma says:

    awww my gawd my comment got erased again!!!!!

    SIMPLY PUT: My gay-dar would totally go off if two guys, unmarried to women and living with each other, bought a house together and lived there with no plans of separating. I can see modern feminist type women trying that, but not men. it just totally goes against their nature.


  3. lightpuma says:

    Partners are supposed to share an emotional burden and offer compassion and sympathy to each other. Ultimately we can get money from anywhere, but human connections only come from other humans. It’s true that partners make life easier financially, but I think your article actually proves the point that emotional connections are what keep people together, not money. If it was money, we would see a lot more guys living together.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I don’t know..haha.. I’m thinking it’s just the culture that stops men from living and committing to a mortgage together. As well as greatly lowering your chances of getting a woman to stay with you. I see your point about emotional connections though.


  4. lightpuma says:

    lol btw I just totally figured out what nosajnawk is. I feel so smart. omg


    • MrJohnson says:

      Great, just tell everybody..lol. You know what? I totally forget sometimes that it’s out there for everyone to see.


      • lightpuma says:

        Ya lol I kinda wanna change my account name too b/c I used it to comment in some places and I wrote my actual name. SO if someone really doesn’t have a life and wants to figure out who I am and wants to tell my mom that I said “shit” online, they could probably do it.


  5. Jatinder says:

    If it seems gay to do that maybe people should consider 3 or 4 parties to join in on sharing financial burden. It will seem less gay if say 2 males and 2 females not romantically involved sharing a mortgage to lessen the burden of bills.


  6. I don’t think I’ve ever known two heterosexual women who were simply friends buying a home together. Nor have I heard of two heterosexual dudes doing it either. I would say it’d be easy to consider and who cares what anyone else thinks?!


    • MrJohnson says:

      Not caring what anyone else thinks is always the best way to go except it’s not that easy sometimes. I think for sure older single people should consider it. By then you would have given up on finding a partner and you could use another person around the home to help you if you fall and can’t get up.


  7. byKrisB. says:

    The only guys I know of that are sharing a mortgage are fresh out of college and a pair of divorcee’s. It’s deemed as a lack of independence when you have a roommate after a certain age. LOL! I’m not sure how I’d feel about a 30-something year old inviting me over and telling me he still has a roommate. But I suppose…with this economy anything could happen.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Independence is overrated. It just improves your chances of being poor or getting evicted and living on the streets.

      It wouldn’t be a roommate. It would be a co-owner..haha. And you would feel impressed that this guy who invited you over has such a good friendship and is not afraid of commitment.


  8. you’re so right about the first point and another important reason is to deter anyone from cheating. women’s worst enemy is an unmarried women and vice versa for men too. in order to block temptation everyone wants everyone else to get married.

    and by the way I love your writing!!! so funny


    • MrJohnson says:

      I never thought about people wanting everyone else to get married to block temptation. I guess some people secretly want for that to happen to certain people in their lives (good looking people). That’s pretty extreme thinking though..haha.

      I’m glad you like some of my blog posts. Thanks for saying so.


  9. So what are your thoughts on two straight women, same age, getting a mortgage together? Is it the same weirdness or is it okay?


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