Did You Know Robin Williams?

Chances are you never met the guy or anyone he knew but you know for sure that he committed suicide because of his severe depression.

We live in an age where everyone is on the, ‘don’t believe anything the media says’ bandwagon but so many people are doing just that in this case.  The only thing that has been said is that it appears that he killed himself and that he was recently suffering from severe depression.  It was never reported that he killed himself because he was suffering from severe depression.

How do you know that he didn’t have a whole bunch of other issues going on his life?  Some people want to quickly believe that it was only depression that caused his suicide and not anything else.  Maybe, but we don’t know.  He made a lot of money but he didn’t live a completely fairy tale life.  He’s been divorced twice, both ending in big settlements.  He stated not too long ago that he was having money troubles.   Whether it’s true or not, who knows but he said it.  Most recently, his wife stated he was in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease.  Perhaps his suicide was a tactical move on his part.  Maybe he felt his earning ability now, could not surpass his life insurance pay out.  Maybe he felt that life sucked because it actually sucked.  Maybe he just rationalized that is was a good time to die.  We don’t know.

It’s often difficult to know why anyone does anything they do especially if they don’t want you to find out.  Think about how your closest friends and family often have no idea what’s going on in your life or in your head.  Even when people tell you personal things, they don’t tell you everything.

The feminists argue that pure misogyny as the main motive for the Santa Barbara murders because it’s what they wanted to believe.  Everyone who believes they are suffering from depression wants to believe Robin Williams killed himself solely because of his depression.  The idea is that his depression was so bad that it destroyed his perfect life.  What better opportunity are you going to have as an example on how serious and real, depression is?

I’m not saying his depression did not contribute to his suicide but as far as we know, it could have been other factors as well.   And we may never know the truth.  Unless if you knew him or someone close to him then you don’t really know either.


One comment on “Did You Know Robin Williams?

  1. I actually met him twice here in Las Vegas. The last time I saw him was about a year ago and he he was drinking again. If I remember correctly he had problems with alcohol in the past. My friend brought it up and we think that alcohol had a big thing to do.


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