Depression as an Answer

“Maybe you have depression.”

That was his reply after I told him how I don’t get around to doing things either.  He was telling me about how he has things he would like to do in life but he never gets to them because he ends up laying in bed all day.  I probably give him other reasons to think that I might have depression.

Since the beginning of time, we’ve always wanted an answer to everything.  How did life begin?  No one knows the answer to that.  There’s theories and possibilities but no one knows.  Not everyone will ever acknowledge that though.  They will tell you about The Big Bang or God, before they say I don’t know.

Sometimes I get the sense that the definition of depression should be: not feeling the way that most other people do towards most aspects in life.  For some people, the human mind is an evolving part of life.  If it doesn’t change much it’s because you didn’t want it to.  Change is often the main root of so called depression symptoms.  Changes in your usual patterns of sleep, diet, social circle, thoughts, activities, would lead you to suspect that you have depression.  You’re led to believe that if your change is not a smooth transition to what is deemed normal then you might have depression.

Life is like any other religion.  If you’re at church and everyone is singing songs praising Jesus but you don’t believe in Jesus then you’re going to be kind of depressed.  If you live in this church then you’re going to have ‘depression.’

Happiness is no easy feat for some of us living in today’s world.  You have to be very good at just letting yourself go to be able to see the positive side because most of life is retarded.  It takes some delusion and a double shot of ignorance to believe in what most people perceive as real or important.  I think depression can be mistaken for lack of belief.

Back in grade school you were made to feel like a future loser by your peers and even teachers if you didn’t meet certain academic and personality standards.  It may have been just a sign that you shouldn’t have been trying to do what everyone else was doing.  Sometimes being a loser may have turned out to be the reality, possibly because you falsely believed the label that was given to you.

Maybe you do have depression or maybe you don’t.  Just because you are not happy, not completely who you used to be and not what everyone thinks you should be, doesn’t mean you have depression. I’m not saying depression doesn’t exist.  I’m just saying don’t be so quick to slap that label on yourself just because it seems to be the only answer available.


One comment on “Depression as an Answer

  1. Harry says:

    Yeah for sure


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