Why Asians Do Well in School

The statistics and stereotype would indicate that Asians in developed nations achieve higher academic success than the rest.  It just might be true.  Some media outlets have reported how some universities are ‘too Asian’ and that also some schools discriminate against Asian enrollment even if they have the required grades.

There’s two popular theories on why Asians seem to excel better academically.

1) Asians are just smarter

I wish I could believe that.  If that had a good possibility of being true then my dumbass friends and I would have breezed through high school.  I failed 5 out of 8 courses in Grade 8.  It’s true that I ditched class about as often as I was there but if I was naturally smart, I probably could have achieved better grades than I did.  It would have been 6 courses that I failed but my Social Studies teacher gave me a last minute chance.

2) Asian parents put more pressure on their kids to get good grades

I would say this is pretty accurate.  Asian parents who come to a 1st world country want nothing more than to see their kids seize the opportunities available to be the best they can be.  To them an education is your way out of ever having to worry about being poor and their rationale is that you cannot be poor and happy.  The idea is if the opportunity is there, you would have to be a fool not to go after it.

There’s another reason though that doesn’t get any attention for some reason.  Or maybe I wasn’t paying attention when they said it.  Number 3 is that Asians have less fun.  Possibly this is never stated because no media outlet wants to say anything negative towards any group of people.

In the university and college age group, partying and being social can take a toll on your grades.  It can ruin your motivations to attend post secondary altogether.  There’s 2 things that many Asians lack that prevent them from being able to succeed in ruining their post secondary hopes.

1) A lot of Asians are shy.

It’s extremely difficult for many Asians to be in a social setting and also be social.  Talking to strangers just isn’t their forte.  When you are raised with parents who are even more socially crippled, there isn’t much knowledge in that department to pass on.  So if you’re not out meeting people all the time and have little urge to attend social events, it really lessens the chance of having distractions.

2) A lot of Asians suck at drinking alcohol

What do a lot of young people do?  They drink alcohol and sometimes lots of it and sometimes too often.  Around 50% of Asians have this gene that processes alcohol differently than in most people. I have this gene.  It prevents you from being an alcoholic, yes, but it also prevents you from being comfortable after even 1 drink or 2.  It’s basically an allergy to alcohol.  You get drunk easily and your face turns all red.  The party ends half an hour after it starts.  You can read about this phenomenon here.

Yes, I continue to drink even though I lack the army to fight the good fight.  I took a different route by forcing alcohol in my body and building a better tolerance over the years.  I still suck compared to other people but I’m good enough to be able to stick around without puking. 

People who can and enjoy drinking alcohol do not realize that their life would be so much different if that wasn’t the case.  The people you associated with and the things that you did/do for fun would be much different.  All those drinking nights would have been traded for studying, board games, milk and cookies.  Maybe you wouldn’t have gotten pregnant?

Okay, so now you suck at being social and you also suck at drinking which might also be part of the reason why you suck at being social.  We all need something in life to keep us going and for a lot of Asians that thing is, doing well in school.  Studying doesn’t seem very stimulating but a volleyball by itself isn’t either until you are stranded on an island with no one and nothing else.  Now the volleyball has a name and he’s your best friend.

I think it’s also true that more Asians let their career define them.  A lot of Asians believe that if they don’t have a respectable career and earn decent income, they will have to feel shame from family, friends, potential partners, everyone, and live a sad lonesome life.

For this Asian, I get the worst of both worlds.  I never had any academic pursuits and my social ability may not be that horrible but I’m no butterfly.  Perhaps I was born in the wrong era.  I should have been born in the era when working at a supermarket could afford you a home and racism gave you a purpose in life.


Note: For this post, when I say Asian I am referring to the lighter skinned kind with black hair.



Pizza is Glorified Cheese Bread



Almost everyone loves pizza.  Some people who are lactose intolerant will even sometimes sacrifice their well being because pizza is so irresistible.  What is pizza?  A lot of bread, some cheese, tomato sauce and toppings.

A recent outing to the local Pizza Hut destroyed my love for pizza.  My cousin and I ordered a small pepperoni and mushroom pizza.  When it came out I stared at it and started counting the pieces of pepperoni.  It was like 1 piece per slice.

Our server was friendly so we decided to be asses. “Excuse me, we’re just wondering how many pieces of pepperoni should be on a small pizza?”

Sher goes to the kitchen, comes back and tells us that a small pizza(6 slices) comes with 10 pieces of pepperoni.  That’s 1.6 pieces of pepperoni per slice so some slices will only have 1 and if a slice were to be really unlucky, it could have half a pepperoni while another one will have 2 but even 2 is not even that great either.

A slice of pizza is pretty much half a sandwich.  If you were to take 2 slices of pizza and slap them together it would be an oily sandwich.  In this case it would be a sandwich with 3.2 small pieces of pepperoni and a few small slices of mushrooms that almost look like they were there by accident.  If you were to make a regular sandwich and it only had 3.2 small pieces of pepperoni, most would consider that to be a really crappy sandwich.  If it had any less pepperoni it would just be cheese bread.

The economics behind making pizza is very similar to the economics behind making Chinese food.  Here is some Chinese Food 101 for you all.  Have you ever noticed that the meat in almost all Chinese dishes is sliced or diced?  This is done to give the illusion that you are getting a sufficient amount of meat.  If you took that sliced/diced/shredded meat and glued it back together, you would get a piece of meat that is the size of a finger or two.  Try it next time.  Take half a pork chop or half a chicken leg, slice it, dice it and it will look like a lot of meat for 1 person.  That’s why a dish of rice and shredded pork with 2 pieces of vegetables is $6 but people don’t care because it’s cheap, tastes good and it’s filling.  Cheap meals are based on the foundation of lots of starch and very little of every thing else.

I will always like pizza but it is glorified cheese bread and shouldn’t even be eaten like a meal.  It’s not uncommon to eat 3 or 4 slices of a medium pizza but I think 1 slice is more appropriate.  Eating multiple slices is like eating multiple muffins with melted cheese.  Who eats 4 muffins in a sitting?

Perhaps I’m not a nice person for defaming pizza but I just call it like I see it.  It’s the taste of the oily crust and melted cheese that forces you to look beyond the lack of substance a pizza really has.  Pizza is an impostor.

Golden Cabbage, Potential Rapists, Giving Money Away

There’s a Farmers Market not too far from my place.  It’s frequented mainly by vegan types, semi-hippie types and lesbians.  How do I know this?  I don’t know for sure but if I had to be judgmental that’s what I would say.  That’s the kind of vibe Farmers Markets gives off.  Organic produce, gluten free food, Ocean Wise seafood, homemade soaps, hand carved goods, a Greenpeace kiosk and people who dress like they are poor.

Farmers Markets give you the impression that every thing should be inexpensive but everything is like triple the price of mainstream outlets.  This grilled cheese sandwich stand charges $7 for a sandwich.  Of course, I’m stupid so I line up to get one and then have to wait 15 minutes for them to make it.

I’ve been eating cabbage lately so I thought I would go to the Farmers Market to get a locally grown organic cabbage.  Produce grown more naturally has the potential to yield more nutrients than the mass produced kind that is grown 2000 miles away.  Organic doesn’t mean much though if the soil being used is not healthy. The term ‘organic’ is overrated because even dog shit can be organic.

So I go into this produce stand and pick out a cabbage and a bunch of carrots.  I don’t even bother looking at the price of the cabbage because I think a cabbage can only be so expensive.  I saw that the carrots were $3 a bunch and I was okay with that.  I’ve had these carrots before and indeed they are much better than supermarket carrots.  I go to pay and the guy weighs the cabbage and the total comes up to $10.50 for both items.  I was like, ‘Holy Shiite Muslim’ but whatever.  The cabbage will last me a week.  I remember the weight of the cabbage coming up to 3 lbs so the price had to of been $2.50 a pound.  The local supermarket charges 79 cents a pound.  This is why you will see no Chinese people at the Farmers Market even though they are 50% of the population in that area.


That will be 30% extra for the dirt please


Later in the day my stumpy 23 year old cousin came over to my place.  We were brainstorming what we should do.  It made me realize that when you try to think of things to do, you automatically try to think of things that will provide stimulation.  Eat, drink, play, see.  It also made me realize that it’s probably the incorrect way to live life.  In developed nations, every thing we do on our off time is like an anti-depressant.  We don’t really think it’s going to be that great.  We’re just looking for an escape from feeling less than satisfactory.  We look for an easy way out and it usually involves putting some kind of garbage in our mouths.

We both had eaten already.  Once you have eaten it makes thinking of something to do 10 times more difficult.  I came up with the idea to go for a walk at a national park on the other side 0f town.  This side of town is a very affluent area.  Recently, there were many reported sexual assaults.  Being males, it didn’t even cause us any concern but if you’re a female it would probably make you cautious of your surroundings.  My cousin and I didn’t really fit in since the general population is rich and white.  Every female who came across our vicinity had this suspicious look on their face.  None of them ever looked friendly towards us.  It wasn’t until half way through our hike that I thought that maybe all these females thought we were potential rapists. You have to think that they are on the look out for possible rapists if it is an issue in that area.  As far as Asians go, we’re the dishonest looking type too.



I was wearing a hoodie too.

It was an easy hike.  I really just wanted to get some fresh air and smell some trees.

This image is kind of depressing.  My cousin looks like he's about to walk into the forest and commit suicide.

This image is kind of depressing. My cousin looks like he’s about to walk into the forest and commit suicide.


When I do some sort of exercise, I feel better about going to eat a meal.  When you don’t do shit but lay around, you really don’t deserve to eat.  We decided to go eat Turkish food.  Well, I decided really.  It was pretty good.  When I went up to pay, I heard the guy say it was $48 and some change.  I gave him $55 and he was like, “whoa, thank you.”  I was wondering why he sounded so excited for a tip that wasn’t that great.

After we went to a pub, I got to thinking.

“Hey, how much was your meal?”

He tells me it was like $18.  My meal was about the same.  Wait a second.  Shit, the bill must have been $38 not $48.  I tipped him like 40%! Damn guy and his Turkish accent. No wonder he was happy.  I’m a dumb idiot.  I wonder how many times I get ripped off without even knowing it.  The term ‘dumb idiot’ makes about as much sense as ‘fat obese person.’

What’s On My Bookshelf





I was never much of a reader.  Minus all the books that I was forced to read in high school and the number of books I’ve read is about 5.  The kind of books I’ve read are mostly autobiographies from people that I once admired.

-Chris Rock

Shit, that’s only 2.  The other book I’ve read was Donnie Brasco.  Okay so I’ve only read 3 books since leaving high school.  Oh wait, I’ve read a Buddhist book a few years ago.  That’s the only one that keeps me from looking unintelligent.

I have a bookshelf.  My little cousin made it for me in Woodworking Class when he was in grade 12.  It’s mostly filled with guitar magazines, DVD’s and half read material.  Okay, maybe one quarter read.  My obsession with Slash was borderline unhealthy at one point.  If I was a female I probably would have given myself up to be his groupie.


The other day I was eating and looking at my bookshelf and found it amusing how the Holy Bible was on the same shelf as The Punisher Max comic books.  I purchased that bible for $8.  I thought it was pretty cheap.  It’s not a bad deal if it means I can get into Heaven for $8.  That’s cheaper than the cost of admission to a night club here.




This shelf contains the Jehovah Witness’s bible.  Most of it is similar to the Holy Bible but some names and events have been changed to protect the happiness of others.  When I was younger, I had an interest in learning Spanish.  I took an introductory course in college but soon learned that in order to learn a new language you have to immerse yourself in it.  Fight Club is one of my favourite movies because of its view towards life and society.  I figured the book would be at least just as good.  I can’t say that the book isn’t because I have only read about 4 pages.





I absolutely loved The Simpsons during the mid to late 90’s era.  I can watch those episodes anytime.  You might take me for a fan of the movie Dune but I’ve never actually seen it.  An old tenant at my mother’s house left it behind. 

A couple years ago I became quite interested in Mike Tyson after watching the documentary that was made in 2008.  Besides being an entertaining boxer, he was very amusing outside of the boxing ring.  In the documentary, the way he spoke was very engaging.  The DVD shown in the picture is not the documentary.  It’s just a DVD of him beating people with pillows around his hands.

This is a humorous clip from the Chris Rock Show.  Well, humorous to me which sometimes doesn’t count for much.




Aiming High From Way Below


There is a lot of truth to this quote just like many other quotes.  And just like many other quotes, it is easier said than done.  There are other factors that come into play when it comes to goal setting.  It would be great if you could just read a quote from some dead guy and apply it to your life.  You might have heard the saying, ‘You can choose to be happy.’  Maybe, but for how long?  It is obviously not that easy.  Maybe you have little power over your emotions but being able to set your goals high should be a different story.  So then how come so many people don’t try to achieve more?

Setting goals is a process just like any other process.  You have to have ice skates before you can learn to tie them.  You have to learn how to tie them before you can attempt to skate badly.  Once you learn how to skate decently then maybe you will think of trying to skate faster and then maybe you will want to learn how to power stop.

In life, some people start at level 1 and some people start at level 5.  When you start at level 5 it’s much easier to see level 8,9 or 10 and believe you can get there.  If you start at level 1, level 8,9,10 seems as unbelievable as being able to grow a third arm.  When you are at level 1, you think you can be happy for the rest of your life if you reach level 5.  When you start out at level 5, you don’t think you can happy forever staying at level 5 and definitely don’t want to go to 4 and under.

Then it will just take someone who starts out at level 1 longer to reach level 10, right?  Probably but most of the time it just won’t even happen.  Another factor in life is age.  Age is just a number but as the number goes up, it can take a toll on your mind and inner strength.  You get tired of fighting and you’re less optimistic and hopeful.

Another major factor is the people you have along side you in your developing years and after.  If they can inspire you and guide you then that will make all the difference.  If you’re stuck surrounded by people who inspire you that good enough is good enough then that might just be good enough.  If your parents are lawyers, doctors or are successful in their occupation then it’s not likely that you are going to decide to be an auto mechanic.  Plus if they are successful they have a decent idea how to teach you to be successful.  I guess if you’re afraid your girlfriend will dump you then that can motivate you as well.  “Okay Okay, I’ll do it.”

And of course, you will always have people tell you about some shoeless refugee who came from nothing but now has everything.  There is also that guy who has no arms but can play guitar with his toes better than most people with their hands but I think he’s the exception.  I’m not saying just because you came from not much that you can’t or shouldn’t shoot for the stars.  I’m just saying there’s more challenges. Challenges that people don’t seem to be aware of and don’t want to believe would impact the position they are in life if they had to face those hurdles themselves.

Perhaps always wanting more can be for egomaniacs but I think not wanting more too soon will often leave you feeling lifeless.


Daily Prompt: Successful

You Should Be More Scared of Suicide than Homicide

We’re always worried about some crazy guy killing us more than we are with killing ourselves.  Statistically, you have a better chance of committing suicide than you do being murdered.

The homicide rate in Canada is 1.5 people for every 100,000.  The suicide rate is 11 people for every 100,000.  Every year about 3600 people commit suicide in this country.  The number of murders every year is in the 500 range.  I guess this could also mean that you have a better chance of killing yourself than murdering someone.  These statistics could also indicate that a person is more likely to know more people that have committed suicide than were murdered.  You’re more likely though to hear of someone you know getting murdered than someone committing suicide.  Someone committing suicide doesn’t usually make the 6 o’clock news.

Some interesting stats on suicide in Canada but it’s probably similar in other developed countries.

– About four times more men will commit suicide this year than women.
-Women make 3 to 4 times more suicide attempts than men. 

This would indicate that men are mentally stronger and have what it takes to get the job done.  Men don’t play pretend like little girls looking for drama. There’s equal opportunity when it comes to suicide but women try 3 to 4 times harder at something that a man is 4 times more successful at.  #YesAllMen

-Women are also hospitalized for attempted suicide at 1.5 times the rate of men.

Not only do women suck at killing themselves, they want someone to take care of them after they have failed.  If a man fails at his attempt to kill himself, he doesn’t need a shoulder to cry on and a teddy bear.  He takes it like a man and walks away with his pride.  If a man can’t finish a job he knows he doesn’t deserve any sympathy.

-Suicide rates for the immigrant population are about half those for the Canadian-born.

This makes sense.  More immigrants have more to get excited about like 3 meals a day and a day off work.  Even if you’re an immigrant and already have those things, you appreciate them more than someone who has lived here all their lives.  Also, I guess, immigrants are more family oriented which gives people more of a reason to stay alive.  Come to think of it, there’s quite a few more reasons.

-While suicide is often perceived as a problem among young people, men over the age of 80 have the highest suicide rate in Canada.

Who wants to live past 80?  I think once you get to a certain old age and want to die, you think about taking your own life while you still have the physical ability.  I wonder if the suicide rate for men over the age of 80 has dropped since Viagra.

-According to the WHO, suicide rates have increased by 60 per cent worldwide in the last 45 years.

So life has become 60% shittier in the last 45 years?  Or maybe it wasn’t as cool to kill yourself back then?

It’s kind of weird how you never asked to be born and sometimes your parents didn’t want you to be born either but you’re also not supposed to kill yourself.  Suicide is always the other option that no one mentions in every bad situation.  It seems like most people kill themselves without making it count.  If you’re going to throw away your life, you should use it to your advantage.  Not caring about your life can be a great advantage over the 99% of people that do care.  It’s your opportunity to be part of the 1%.  That’s why some guys kill their boss or their ex-wife before ending their own.  To them it would seem like a waste not to.

You don’t have to take someone else’s life though.  I would never encourage that because I would feel bad.  There are a vast spectrum of other options.  Some other options include attempting to climb Mount Everest, robbing a bank, groping a police officer.  The options are endless so don’t just wake up and hang yourself.  At least sign up to be an organ donor before taking yourself out.

Ending your life should be done in the same fashion as how you would want to end a story, movie or blog post.  You don’t want a shitty ending.


Being Alone is Evolutionary

I wonder if the natural evolution of humankind is to be alone.   Since the hunter gatherer times, one of the major goals has always been to enhance our safety and security.  In these primitive eras, it wasn’t possible to feel safe and secure without being in a large tribe of other humans.  It seems that it is built into us to not want to be alone for reasons of safety, security and even happiness.  In order to perpetuate the species you couldn’t do it alone either.

So it must not be nature’s intention for us to be alone?  I strongly believed this until recently.  When I say recently, I mean yesterday.  We’re more alone and disconnected than in any other time because of our progression towards ultimate safety, security and technology.  We no longer need anyone in our regular lives to survive.  In hunter gatherer times I don’t think anyone had any grandiose ideas of venturing off by themselves thinking that they would be better off.  Any tiger with a broken leg can kill a lone human.

It does suck to be alone sometimes but I’m pretty sure the majority of people have had moments when they have entertained the thought of separating themselves from the regular people in their lives.  A moment when they thought cutting off all ties to people in their regular lives would be the better path.  No one would seriously entertain any thought if they didn’t think it was possible.  You wouldn’t get off an elevator and jump out the window to get to the ground floor because you know there’s no possibility of it being a better option.

Being able to comfortably survive on your own is fairly new and also not available worldwide.  It’s a work in progress and our era is like the beta version with bugs.  From an evolutionary standpoint, I think the end goal is to be even more alone than we already are but also happier.  We’ve further advanced our physical aloneness with the internet.  We no longer need people around us at all times to feel safe and now we don’t need people for many other things because of the internet.  You can have a conversation online, buy stuff online, learn stuff online, run an online business.


You can connect with people without being around people.  We say all this disconnection is unhealthy and detrimental to society but this is what humans really wanted.  We’ve been working towards this since the beginning of time.  We went from tribes to families to being more alone. If we thought being in a huge tribe was better then that’s what we would be doing.  Sure, you could have probably survived alone during the Mongol Empire but it definitely wasn’t as safe.  You still had to worry about other humans killing you or making you their slave

To think that the technology we have now is as good as it gets is being naive.  It’s going to keep on advancing to a stage that most of us cannot even imagine.  No one imagined 25 years ago that we would have what we have now.  To show you how handicapped our ability to predict the future is, even when CD’s and Laser Discs were available, no one ever said there would one day be something the size of a CD that could play movies at Laser Disc quality.  Maybe one day I will be able to hang out with you without leaving my home and when I get sick of you, I’ll just close my eyes and wish myself out of there.

Perhaps being alone is an evolutionary process that happens when a society reaches a point of safety, security, technological advancement and a sufficient population.  The birth rate in developed nations has declined.  You can attribute this to birth control, women wanting careers, abortion or whatever but the end goal is to have less people around you.  Also, having the option to sit at home watching TV, playing video games, using the internet, will affect the chances of people going out and reproducing.

When there is something that affects a group of humans, there automatically will be a desire to fix it.  That’s what we do.  It doesn’t even really have to be a problem, it just has to be something we want to make better.  People don’t like to be around certain people all the time or even some of the time but they feel that they have to and people don’t always like to feel alone either so I think it’s possible that one day technology and culture will provide an alternative.


alone1 alone2 alone3 alone4


Getting a Wart Removed

There’s this drop-in medical clinic on my route.  Every time I do a delivery there the lady at the front desk looks at me quickly then looks back down and says in a grumpy voice, “take a number.”  I tell her I have a delivery for her, she looks at me again, smiles and says in a cheerful voice, “Oh, hi.  It’s my favourite person delivering our pay cheques.”

Two days ago during my shift, I went in there again to get this wart I have on my hand treated.  There were a few people ahead of me.  I told her I was hoping to get this thing looked at within 20 minutes and she said the wait will probably be longer than 20 minutes but she will “sneak me in.”  It’s amazing how nice people will be to you when you have some involvement with them getting their money.  She associates my face with happiness.  To be honest, I felt guilty bypassing the line up.  While I was waiting for the doctor I was trying to come up with a way to walk out of there without looking like I got special treatment.  I couldn’t think of one so I just casually walked out without looking at anyone.

The doctor wasn’t the nicest guy.  He didn’t smile and tried to get me out of there as fast as possible.  He didn’t care that I had questions and he didn’t take the time to tell me what to expect or what to do after he applied the liquid nitrogen on my wart.  It kind of stung for 15 minutes but I liked the feeling.  Is that why some people cut themselves? To feel something?  Two hours later just before I was getting off my shift, it started swelling up and then an hour later it swelled up some more.


If this thing was anywhere on your face, your life would be completely altered.

The doctor told me I wouldn’t need to cover it with a bandage.  I guess I don’t need to but I’m not going to walk around with that organism on my hand for everyone to see.  It looks like it’s about to hatch.  Hurts every time I make a fist.  It’s supposed to fall off in a week unless if it gets ruptured and explodes first.  I should give it a name.

While My Guitar Gently Peeps

My only experience with a musical instrument during my preadult years was with the recorder.  I’m not talking about the devices that can record your voice but the other thing that looks like a flute on welfare.  It was forced upon us in elementary school and we all hated it.  I wanted to toy around with it once in a while at home but my mom’s truck driving partner at the time would say, “if you want to play that thing, go outside!” Canadian winters aren’t exactly friendly for outdoor musical practice sessions so that was that.


After high school, I didn’t transition to post secondary or gainful employment which made many of my days depressing.  A lot of days were spent sleeping in until the PM hours and then followed by hours of laying in bed.  One night I was bored and sick of the radio so I put on some of my old cassette tapes.  A song that was playing was a song that I heard a bunch of times but this time it was different.  For whatever reason the guitar solo grabbed onto my ears and hypnotized me.

The beginning riff of Sweet Child O’Mine is one of the more recognizable ones but it’s at the 3:35 mark of the song that blew my mind.  I listened to the rest of the songs on that album that night and I fell in love with most of the other guitar solos.  I wanted to learn how to do what Slash did on all those songs!  I was inspired.

Soon after I went out and bought an electric guitar and amplifier for $400.  There wasn’t Youtube in 1998 so you either had to get someone to teach you or you had to learn from books.  I was too cheap to pay for lessons so I tried to learn on my own.  It was hard.  I didn’t sound like Slash and gave up within a few months.  I managed to convince myself that it was the guitar and not my lack of effort that was the root of my failure.

The guitar and amp combo sat there for 7 years until I became inspired again and decided to take lessons.  My guitar teacher had long hair and would sometimes show up hung over from beers and whiskey the night before.  On the days he was hung over he would have his head down and say, “good” even when I was clearly messing up big time.  I was learning though.  My progress was slow but I have to take responsibility for my lack of practicing.  I stuck with the lessons every week for 6 months but I didn’t continue because Randy was an uninspiring teacher as I was as a student.  $20 for half an hour wasn’t exactly cheap either.

The years after I would continue practicing on my own, hoping that I could one day bust out the entire solo of Sweet Child O’Mine or any cool sounding solo.  There were years where I practiced somewhat regularly but lately the guitar strings are dancing with dust rather than with my fingers.  I’ve achieved modest success but still haven’t given up on the idea of being able to play guitar really well one day.  Hopefully when the motivation arises again, I won’t have arthritis in my fingers.




This is me in my Slash outfit.














Daily Prompt: Strike a Chord