Elisa Lam’s Strange Death

“You’re always haunted by the idea you’re wasting your life.”

— Chuck Palahniuk

The story of 21 year old Elisa Lam’s death is a chilling one.  I was reading about it a couple nights ago and it made me afraid to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth.  My mind started wandering and I was scared something out of a horror movie would pop up in the mirror.  I’m such a pussy.  However, I did end up brushing my teeth.

If you want to look it up, you can find the story very easily.  The short version is, she travelled to California from Vancouver for reasons unknown but it wasn’t a secret at all.  Friends and family knew about it and she posted updates about her trip on the internet.  Not too long after she arrived in LA, she was found dead on the roof of the hotel she was staying at in one of the water supply tanks.

It has been ruled a death by accidental drowning because there was no trauma found on the body and no drugs found in her system.  What they are saying is that she made her way to the roof of the hotel and then climbed into the water tank and drowned.

It’s really weird though.  Normally, to be able to get to the roof, you would have to bypass a locked door to the roof which is also equipped with an alarm.  The other possibility is to use the fire escape.

When they found her dead in the water tank, she was naked but it’s been reported her clothes were nowhere to be found or that they were in the tank.  Either situation is still odd because if her clothes were nowhere in the vicinity of her body then it would mean she climbed up there naked.  If they were found in the tank that would mean she took them off and threw them in the tank before jumping in.

To get to the top of the tank she would have had to climb an attached 10 foot ladder and then open the metal cover and then close it after getting into the tank.  I suppose it’s possible but she would have had to been very determined.

So why would anyone think she would even do something like this?  They are pointing the finger mainly at her alleged bipolar disorder.  I’m not sure if she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder or if they concluded this by viewing the famous elevator video recording where she does act very strangely for a few minutes.  I don’t know anything about bipolar disorder so I can’t comment if someone with that disorder would go to those lengths just to kill themselves or jump into a water tank on the roof of a hotel for whatever reason.

The quote at the beginning of the post was taken from her alleged blog and tumblr.  I read most of this blog and in the later posts of the blog she writes more about life and being depressed.  I felt a connection to her words.  She seemed intelligent but also disconnected with the people and ideas that she was surrounded with.  To be at that young of an age and so aware without much life experience is probably very frustrating.  It would just all seem fucked up.

I guess it’s difficult to conclude that it was a murder when there is no physical evidence of murder.  When ever there is a naked woman’s body though, it’s almost always murder.  If there was no trauma to the body, how could it be murder?  Did some guy cover her mouth and carry her up to the roof? Did she go to the roof willingly with some guy and then get dumped into the water tank?  Was there drugs involved but maybe the drugs could not be detected because of the length of time her body was in the water tank?  Doesn’t it seem more plausible that her body was in the water tank because someone was trying to hide her body instead of her jumping into the tank herself and drowning?  I don’t know.  It’s always easy to just blame mental illness because to the general public, mental illness can make anything possible.

This is the link to her alleged blog



11 comments on “Elisa Lam’s Strange Death

  1. foreverendever says:

    I saw this story covered on vigilantcitizen.com. That elevator video just creeps me the fuck out. Her hand motions, exiting and then reentering the elevator. What could have been going through her mind? One theory is that she was being followed and so she was trying to dodge the stranger. We will never know :/


  2. Anonymous says:

    Obviously, there was foul play. Even if she was mentally ill, it’s just too much of a coincidence.


  3. dbp49 says:

    Yeah, I watched that video a couple years ago (I’m from Vancouver) and it creeped me out enough back then that I don’t think I’ll watch it again. I agree with you that it does look more like she’s playing at something, rather than being scared, but if I remember correctly, she’s wearing clothes in the video, right? So, where the heck did they go between the elevator and the water-tank. That’s something I don’t remember about the case. Now that you’ve brought it back up, I guess I’ll just have to look into it once again. Thanks for the heads-up.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I swear I replied to your comment. Crap, I probably sent it to someone else…lol

      Every time I think about this it creeps me out but I can’t help myself..haha. It scares me more than that Candyman movie. There’s so much conflicting information. I’ve read the lid on the water tank was extremely heavy but I have also read that it wasn’t. I’ll have to go down there and check it out…Ya right!

      If this was a case of mental illness then she had to have gone really off the rails to do what she did. I just can’t buy it.


  4. Anonymous says:

    there is a lot we don’t know… ex. why is there 54 seconds missing from the video? why is the video slowed down? also, around 2.08 min there is a toe facing the opposite direction to her hill…

    either way, it is very sad…


  5. Very good and interesting post. I think you got what it takes to make a true detective. Also agree that mental illness is often used as an easy way to explain away a death.


    • MrJohnson says:

      A detective..hmmm. Maybe I’ll start by watching HBO’s, True Detective. I heard it’s really good. I really wish there were better answers for the Elisa Lam case. I can’t believe there was nothing more to investigate but who knows.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. ELLE says:

    One of the creepiest aspects of the Elisa Lam case is this bizarre coincidence –


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