Pretentious Breakfast, Flip Flops, Homeless Love

Today, just like most mornings, I woke up.  Unlike most mornings, I did not have to go to work so I laid there.  Some people get out of bed soon after waking up which would signify the beginning of starting the day.  I try to avoid this by laying in bed as long as possible.  It’s like procrastinating.  If I had something to do though, I would do it.  What gets me out of bed is usually hunger and also the high likelihood that if I want to go to a restaurant, I better get there before the lunch hour business.

After contemplating on a few places, I decided to go to this restaurant that is kind of popular and hip.  It was featured on that show, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  I drove by and there was a line up so screw that idea.  I think lining up to eat at a restaurant is kind of gay.  I’m not saying I haven’t done it but it shows you what life has become.  We have time to spare to travel and wait to get a seat at a restaurant that sells food that is not inexpensive.  So much of life is about finding food that is unique so that we can tell our friends we have been there and that they have to try it.  The restaurant’s signature dish is Pulled Pork Pancakes – 3 buttermilk pancakes layered with pulled pork, JD-spiked maple syrup $13.50


I ended up going up the street to another breakfast diner that was half empty.  It had that same vibe that is popular in Vancouver where they try to appear hip but at the same time not pretentious by serving unique menu choices without the nice looking cutlery, decor, plates, cups and everything else but with the typical menu prices.  Old chairs, wobbly tables and servers who dress like hipsters are supposed to make you feel special for eating there.

The breakfast was decent and the coffee was good.  I over tipped so that they would never think all Chinese people are cheap bastards.  When I got up to leave, she quickly went to my table to make sure I didn’t try to pull a fast one by shorting the bill.  If she was racist, my over tipping could have given her a change of heart to be less racist or it could have been taken that I was showing how much better I thought I was than her.  Maybe she will pass on the incredible story for generations about the Chinaman that over tipped and perhaps one day Tip Ping will be a city in China.

After much deliberation, I decided to not smoke a cigarette and instead go to the gym.  I don’t take my gym sessions that seriously anymore.  I go there for recreation and to achieve temporary physical and mental well being.  When girls there dress slutty, I get the sense that they are trying to pretend that they aren’t aware of what they are trying to do.  My other favourite thing to do at the gym is to watch guys sneak a peek at certain women.  It’s so predictable when and who they will sneak a peek at.  I guess it’s predictable because I’m doing the same thing.

Tuesdays are cheap movie days…sort of.  Edge of Tomorrow was the only film I had any interest in.  Regular price is $17.25 for the AVX 3D version but Tuesdays are $5 off.  I think I prefer 2D movies.  The 3D glasses darken the picture significantly and it strains my eyes especially if I don’t sit far enough from the screen.   However, the 3D effects are cooler if you sit closer.  Art imitating life?

You know how Google will complete the thought that you are typing in?  My guess is that a good number of thoughts have to do with movies and pop culture because I only have to type in the first word of a movie title and it will be the first option it gives me.  I was looking up this other movie called Maleficent and it was the first option shown to me once I typed in ‘male.’  Or maybe Google knows how simple my mind is and put me in the appropriate category.  Google decided that I was too stupid of a guy to be looking up any other word that began with ‘male’ or any of the million phrases that could have started with ‘male’ and instead gave me a movie title which was what I was looking for.  Every time Google does this or respells a word for you, it’s letting you know politely that it is way smarter than you.

I went to the movies wearing flip flops.  It made me realize that most women do feel safe walking around if they go out wearing flip flops, heels or sandals because you’re almost handicapped if someone chases you or attacks you.  Or maybe they don’t feel safe but looking good is way more important.

Driving home from the movies, there was this young guy with a sign asking for change.  It looked like he had a girlfriend too.  It made me think about how a homeless person has a girlfriend and I don’t.  I guess it’s about finding people who live or want to live the same life as you.  I bet if you are homeless long enough, the words  ‘stink’ and ‘gross’ don’t get used very often.




Silly #YesAllWomen Tweets





You may have heard of the #YesAllWomen Tweets that have been getting a lot of talk lately.  I was reading some of the popular Tweets and many of them are kind of ridiculous.


Sounds great doesn’t it?  After the Rape is Bad lesson we’ll send the boys to Murder is Bad and that should take care of murder too.


I shouldn’t have to hold my car keys in hand like a weapon & check over my shoulder every few seconds when I walk at night

There are a lot of Tweets regarding how women should not have to feel scared when they are walking around alone.   That’s life.  What do you want?  A personal bodyguard with you at all times?  You think guys always feel safe when they are alone?  Not really.  I bet more guys get beat up on the streets than women.  If some guys want to kill me and rob me in an alley, it’s because I have something they want and they think they can take it and get away with it.  It has nothing to do with gender.

There’s always going to be men who will abuse women, rape women and intimidate women.  It’s because men are stronger than women and people can sometimes abuse their power.  As long as men have a physical advantage over women and want sex then the abuse will exist.  No change of culture is ever going to take away the urge for sex.  How do you think people have continued to exist for thousands of years?


Then you have the many men who post Tweets on the side of women to get female attention.  “Oh Bruce, thank you.  You’re so evolved.  There needs to be more men like you.”  What’s this guy saying?  Women can’t be irrational?

Here are my #YesAllMen Tweets if they existed…

Men should not have to feel pressure to pay the bill.  Are you a hooker? #YesAllMen

If you can wear makeup then I can lie #YesAllMen

Why should a man feel shame if a woman pays his bills? #YesAllMen

If you want equality, I get to punch you too #YesAllMen

How come I don’t get a diamond?#YesAllMen

How about you drive and I’ll look at my face #YesAllMen

If you always want the toilet seat down then there might be pee on it #YesAllMen


Company ‘Training’

Preventing lawsuits is always on the top of the priority list for big companies.  Walmart at one time would get sued every 2 hours or something like that.  The big thing at my company is safety since we’re out on the road driving all day.

A month before every winter they make us watch this ‘Winter Driving Video’ that was made in the 90’s which is supposed to remind us about how to drive in poor weather conditions.  It’s a real BS ‘cover your ass’ procedure than it is safety training.  If some real bad shit happens in snowy conditions, like us sliding into a pedestrian, that video is their way of showing that they tried to provide their employees with the knowledge to prevent such accidents.  Nothing to worry about, I watched a video.

I’ve signed off on so many documents stating that I’ve watched this, read this and heard that but I don’t remember any of it.  If I mess up though even if it’s understandable, they will refer back to that document that contained 100 rules that said I read and understood.

Other videos include ‘bomb awareness’ and ‘what to do when you get robbed or threatened.’

The other big issue is harassment of any kind.  We watch videos on those every year too.  They instruct you to notify management if you feel that you are being harassed which is kind of lame because you will just end up feeling uncomfortable after reporting someone.  It’s like being in high school and telling the teacher about being doesn’t usually accomplish anything.

I get the idea that harassment is one of the last things they want to deal with.  I remember them telling us one time that if you have an issue with another employee, you better have a good case if you are going to make a formal complaint to Human Resources otherwise you could also end up getting canned.  What?   Might as well just settle this after school by the flag pole at 3pm.

They don’t like to fire people after probation either.  What they try to do instead is make your life miserable or show you how much they don’t want you so that you quit.  A lot of people think that it’s better to quit than to get fired but it’s not really.  If you get fired you have some chance at compensation but if you quit you get nothing.  No future employers will ever be able to find out that you got canned.  If the company wanted to get rid of you then chances are you weren’t going to get a very good reference from them anyway.  If a company wanted to get rid of me unfairly with pathetic tactics then they would have to fire me.  I’d stick around just so that they would have to continue to deal with me.

They have to cover their ass though.  So many people try to pull shit to make a quick buck.

Elisa Lam’s Strange Death

“You’re always haunted by the idea you’re wasting your life.”

— Chuck Palahniuk

The story of 21 year old Elisa Lam’s death is a chilling one.  I was reading about it a couple nights ago and it made me afraid to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth.  My mind started wandering and I was scared something out of a horror movie would pop up in the mirror.  I’m such a pussy.  However, I did end up brushing my teeth.

If you want to look it up, you can find the story very easily.  The short version is, she travelled to California from Vancouver for reasons unknown but it wasn’t a secret at all.  Friends and family knew about it and she posted updates about her trip on the internet.  Not too long after she arrived in LA, she was found dead on the roof of the hotel she was staying at in one of the water supply tanks.

It has been ruled a death by accidental drowning because there was no trauma found on the body and no drugs found in her system.  What they are saying is that she made her way to the roof of the hotel and then climbed into the water tank and drowned.

It’s really weird though.  Normally, to be able to get to the roof, you would have to bypass a locked door to the roof which is also equipped with an alarm.  The other possibility is to use the fire escape.

When they found her dead in the water tank, she was naked but it’s been reported her clothes were nowhere to be found or that they were in the tank.  Either situation is still odd because if her clothes were nowhere in the vicinity of her body then it would mean she climbed up there naked.  If they were found in the tank that would mean she took them off and threw them in the tank before jumping in.

To get to the top of the tank she would have had to climb an attached 10 foot ladder and then open the metal cover and then close it after getting into the tank.  I suppose it’s possible but she would have had to been very determined.

So why would anyone think she would even do something like this?  They are pointing the finger mainly at her alleged bipolar disorder.  I’m not sure if she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder or if they concluded this by viewing the famous elevator video recording where she does act very strangely for a few minutes.  I don’t know anything about bipolar disorder so I can’t comment if someone with that disorder would go to those lengths just to kill themselves or jump into a water tank on the roof of a hotel for whatever reason.

The quote at the beginning of the post was taken from her alleged blog and tumblr.  I read most of this blog and in the later posts of the blog she writes more about life and being depressed.  I felt a connection to her words.  She seemed intelligent but also disconnected with the people and ideas that she was surrounded with.  To be at that young of an age and so aware without much life experience is probably very frustrating.  It would just all seem fucked up.

I guess it’s difficult to conclude that it was a murder when there is no physical evidence of murder.  When ever there is a naked woman’s body though, it’s almost always murder.  If there was no trauma to the body, how could it be murder?  Did some guy cover her mouth and carry her up to the roof? Did she go to the roof willingly with some guy and then get dumped into the water tank?  Was there drugs involved but maybe the drugs could not be detected because of the length of time her body was in the water tank?  Doesn’t it seem more plausible that her body was in the water tank because someone was trying to hide her body instead of her jumping into the tank herself and drowning?  I don’t know.  It’s always easy to just blame mental illness because to the general public, mental illness can make anything possible.

This is the link to her alleged blog

BBQ Chicken and Life

I meet up with 2 other guys in the morning to pick up and pass off freight.  We started talking about cooking for whatever reason and it made me think about grilling chicken.

After work I picked up 3 legs and threw them on my portable BBQ that I bought last summer.  I had this idea in the summer to bring this BBQ to the park to make my loner sessions more entertaining.  The first time was the last time I used the BBQ at the park because it was so much work to watch the grill, get away from the smoke blowing in my face and to lug the BBQ back and forth.


This is my first time grilling chicken legs.  I didn’t have to watch the flames as much as I thought I would have to.  There are flare ups but they aren’t steady so the chicken doesn’t catch on fire.  I felt like a street food vendor in an undeveloped country.

I added nothing to the chicken except salt afterwards but it still tasted great.  It had that smokey flavour.  The whole process was a little time consuming compared to just getting take out but it was all good.  I just sat there drinking wine and when I ran out of wine I started drinking beer.  By the time the chicken was done I was pretty buzzed.  Perhaps next time I will try and flavour the chicken with some kind of lemon herb sauce.

The conversation with my coworkers went to the topic of women who don’t cook.  They were telling stories about how guys they knew would not marry their girlfriend cause the woman didn’t know how or didn’t want to cook.  From what I’ve witnessed, many women these days aren’t too great in the kitchen.  In the past few decades, they’ve transitioned from homemakers to working women.  Married couples have a choice now of eating take out or a shitty home cooked meal.

One of the coworkers is Chinese Born Canadian like myself.  He bought an apartment and moved out from home a year ago when he was 28.  By Canadian standards that’s considered late.  His parents were annoying him he said and he felt it was time to ‘grow up.’  He might have succumbed to peer pressure too.  But to be honest, if you want to get married and have kids, the best decision is to just buy property if you can to show that you have honest potential.  It’s like setting a trap/incentive for a woman.

The other coworker is from Los Angeles and the one thing we have in common is that we were both raised by a single mother.  I give my mother too much credit.  She didn’t really raise me cause I only saw her 2 hours a week.  I’ve never met a person raised by a single mother that became very successful in life unless if the mother had above average money.  Like Chris Rock said, “You don’t need no man to help you raise no child” … shut the fuck up with the bullshit! Yeah, you could do it without a man, but that don’t mean it’s to be done! Shit, you can drive a car with your feet if you want to, that don’t make it a good fucking idea!”

Sometimes I want to buy an apartment but the commitment is too much for me.  If I really wanted a wife and kids though, I would because I would be convinced that is the way to do it.  When you know what you want in life it’s easy to make decisions.  Peace comes from having direction.  I’m an aimless wanderer.

I’ll leave you with another bit from Chris Rock.

“You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America’s Cup, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, Germany doesn’t want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named Bush, Dick, and Colon. Need I say more? “


Being Sober

I’m at a new stage in my life.  I find that whenever I don’t have to be sober, I’m usually not.  The only time when I have to be sober is for work or if I have to be somewhere that requires me to be sober and since I hardly ever have to be anywhere it’s not much of an issue.  I’m not an alcoholic or a drug abuser but it’s really boring sometimes being completely not under the influence of some kind of substance.

In my 20’s there would never be alcohol in my home and I never did drugs alone.  There was a couple reasons for that.  One of them was that I didn’t really enjoy drinking alone.  But now that I’m always alone, alcohol has been a comforting friend.  I never did drugs alone because I felt that was for losers and I also thought drugs were not very good for you if you did it too often.

The only thing I still believe is that drugs are not very good for you if you do it too often but I guess ‘too often’ is very subjective.  Perhaps we just have a lot more willpower in our younger years to resist going down the path of substances for stimulation and comfort.

There’s another reason why I’m drinking more than before.  I have more money now.  In the past, I never really wanted to part with $10 or $20 for alcohol if I was just going to drink at home.  Maybe it’s not because I have more money now.  Maybe it’s because I’m not as frugal as I was.  I was a pretty cheap Chinaman to myself before, to a point that it was probably unhealthy.

Drinking is so easy when you’re at home.  You can drink while you watch TV, surf the internet, play with your kids, eat dinner,etc.  You don’t have to drink while you engage in those activities but why wouldn’t you drink?  When you first experience certain parts of life it’s new and exciting but after a while it gets kind of boring so you’d rather be under the influence of something while doing those things.  It’s part of growing up?

We’re always wanting to stimulate ourselves.  We don’t like moments of nothing.  When we get a few seconds of nothing we pull out our smartphones to check for possible unurgent notifications.  If we’re not occupied with anything we think about putting something in our mouths that might give us some stimulation.  We just can’t be doing nothing.  I guess the key is to find something positive to do.  Too bad being positive usually takes so much more patience and energy.