Being Alone

The area I deliver in is also the area where I grew up.  It’s not uncommon to bump into someone I know through a delivery or just on the road.  Yesterday I ran into a guy that I used to hang around with in the same group of friends.  He’s still hanging around the same people and he was curious who I see.  I told him I don’t really see anyone and don’t go out much.  He replied, “that sucks.”  The idea of being mostly alone usually does signal something sucky to most people.  To be honest it does kind of suck.  Anyone who says being alone all the time is so great, has managed to brainwash themselves so that they can feel better about their life.

There are some other things to consider though.  Most people don’t realize to see the obvious.  If someone would rather be alone than spend their time with you or with other people then it probably means they find being alone is less suckier.  What people see is some kind of mental abnormality with someone who would rather be alone.  It’s difficult for people to admit to themselves that someone would rather be alone than be with them.  To them, being alone compared to being in the presence of any acquaintance is like eating cardboard instead of cake…there must be something wrong with you not wanting cake even though you have a gluten intolerance.

They say spending too much time alone will make you crazy but I think spending too much time with people for the sake of not being alone will keep you unaware of your true desires.  There’s nothing more sad than being with a bunch of people who are just looking to not be alone instead of wanting to be around each other.  It’s like cutting yourself so that you can get 2 seconds of shitty stimulation but also a small scar forever.

I find that my energy for wanting to be around with most people is similar to spending money.  I would rather keep it for myself instead of spending it foolishly.




2 comments on “Being Alone

  1. rsfdeep says:

    I’ve always preferred being alone most of the time, almost to where I seek isolation. People either admire or scorn my independence.. and i never really understood what their opinion depends on. But the way you word this helped me grasp it a bit better. You say people who don’t identify with my mindset take offense when they think I’d rather be alone than with them..and for whatever reason I’ve never considered thank you. And also they fear what they don’t understand. I like your last paragraph a lot. I feel the same way.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Thanks for reading and letting me know you connected with this. People’s opinions towards anything are often based on what makes them feel better about themselves.


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