Garlic Butter Prawns, Medicine Balls and Spending Money

Last week I came across this idea to buy shrimp and cook it up.  At $10 a pound it’s not exactly inexpensive.  They weren’t frozen but I doubt they were fresh either otherwise it would have said so.  Previously frozen and thawed is my guess.  I justified spending the money cause it was the weekend and I wasn’t going to go out anywhere.  I fried them with the shells peeled in a cast iron skillet using butter and minced garlic.  Sounds good except I couldn’t taste the butter or garlic.

Today I decided to give it another try.  As I approached the seafood section I noticed something different.  There were 2 large tanks of British Columbia Spot Prawns.  They just came into season and were on sale for $14 a pound which was $8 off.  I didn’t want to pay that much but I did.  I justified it by telling myself that they were live and only in season for a short time.  I think it ended up costing about $1 a prawn!

Heads Ripped Off

Heads peeled off

I tried the whole garlic butter thing again but this time I added butter and garlic near the end.  I still failed. I ended up melting butter in a bowl in the microwave.  I’m concluding that it’s difficult to get the garlic butter taste just by frying with garlic and butter.  If you know the way to Zen garlic buttery mastery, please let me know.

Heads (head parts were still moving after I tore them off from the bodies)


Prior to my prawn escapade, I was at a grassy field discovering the joys of exercising with a medicine ball.  There’s this place near me that sells exercise equipment that is owned by Chinese people.  I’ve been contemplating getting this leather medicine ball from there and since he “give good discount,” I decided to get it.  I needed something to do today anyway.

It cost more than I’d like to admit even with the “good discount” but it’s really nice.  It’s nice leather and it’s handmade here too.  I know this cause their factory is on my delivery route.  If you had a chance to look inside the factory, it looks just like a sweat shop.  A bunch of Chinese people who can’t speak English, making things with their hands.  I justified this purchase by telling myself it will last a long time, it’s nice and it will benefit my health and fitness.  They guy told me half the cost is for the leather and there’s 2 hours of work put into it so I figured $65 (no tax if paid by cash of course) was worth the product.

My New Leather Medicine Ball (6 – 8 lbs)


Medicine ball exercises are better suited for 2 people but being the expert at being a loner, I came up with the idea of using a hill as my partner.  I stand near the grassy hill and throw the ball towards it.  Being the cooperative partner the hill is, the ball rolls back to me.  Who needs friends when you have the law of physics.  Physics doesn’t eliminate the possibility of dog shit on my ball though.

One of my other motives for getting a medicine ball was to encourage myself to be more active.  I figure I will feel better if I spend more of my day outdoors exerting energy.  To be honest, I do feel pretty good right now.  I think when you tire yourself out from full body exercise, it makes it more difficult to feel mentally shitty after.

Old Chinese Lady Cashing In Recyclables 




I see this lady on my route regularly.  When people put out their stuff for Recycling Day she will go around picking out whatever the recycling depot will take for money.  I think all neighbourhoods have someone who does this.  She’s not homeless she’s just looking to make a few extra bucks.  I don’t think you will ever see a homeless Asian person in the western world.  We haven’t arrived to that stage of evolution yet.  We’ll get there though, just give us some time.

This lady would probably think I’m retarded for spending the money I did today.  Just because I’m able to justify spending money doesn’t mean I actually believe it’s a good idea.  Not much of what I do is ever a good idea.  I take some opportunity to not be so frugal now in case I don’t get the chance in the future.  That’s how I justify it anyway.


7 comments on “Garlic Butter Prawns, Medicine Balls and Spending Money

  1. J says maybe you’re not using enough garlic? He says about 7 cloves, thinly sliced. Fry garlic in half cup of olive oil until it starts to brown, then add butter and shrimp. Simmer for ten minutes. We have it over angel hair pasta and it’s ridiculous. Those prawns are disgusting. I have never eaten a lobster or a crayfish. I’m a food wuss. The more I read about the livestock industry the more it upsets me. We have a few animal cruelty laws in the U.S., but I was just reading how in Mexico (and a lot of other countries) they don’t. Though I don’t believe huge cattle/dairy ranches and/or slaughterhouses here observe the laws either. Or commercial fishing. Wish they could design a replicator like in Star Trek so nothing has to die. Sorry off topic.

    I’ve never been sure exactly what a medicine ball is so I looked it up—but the websites I saw were all about doing squats and lunges, etc. What’s inside the ball to weight it? I read that even ancient Greeks used them by filling animal hides with sand.

    I wish we had a can deposit here—one less thing for people to throw out their car window, and if they did, someone would pick it up like they did back east. We have scrap metal recycling centers but they give you 63 cents a pound for cans–and it takes about 30 cans to make a pound so it’s not really worth the gas to get to the recycling center, which is 20 miles away.

    Isn’t it weird how many likes you get but nobody has anything to say? Jesus I can’t shut up when I read your stuff.


    • MrJohnson says:’s possible I didn’t use enough garlic. It’s also possible I didn’t use enough oil. I will consider this next time. Thanks!

      The whole meat industry is really cruel. I don’t know if there is really any nice method of killing them though. I suppose there are some methods that are better than others.

      Ya medicine balls are very popular now. The ones you mostly see now have a harder exterior like a basketball. People often use them for core exercises. Women use them for everything. Athletes use them for speed and explosiveness. Some have gels inside, mine has something solid in the middle and nylon filling. Some people cut up a basketball and put sand inside.

      Ya 63 cents ain’t much. That’s like 2 cents a can. Safeway doesn’t take bottles and cans?

      I don’t know about the likes. I know some of them are fakers. Some people don’t like to comment I guess or feel they have nothing to say. I don’t know. Comments are nice though cause at least you know they are real.


  2. I really hate exercising in one spot, would much rather walk. I don’t know how people can stand treadmills or have the motivation to do exercises on their living room floor.

    Nah, we don’t have can deposits out here. They probably never heard of it. AZ is pretty primitive, as is most of the US west. There are positives to that though, like not being harassed by cops for dumb stuff like parking on the street all night like in CT. Like who gives a shit?

    I’m reading ‘Western Horseman’ today. I think some of these ranchers really are as ethical as they can be, but that doesn’t stop the innate cruelty of the industry. Reading a lot about calf roping, castrating, and the merits of good all-around, well-trained ranch horses that can ‘drag calves to the fire.’ That means branding. Yes they really drag them by the feet. That’s what cowboys do. There are pictures. It’s sickening.

    I think if more people knew how that steak ended up in the grocery store, there would be more vegetarians. Humans idolize cuts of meat, not the animals they come from.

    I see that word a lot now, explosive exercise. Have submitted it several times, it needs to be in dictionary! I like to play catch, is that what you mean by using the ball with another person? Must be hard to throw? Ha ha I probably couldn’t throw it more than a few feet! Now I want to try though.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Ya exercises are generally boring. It has to be fun or there has to be some kind of goal. For guys it’s usually wanting to be able to lift more weight. It sounds so meatheadish, I know. Haha

      I think by now a lot of people know about the cruel ways their meat is killed. It’s easy to not think of it though when you don’t actually see it. What grosses me out is how unhealthy these animals are and I’m eating them. None of them get fed a natural diet and they get fed antibiotics. Gross. It’s a huge sacrifice to stop eating diseased meat though. You have to either go vegetarian or find some farmer who raises their animals humanely and naturally which is not easy. Plus it’s like double or triple the price. I buy organic grass fed beef when my local health food store has it but even then I’m not so sure of the process involved.

      Play catch..haha.. sounds so childish.. But ya, it is pretty much what it is. It can get tiring quickly.


  3. kalyrical says:

    Them prawns!!!! They look huge. Super jealous.

    Haha at the old asian lady judging you for your prawns purchase. She really reminds me of the old ladies in Hong Kong since most of them carries a load of bottles (or newspapers/cardboard) around. Go them 🙂


    • MrJohnson says:

      They are huge until you cook them! Then they look like midget prawns. These old ladies are tougher than I am. Actually, they are just more motivated..haha


  4. Anonymous says:

    Omg that picture of the heads……….


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