We All Need Friends

Friends..we all need them.  That’s what they say anyway.  My best friend these days is alcohol and sometimes I will hang out with acquaintances that most people call drugs.  When I hang out with my acquaintances, my best friend is usually there too.  I think he gets jealous but I guess more the merrier.

Drinking anything is like a friend who keeps you company.  You can watch TV all night and sip on your drink.  It may not say much but if you spend enough time with it then it might make your brain talk to you.  I can sort of see the appeal of buying a 6-pack, cigarettes and sitting at home with them all night.  I wish I enjoyed smoking cigarettes as much as some people.  Cigarettes are a real good friend.  They can be with you all day long unlike alcohol.  You can’t consume liquor while working, driving or in many other situations.

It’s kind of funny how people will never ask someone else if they have any friends.  They will always ask about your job and significant other situation but never about friends.  It’s almost assumed that everyone has someone they can call a friend. People will think you are a real sad case if you tell them that you don’t have any friends unless if you are new in town.  When’s the last time anyone asked you as a get to know you question, “do you have any friends?”  Or maybe it’s just way too personal of a question?

Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are like the 3 Amigos.  They love being with each other.  I don’t abuse any of them cause I like them all to be in my life forever.  I don’t want to spend too much time with them either otherwise I will get sick of them.  I hope these friendships can last without complications.  Friends forever?


Daily Prompt: Companion

6 comments on “We All Need Friends

  1. foreverendever says:

    Your post reminded me of a funny Thought Catalog post I read a couple of weeks back. The writer was describing how silly one would look staring out a window alone at a party. But if said person had a cigarette in their hand while looking out a window, they would look like a “goddamn philosopher.”


    • MrJohnson says:

      Ya, smoking takes the awkwardness out of everything. I’d like to think I look like a philosopher when I’m smoking and watching people but people probably think otherwise..haha


  2. It sounds like you can be BFF, not just friends forever.


  3. What you said about people expecting you to have friends is so true. I just saw a counselor who asked me, as part of a list of questions, ‘how would your friends describe you?’ I just laughed and shook my head—how the hell would I know that? What is a friend, who is a friend, and what do they really think of you—these are assumptions that apparently most people take for granted. But they shouldn’t, because ‘friends’ screw ‘friends’ over all the time.

    Hey it’s not our fault we have high standards. Just ask my wine and cigarettes, they never let me down, until they kill me.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Did you put N/A beside that question?

      If people think that you don’t have friends then they will think you are weird or an asshole/bitch. I think people think the idea of friends is similar to food…if you don’t have any then you should settle for whatever you can get.

      If the alcohol or cigarettes kill you then you have let them down.


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