Conversation With An Older Guy

There’s this guy I see everyday on my route.  He signs in all the people who do work at this company I deliver to.  I guess he was kind of bored and decided to chit chat.  He asked me how long I have been with my company for.  When I told him that I have been with my company for 5 years, he thought that was a long time.  Is it?  I hear that a lot but I never thought 5 years was that long.

He told me he was a taxi driver for 9 years but gave it up for this job cause he was convinced sitting in a car all day would ruin his health.  The job he has now allows him to do security patrols every hour.  He was born in Somalia and has been living in Canada for over 20 years.  When he first came to Canada he lived in Toronto and said he hated it cause of the cold and snow.  I don’t blame him.  He went to Ottawa 2 years later and it was even colder.  After asking around, the word on the street was that Vancouver was the least coldest place in Canada so here he came.

If I remember correctly his reasoning for coming here was so that his kids would have a better life than they would in Somalia.  He didn’t really dislike living in Somalia.  He said the working life was easier.  I hear that a lot from immigrants.  A lot of them didn’t mind their home country even though it was a 3rd world nation.  They didn’t really care to come to Canada to start over but I guess the idea had potential.

During our 2 minute conversation he also told me he studied in Italy and would have lived there but they would never offer him citizenship.  He had great things to say about the food, culture and clothing.  I thought it was cool that he could speak the language too.

I told him there’s a lot of people at my company who have been there for over 20 years.  He seemed shocked and thought it was crazy.  “No one should spend that much of their life at one company.”  I was shocked when he told me I should change jobs just for the sake of doing something new. It was refreshing to hear something different though.  I never would have expected an immigrant who is not rich to tell me something like that.  If anyone, I thought I would hear it from a dirty hippie.  “You gotta go man.  Don’t let them suck your spirit.  The Earth is calling you.”



2 comments on “Conversation With An Older Guy

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s really interesting. The main reason people immigrate is for their children and their security. Life in developing countries is PIECE OF CAKE if you have money, but the down side is a lack of peace and educational opportunities. Somalia is a hell hole. Complete anarchy. And I don’t agree that I wouldn’t expect to hear that thing from an immigrant. In fact, most immigrants I know would probably have the same mentality, to not spend too much time with a single company and instead experience new things.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I think I remember coming across some information about only a certain region of Somalia being a hell hole.

      I guess I’m basing my immigrant experiences with mostly Oriental immigrants.


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