Friday Thoughts From a Mentally Unstable Asian

If you walked in on me right now you would almost think that I’m about to kill myself.  I’m sitting in my reclining lawn chair in my living room still wearing my work uniform and there are numerous empty wine bottles everywhere.  If there was a gun sitting beside me it would paint the perfect picture.  The imagery is depressing and funny at the same time.

Solitary confinement in prison is the worst punishment you can give a prisoner.  Well, maybe 2nd worst depending who you ask.  Being alone in a small empty room without any kind of external stimulation is about as bad as it gets without being physically tortured.  I live in a small place and I’m alone but I have various types of stimulation.  I am free to leave this hole but there’s not a lot of motivation to do so.  I suppose if I didn’t have the choice like a prisoner then I would be happy to go anywhere, even to the local 7-11.

I still need to deal with dinner tonight.  I am in the mood for seafood.  Seafood is often seen as a luxurious food.  When you think about going out for lobster you think delicious and expensive.  I guess I like lobster but to be honest it’s just an overpriced glorified giant shrimp.  There was a time when lobsters were considered as low class food.  But if you make it rare and expensive then it becomes a delicacy.  If I was stranded at sea without food for several days I would choose a good hamburger over a lobster.  Even right now I would probably choose a hamburger.

Now that I am buzzed from the alcohol, I should not get in my car and drive somewhere.  I guess I will just starve and let the acidity of the wine burn an ulcer through my empty stomach. If I could smoke anything in here I would.  If I had potato chips here I would be eating them.  Since I cannot then I can only sit here and kill brain cells with quiet sips of legalized poison.  I bought 2 dozen organic, farm raised eggs today.

Would you like to marry me?


Daily Prompt: Empty




5 comments on “Friday Thoughts From a Mentally Unstable Asian

  1. Expat Eye says:

    You still sound like a better option than most Latvian men 😉


  2. Anonymous says:

    Lol yeah anyone in a developing country who is not rich will like to marry a Canadian. They’ll literally marry a dog if it means getting a Canadian visa. Not that you’re a dog or anything. And the organic eggs won’t do you any good if you’re loading up so frequently on the legalized poison.


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