One More Day Until Friday!

There’s this Chinese lady at work who takes all of our paperwork when we drive into the building.  When it’s Monday to Thursday she will say, “happy …” and then followed by the day.  On Thursdays she will also say, ” one more day until Friday.”

I guess for most people Friday is a good thing but I think it’s a bit of a scam.  It’s like you get your ass kicked Monday to Thursday and you are supposed to be so happy that there is only 1 more day of ass kicking until you get 2 days off from it just so you can start the whole cycle again and continue it for the rest of your unwrinkly life.  Your unwrinkly life meaning the best years of your life!

In my opinion the joy of Friday gets crushed by the sadness of Sunday.  Friday leads into 2 days of not getting your ass kicked.  Sunday leads into 5 days of misery.  It’s easy to see who is the winner.  The positive way of looking at it is that you get 2 days off so just be happy about it.  There comes a point when positive thinking becomes desperation to not feel like shit.  You have no choice so you just look on the bright side of things. Is someone supposed to be happy about Friday because his cellmate does not rape him on weekends?  I guess so but good luck convincing anyone that is a good way to be living.

Most of the reason why people can find joy from giving 5 and only getting 2 is because they know that the majority of people are on the same boat.  This boat feels like it’s infested with scurvy and everyone is having leather boots for dinner.  I’d like to be really happy about Fridays but how can I when I know Sunday is just around the corner.  Saturday is when the teasing and taunting happens.  Sunday his pants come off. Monday is when your pants come off and you don’t get to put them back on until Friday is over.



7 comments on “One More Day Until Friday!

  1. Fridays at my job is casual. That is what I look forward to. Not wearing heels!


  2. Haha maybe you should try them sometime, then when they come off you’ll know what relief from suffering is.

    You live in such a big city–do you check job listing sites or the papers? There’s got to be something else out there that might suit you better. I know being out driving sounds like a fun job but it’s still rigid and probably stressful. Work life isn’t as bad when you have some flexibility, even if you made less money.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Ya I know my life isn’t real suffering. The ‘it could be worse” mentality never makes me feel better for very long though.

      In terms of regular jobs, mine is pretty good except the rigid schedule. That’s just me though cause most don’t mind working cause it means more money. I check out job listings but there’s not a lot out there.

      I could also get into dognapping and return the dogs once I see that the owner has put up a reward. It’s much easier than taking kids cause they don’t have Amber Alerts for dogs.


  3. The ‘it could be worse’ platitude doesn’t work because we’re not designed that way. In fact any of these cliches can make you feel worse for failing to live up to them. I’m banning the word ‘happy’ from my vocabulary unless referring to a dog (the kind whose owner would pay). Right now I’m reading The Seven Habits of Highly Medicated People and it’s really working! Yay!


  4. Anonymous says:

    When I used to go to school I loved Fridays. Or actually, I hated Friday mornings the most, just because the week had been so long, but I loved Friday afternoon when the bell rang and I could leave the penitentiary people called a school.


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